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  1. 23 Clemson football players just tested positive. I just can't see football happening in the fall. What happens when an player tests positive and everyone in the position group has to quarantine for 2 weeks?
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, Omar is on campus
  3. Someone updated their Twitter today
  4. All the JUCOs need to come in and help.
  5. We need at least 10 contributors from the redshirt class.
  6. He inspired 2 pages of posts of fans arguing, so that's impressive.
  7. It appears Tyjon maybe in town as well, so JD might have just trolled us all, lol.
  8. JD just posted a video of him working out with Keith Williams at an Omaha gym to Instagram!
  9. Um, JD just posted this to his Instagram story.
  10. We got two Kade Warners now!!!
  11. I think if this is an indication of anything, it's that it's more likely going to be a conference by conference, regional decision. For example, the SEC probably has some form of a season given the approach we are already seeing in the South.
  12. Great offer list and kept him from possibly PSU! GBR!
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