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  1. I think we will be paying him near the 9 mil range that’s where the FMV comes in with the panthers
  2. Over on the platinum board insiders are saying Rhule is a done deal. They are saying the final contract was reviewed last night by the Panthers and no hiccups there so expect a announcement this weekend probably Sunday or Monday
  3. Wonder how many of you are going to be checking their phones or computers today during thanksgiving
  4. Supposedly to finalizing the money end of the contract and I guess they plan on announcing on Sunday
  5. To sign off on the contract I guess it was a pretty big one
  6. Husker Garett is getting lots of sources saying Rhule signed today and that Ted Carter had to step in
  7. There’s a post on the platinum board saying it’s a done deal with Rhule will announce Sunday with a leak Friday
  8. I just saw it and it was cringe worthy that’s for sure hope he’s ok and not career ending
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