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  1. Right, but to clarify my question. Do we simply not have DBs practicing in a nickel package? The staff is asking Gifford to be Jojo when he clearly is not.
  2. I am wondering if we have played any nickel or dime coverage this year? Are the only options we have at nickel being Gifford, Wright, and Kolarevic? Looking at the PFF grades/snaps vs. GSU, Gifford played the majority of them and clearly is a liability on slot WRs. Surely we have DBs practicing a traditional nickel package?
  3. Wright posted a few weeks ago that he was medically cleared.
  4. Anyone know if their is a timeline for Wynn to announce? I haven't seen any reports on how the visit went. If we set a visit with the JUCO kid, I think that would be pretty telling.
  5. It appears he just became academically eligible. Oregon State and Missouri just offered as well.
  6. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Taylor-Lewis-152302/RecruitInterests/ I wonder if we canceled Goods’ visit or if he did
  7. It's my understanding that Jojo played that role because he was talented enough to be able to cover a slot WR and also play the run. I believe the staff said replacing him might involve playing more nickle with a DB and Kolaravic when teams are in the I or pro set looks. Javin Wright is also a player to watch now that he is cleared, he is supposed to fit that spot well.
  8. We are likely done at OL. We added 2 players before spring and reports were rather promising from the OL most of spring.
  9. Also NIL can fund tuition so extra guys could "walk on" but take NIL money.
  10. Chins is now following him! Also Sean Dillon and Ryan Callaghan are following Jordan Addison, but that seems like a hail marry at this point.
  11. I mean it’s the player to be named later for Jordan Riley. I’ll take him.
  12. Production wise, Drew has better stats. Body wise Casey is 6'4 300 vs. Drew at 6'2 280. Drew has been more durable though, so assuming he stays healthy, I think it's equal if not greater.
  13. Drew told Rivals he committed because the coaches told him he would be a 4-3 DT. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/distance-and-opportunity-were-the-main-factors-for-texas-tech-s-devin-drew
  14. Edge guy that Chins and Travis Fisher are following. Unclear if they are new follows as we offered him in high school.
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