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  1. HCMR is what I went with. But it don’t matter as long as he Rhules college football
  2. I’m not the only one. He could go any other school but to choose a rival is down right a slap in the face to our fans and quite frankly I don’t give a f what you think at the moment
  3. To Haussmann you are a traitor. You turned your back on the state and the fans. Don’t expect me to cheer for you when you play for cockeyes! You and your family can go kick rocks and stay on the other side of the pond
  4. What is Rhule waiting for f#&% cockalos already have their staff together in less then a week
  5. How do you know he’s going to the packers??? Do you have some magical crystal ball that’s telling you that cuz I’m not seeing it anywhere
  6. I’ve been trolling the CU boards and they think they will pencil whip Neb with Deion next year. Anyone nervous about this hire? I think coach Rhule is a way better pick then Deion but he’s doing to get a ton of media attention
  7. He’s probably the player responsible for the fight between Mr. And Mrs. Joesph. There was something on the underground about her sleeping with a player
  8. We’re going to be losing recruits because of this situation
  9. I know this is for the recruiting thread but this is probably because of the MJ situation
  10. It’s going around that it’s not a done deal it all depends on what happens with MJ
  11. Man I absolutely want to run through a wall for coach Rhule after the presser yesterday!
  12. Some on the RSS board are saying Rhule is restructuring MJs contracts and giving him a pay bump somewhere in the $1.5 mil range
  13. I think we will be paying him near the 9 mil range that’s where the FMV comes in with the panthers
  14. Over on the platinum board insiders are saying Rhule is a done deal. They are saying the final contract was reviewed last night by the Panthers and no hiccups there so expect a announcement this weekend probably Sunday or Monday
  15. Wonder how many of you are going to be checking their phones or computers today during thanksgiving
  16. Supposedly to finalizing the money end of the contract and I guess they plan on announcing on Sunday
  17. To sign off on the contract I guess it was a pretty big one
  18. Husker Garett is getting lots of sources saying Rhule signed today and that Ted Carter had to step in
  19. There’s a post on the platinum board saying it’s a done deal with Rhule will announce Sunday with a leak Friday
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