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  1. I just joined and have no clue what I’m doing
  2. What I’m saying is there are only certain types of strains of upper respiratory viruses that can survive in tropical climates and the US doesn’t have any of these strains currently in the US. Like I said no one knows for sure what’s going to happen in the spring and summer months but I’m pretty sure we won’t be hearing so much about it come June
  3. This here is inaccurate information and this kind of crap is what spreads fear and makes it worse then it really is. They don’t know if it will die off when the warmer weather comes around it’s too early to tell with the virus right now but they did say it will more then likely die off when the weather gets warmer as most viruses do.
  4. Don’t put the cart before the horse my friend. Let’s get all the info before we go that far. I get it I understand that he probably should of not coach tonight but hey if I don’t feel 100% I still go to work still need to make that paycheck for my family
  5. I see Danny Langs landed at CU as qb coach and co o-cord
  6. I heard that his parents pulled him for fear of the cornavirus hitting the college campus
  7. I was just going to ask how it was going. Looking good so far
  8. Need more vids lol I’m getting pumped for spring ball. New season upon us and ready to see some pads pop and helmets roll
  9. Man I just went to the CU message board and what total melt down. I just laugh at what is going on over there. Can’t wait to meet them in a couple years to whoop them buffs asses
  10. The clock is ticking for these in state recruits we need to close on all our top in state talent. Need to keep these guys home
  11. We need to land all of them! Keep them home
  12. Man I wish I would’ve done a poll when frost was hired just to compare where the fan base was and is now. I believe Frost is the right coach and believe he will get us back to the promise land. I didn’t think it would’ve taken this long but I think we are on the up swing. In Frost We Trust!! GBR!
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