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  1. He signed with Georgia and then was released from his NLI after he was suspended for the 2nd time during his senior year. Supposedly wouldn't give up his phone the night before the state title came and was suspended/didn't play. I read rumors he assaulted a coach on Reddit, but that has not been reported.
  2. We got a hottie toddy hog Molly in from the 251!
  3. theknife

    Kudos to SF

    We fire Frost after going 9-3, interview but decline to give the job to Lubick and hire a newly fired NFL Coach like Adam Gase?
  4. Well we have 2 more spots to fill in the class, so probably more than 1.
  5. Go FCS, graduate, and transfer back up to FBS!
  6. Excuse me, you're right. I meant he has to sit out and lose a year.
  7. Unless he got a waiver, he red shirts this year to get one year next year. I am not sure if it is worth it.
  8. Hopefully he doesn't get a waiver
  9. Huge missed opportunity not recruiting him out of high school. Really no excuse for that. I understand how bad Frost's quote looks now. There's no getting around that, but context is important. We had two 4 stars who spent all spring learning the offense and Burrow was transferring out of OSU after 3 years and failing to win the job at the end of spring. I'm happy for Burrow, his talent was highlighted with an amazing supporting cast. Something we could not have offered him this year.
  10. I'm just disappointed in your attitude, sir.
  11. Football has evolved. Christ, even Bama has adopted some spread concepts in their offense. You can run power out of shotgun. We saw what that can look like at times with Ozigbo and at times with Mills this year.
  12. A special teams analyst can't actually coach the player though. They can have interactions with them, but they couldn't be on the field coaching them at practice for example.
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