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  1. Smoke saying Ben Scott will be N tonight or tomorrow
  2. Yep, ON3 is reporting he was spotted at the Basketball game this weekend. Huge if we could get two tackles out of the portal
  3. They also play a bear front out of this which will translate well for the run heavy teams in the Big 10.
  4. Look at the jump from 2019 to 2020 when he took over.
  5. This is a home run hire. We will also absolutely run his system. https://orangefizz.net/2022/10/syracuse-needs-to-drop-the-bag-on-tony-white-this-offseason/
  6. This account is highly sus. That said he’s liked some Rhule tweets and started following a Husker page recently
  7. I agree with all the above, but the one time transfer with no penalty rule is still in place. Also, players don't get another free transfer year just because the coaches leave; they can just enter the portal outside the set windows, but if they previously used their one time transfer, they would have to sit out that year unless they had a waiver or were a graduate transfer.
  8. Sean Callahan reported on Tuesday this dude would likely be in a off the field personnel role.
  9. I’ll preface this by saying I think it’s a rumor that started from a random ON3 poster with no juice. That said, if Rhule was willing to give Leonhard a call, he might be in this case too.
  10. A has been who refused to evolve with the sport? Nah.
  11. Buckle up, friend. This is going to be a month long affair. Casey Thompson didn’t commit to NU until January last year.
  12. You were right! He just updated his bio to Dline Coach on Twitter.
  13. No you said he was the Panthers Dline coach the past two years. Which he most definitely wasn’t even close to being. He’s been a general coaching assistant and an interim assistant Dline coach for a handful of game. He very much could be the Dline coach or he could not be. Callahan saying his position is unknown and you saying his position is known is counter to one another.
  14. Exactly that quote. This guy was a coaching assistant and was only promoted to assistant Dline coach after Rhule and some staff was let go. He could easily be a graduate assistant, analyst, etc as much as the d line coach.
  15. That’s counter to what Sean Callahan is saying regarding this guy.
  16. I think you might have jumped the gun with the title of the thread. Reports are saying they are unsure what position both will take on staff.
  17. He has consistently shown he makes teams better every year he’s been somewhere after year 1 in CFB. Outside of cognitive dissonance m, I don’t know how you can view where he started and how he finished at Baylor as anything but evidence of building a team.
  18. So you concede he can build a program, just not an elite one?
  19. He’s never built a P5 team? Baylor had 45 scholarship players and 1 commit when he took over. Year 3 they are in the Big 12 championship and playing in the Sugar Bowl.
  20. Yes, a coach 11 months removed from the College Football Playoff is a gutter hire.
  21. If it’s not next weekend that could mean a coach in a conference championship game.
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