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  1. I was on the phone with a life insurance guy out of Iowa and he saw my e-mail and he said “ Can I get you to say Go Hawks?” I slightly vomited in my mouth then said “No. But I’ll give you a GBR!” He laughed and said thank you for the time
  2. 143 miles from Campbell,Ne 2 hr 12 min
  3. What I am saying is that his move is a punk move. Maybe that’s what I should’ve said in my first post. Football isn’t what it used to be. When I played I was taught not the quit on your teammates. College football isn’t the same any more he’ll football in general isn’t the same. I’m not saying I know why he decided to make this punk move but with all the “I’m transferring because this coach or this player hurt my feelings” it’s muddied up football. It’s a tough man sport
  4. I’m not attacking him, I’m just stating my opinion and I’m not on Twitter or any other platform attacking him personally. It’s just a punk move on his part he should of transfer three years ago when the coaching changes happened.
  5. What a punk if you can’t go through the hard times with your team/brothers you don’t deserve to play football
  6. California is saying their mortality rate is around .03% New York one of the hardest hit states says their mortality rate is .5% I dont know what that compares to with the flu or common cold but I think too many ppl are making too rash decisions too early with this thing. Let’s wait till June maybe July then decide where to go from there. 300 ppl died from the Flu last year here in Nebraska we are no where near that and won’t even come close to that so how can this be any different then the flu? I know this is highly contagious and hit this country hard especially the elderly population. 99% of the ppl who get it are a systematic and don’t show any of the signs. Most if not all people will get it at some point before we get a vaccine. Might as well open this country up and focus all our resources to protect the most vulnerable populations. Let people get back to work and we can build Hurd immunity
  7. People need to pull their heads out of the sand and pay attention to what some of the dr are saying! It’ll most likely react like SARS virus and die off in the summer due to the heat and humidity but it also could return like the flu in the fall and winter but they don’t know for sure most experts are watching Australia and the Southern Hemisphere countries because they are going into their fall season to see if they have a huge surge in cases and so far nothing has happened but they are monitoring it for the next month or two. I whole heartily believe we will have a season that starts on it’s normal date but with some restrictions in place
  8. Why...god why..... we need to keep these top instate prospects in state!!! Maybe we change his mind once things get opened back up in a month or two
  9. Ok I’m all sorts of confused lol
  10. I just joined and have no clue what I’m doing
  11. What I’m saying is there are only certain types of strains of upper respiratory viruses that can survive in tropical climates and the US doesn’t have any of these strains currently in the US. Like I said no one knows for sure what’s going to happen in the spring and summer months but I’m pretty sure we won’t be hearing so much about it come June
  12. This here is inaccurate information and this kind of crap is what spreads fear and makes it worse then it really is. They don’t know if it will die off when the warmer weather comes around it’s too early to tell with the virus right now but they did say it will more then likely die off when the weather gets warmer as most viruses do.
  13. Don’t put the cart before the horse my friend. Let’s get all the info before we go that far. I get it I understand that he probably should of not coach tonight but hey if I don’t feel 100% I still go to work still need to make that paycheck for my family
  14. I see Danny Langs landed at CU as qb coach and co o-cord
  15. I heard that his parents pulled him for fear of the cornavirus hitting the college campus
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