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  1. Nebraska will likely be favored in 7 of the first 8 games. I see your point, but objectively speaking, a Big 10 schedule doesn't get much easier, besides the brutal close.
  2. Because we avoid MSU, OSU, and PSU. It doesn't get much easier.
  3. Honas was likely 4th on the depth chart at ILB heading into Spring. He’s walking on somewhere he has a better chance to play/start.
  4. We haven't lost anyone who was even listed on the game day depth charts last year. Honas would have provided nice depth, but it's understandable he wants to find somewhere to go start.
  5. I definitely thought they would take someone for the DL, but there will be plenty of opportunities after Spring.
  6. Grant told the Journal Star recently that he's graduated from NMMI and cleared to join a program for the spring semester, meaning he'll likely be at Nebraska in short order and will join the team's winter conditioning program and be on campus for spring ball.
  7. The rumors are true, he’s just saying he’s still committed and will be here in May. Personally, I think the staff will decide that after Spring. Jackson responded to a Journal Star message confirming that he will not be with the program this spring, saying, "No I won't be at Nebraska in the spring but will be in May."
  8. Rivals is doubling down on their report. He committed and announced it before everything was finalized. He left A&M not being academically in good standing so his options are to sit out a year or return to A&M and work to get academically eligible and transfer at the end of Spring.
  9. Given the lack of offers that makes a lot more sense
  10. Academic issue: https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/nebraska-recruiting-texas-a-m-rb-deondre-jackson-will-remain-in-the-portal
  11. There’s proven linebackers in the portal, there’s no reason to recruit a project to convert. He’s here for RB.
  12. The portal isn’t going to eliminate non-qualifiers, D1 flame outs, or the guys that jump in the portal and then have nowhere to go but JUCO
  13. Chinander is following a number of offensive linemen. I think it just might be based on his geographical locaiton.
  14. Tommy Brown OT from Bama is following Eric Chinander on Twitter.
  15. I’m hearing 2 Juco visitors this weekend. Anyone know who?
  16. We have a guard from FCS and Chubba scheduled to visit this weekend, so there must be some more attrition we aren’t aware of.
  17. Word is the staff reached out to Nesta Jade Silvera, DT from Miami.
  18. Some of the Pitt highlights I watched they used a TE like a fullback out of shotgun in offset formation.
  19. I'm glad we are trying to add more competition to the line!
  20. “ One really important stat that will be vital to his time at Nebraska: Thompson had the least amount of time to throw of any Big 12 quarterback (most pressures of 2.5 seconds or less) but he led the Big 12 in passing touchdowns and QB rating when pressured in 2.5 seconds or less. 19 TD to 2 INT and he took just 3 sacks in those situations. ”
  21. Rumor is he is going out on medical hardship, but I have yet to see it reported.
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