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  1. This team does the dumbest s#!t at the wrong time and they've been doing it through 4 different coaches now!
  2. These officials get worse every week, clear targeting!
  3. Just gotta keep winning! Getting to a bowl game this year would be a HUGE step in the right direction.
  4. Satterfield might be the worst OC we've had in awhile....
  5. That drive was the blue print for the rest of the game OC....
  6. Haarberg needs to run there....I blame him and the OC for this BS!
  7. If the offense can pull their heads out of their a$$es and be average we win this game EASILY! Our defense is doing whatever they want!
  8. Why wouldn't he be? This offense is a f#&%ing joke!
  9. I'm at the game and not that it would matter at all in this game but why in the hell is Nebraska in the sun on our sideline?! Michigan has been in the shade this entire game so I can't think that's not keeping them "fresher" than us. Any team that comes and plays us gets the shade. Its 95 degrees out for *****sake
  10. If Sims starts Rhule is an idiot! Sims is a turnover machine and can't pass accurately and fumble prone Grant is now our RB1.
  11. HH and it's not even close! Sims turns the ball over too much and this team lacks the ability to deal with that and overcome that.
  12. No Deion.....it should be 0-0 stop running your fing mouth!
  13. Matt Rhule better figure this BS out cause Husker fans are absolutely done with the bone headed BS!
  14. I remember a few coaches who were too stubborn and lost their job because of it Rhule
  15. The fact that this thread exists already is ridiculous....
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