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  1. Question is can we have enough prep time between tomorrow and Saturday??
  2. Oh I know man not calling you out or anything just super frustrating and they should know better
  3. Doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure Coach Frost told his team in the beginning of this that of you want to play keep each other in check don’t go to parties and large gatherings. If you don’t want to play by all mean go do those thing and cancel football for the other 100 guys who worked hard to play. Agin it’s all about being selfish and Paul Cryst should know better as a head coach of a D-1 football program
  4. Bull s#!t. They should know better in how to keep their team in check. God why is it so hard to use common sense
  5. Their QB tested positive for Covid something to keep an eye on with the lines as the week goes on
  6. I still think we go 6-2. Should be an interesting season
  7. Someone needs to go over to the OSU BOARD AND TELL THEM THIER COACH IS A PUNK! For going for it and not kicking the field goal be up by 40
  8. Frost needs to call out the Big Joke and their refs
  9. Pathetic. But still a lot of game left which worries me a little
  10. f#&% the football gods!!! We are always f#&%ing playing with the cards against us and now the refs!!!!
  11. AM throws for 300+ rushes for 100. Luke has 80+ receiving yards The D hangs in there most of the game has some really good stop and a couple take aways
  12. I want to say the OSU game will come down to who has the ball the final min or two in the game and come down to a field goal. Something along the lines of 23-21 or so. And I predict we lose only one Game this year to either OSU or PSU.
  13. When are they going to interview Frost he’s the first one that really got this going
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