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  1. This would be such a Nebraska thing to have happen.....
  2. Urban Meyer Besides his terrible NFL stint the dude has won everywhere he's been and there's no questioning that. I'm willing to bet he'd consider it cause what better way to restablish yourself as one of the best coaches ever in college football but to come in and save a blue blood program like Nebraska? I just don't see him riding off into the sunset as a coach ending it the way it ended in Jacksonville. He's won in the SEC and the B1G so he knows what it takes. Slimeball yes, huge fan no, but we need wins and it's what it is.
  3. Screw that! They got all the funds I'm giving them from all the Nebraska gear I've bought over the years! I'm not giving this program another dime of my money.
  4. He can't manage a game for ****...... can't wait for him to be fired! New season same team! That onside kick call was the worst call I've ever seen in College Football!
  5. With faith and honor held high
  6. Thankfully we're pretty deep in WR room but this sucks!
  7. That's tough to hear.....I feel bad for the kid!
  8. Didn't see this posted or I missed it. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/m/6b462a62-800f-32c1-84df-623b267b9ce1/juco-db-and-former-alabama.html
  9. Yes he's good as he's already enrolled as a student.
  10. Me likes where things are headed!
  11. Another OU QB entering the portal..... https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/caleb-williams-enters-transfer-portal-oklahoma-star-qb-exploring-options-after-standout-freshman-season/
  12. He says in the article he graduated from OSU and received a Bachelor's Degree. Wants to get his Master's here and still has 2 years of eligibility. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/m/52e82333-2ae5-318f-9fcc-0ad9706bfa7b/huskers-land-ol-transfer.html
  13. Getting tired of checking this thread multiple times a day only to see no QB's have decided to come here.
  14. I don't think cutting a former navy seal after he received an award this year along with a story on ESPN is a great look for Nebraska. If they do this it's a huge mistake in the PR department nevermind it's the wrong thing to do with a guy like that.
  15. Great season girls! Hold your heads high because you've got a bright future next season!
  16. I can answer this...... EVERY SINGLE ONE EVENTUALLY GETS A "MEH" FROM SOMEONE ON THE BOARD! It's frustrating but expected at this point! We could have Bryce Young wanting to come here and someone would say "Meh.... pass......missed a wideopen receiver during a game I watched for 30 seconds!"
  17. Every QB possibility that comes up someone has something negative to say. It's kinda ridiculous how picky some of you are being and think we have the right to be after 4 years of s#!t football! If we get Brennan I'll be shocked, if we get Rattler I'll be shocked!
  18. Seems like this is nothing more than someone looking for attention and "clicks" on their Twitter or whatever. Until I hear something earth shattering I don't care. To me it's stirring the pot so people have something to talk about. Lol
  19. Ed's a D-coordinator though so what position does he take in your mind? I'm not saying I want him just curious.
  20. Here comes the implosion......f#&%ing special teams!
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