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  1. Hey, I'm all for it. Especially with this shake up of coaches, maybe a couple gems start looking. I was just thinking it's pretty hard with early signing day coming up.
  2. We have plenty of young guys on the roster thanks to the covid year. We need stop gap from JUCO and the portal to make up for all the misses and attrition from the early cycles.
  3. Mickey Joseph isn't coming here to coach WRs if we are going back to an option based offense with an OC from Army.
  4. Is this your personal twitter?
  5. It's not Graham Harrell, but no one would be more pissed than Markese Stepp.
  6. He can help cover up sex scandals and bring his girlfriends to practice!
  7. I think we are probably coach shopping next year, but I’ll play the max hype angle. We have enough coming back on defense plus a few portal additions to sure up that the defense remains serviceable. Frost finds a QB in the portal and some offensive staff worth their paychecks. Yesterday was enough to convince Frost to hire a special teams coordinator. The schedule doesn’t get much easier.
  8. Frost said this week some guys would walk who haven’t made a decision yet. It’s nice that Tannor, Manning, and Payne are likely returning.
  9. It doesn’t matter anyways. Jerry Kill to New Mexico State with Tim Beck as OC!
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