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  1. Sounds like we are not in his top 5.
  2. Hearing Missouri and Miami are the current favorites.
  3. If he's willing to walk on, I like it.
  4. He is friends with Rondale Moore and given their similar size and build, I think he sees himself with that type of receiving production. Which he didn't get the ball consistently enough from our QBs.
  5. Some much needed edge rushing help in the portal.
  6. It's ok, cue up the 2011 New England offensive tape and we are running 2 TEs with Allen and Fidone
  7. We as a state could barely lockdown for two months without everyone losing their mind, but the student athletes don't want to play in a meaningless bowl game after 8 months+ of actual lockdown and message board heros have a problem.
  8. Right, what I am asking is since seniors don't count against the 85 next year, can a team that can afford more than 85 scholarships just load up on seniors from the portal?
  9. So has there been any clarfication if seniors in the portal would not count against the 85 man limit at new schools they would transfer to as well in 2021?
  10. I am pretty sure he was out there on the opening drive. I am guessing he doesn't know the playbook and he was apart of a scripted opening drive.
  11. If you're not going to give the Prodigal Son five years, who is going to want this job? Christ, wait until the new facilities are built so we would have something to sell a new coach on. That's not even considering the 25 million dollars we don't have to buy him out.
  12. Frost's buyout is 25 million and he has a budget to surround himself with nearly any staff he wants. If he can't see there are major coaching issues, we are in for a long 2-3 more seasons.
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