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  1. Connor Culp makes all 5 extra points, 3 touch backs, and 1 FG.
  2. He has largely been completely protected and throwing to wide open WRs. That said, the kid looks good.
  3. With the NCAA taking up the vote on transferring with no penalty once to become effective next August and this year not counting, there's zero benefit to transferring now.
  4. I'm very interested to see how the NCAA handles seniors not counting towards the 85. There will be a lot of graduate transfers in the portal next year because of the extra year of eligibility. If seniors don't count toward the 85, hopefully that only applies to their original school, otherwise, you could have a team completely load up on graduate transfers for next year.
  5. He's definitely still in Florida
  6. Carl Pelini likes to joke that if he hadn't devoted his life to football, he likely would have been an Olympic champion in bocce. The Nebraska defensive coordinator assured a crowd of that just the other day. "Two years ago, my wife, Kelley, and I built a bocce court in our backyard," he said. "My kids came home all excited, ‘Dad, you're putting in a pool.' Nope. Bocce court. I don't believe I've lost a game since that day. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/carl-pelini-comfortable-expanding-his-role/article_d56f7562-b23b-11df-8b60-001cc4c002e0.html
  7. Bro, you ever played that without cocaine? Extremely boring.
  8. I'm waiting to hear back from Carl Pelini's bochi ball guy on that.
  9. A sock puppet owned by the aquarium guy or a friend of a friend who works in the athletic department.
  10. I'm hearing we are back on, 10/10 is the target date, and Memorial Stadium will have a capacity of 25%-50%.
  11. Here's the unsecured survey link, lol https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GPB55RD
  12. They needed students on campus to justify student athletes playing sports. They still get tuition from online classes.
  13. It goes on to say "The self-quarantine is voluntary, but compliance is expected." Edit: Also this: "Gov. Phil Murphy said that New Jersey would not be setting up checkpoints along the state’s borders but that the Department of Health would pursue cases of noncompliance if it become aware of them." https://www.inquirer.com/health/coronavirus/quarantine-rule-new-york-new-jersey-connecticut-travel-coronavirus-covid19-20200624.html
  14. NJ currently requires travelers from a number of states including Nebraska to quarantine 14 days upon arrival, so how are we going to play a game at Rutgers?
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