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  1. I’m done seeing this sloppy and poor effort type of football. Who do we hire to replace Frost at the end of this year? Obviously we won’t be a big job anymore after firing our “golden boy”, but we can toss money at some coordinator somewhere. The question is who though?
  2. This is a copy of what the World Herald did a few years ago, but much worse...
  3. Is it not just weird as hell that the almost infamous game that Scott was booed at, was against UCF?
  4. Honestly, based on both moos’ and frost’s statements it seems that no decision has been made yet. Then you add these rumors on top of everything to further “prove” that Frost won’t know what he is going to do until after the game this Saturday.
  5. Heard from someone who works in the athletic department that after Scott Frost, our number 2 choice is supposedly Lane Kiffin...
  6. It’s pretty well known that he is very close with Chinander (his current D-coordinator) and I’d assume he would come along to Nebraska. He’s from Iowa I’m pretty sure.
  7. The Aaron Taylor quote came from a comment of his on facebook just an FYI
  8. http://www.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/news/tom-herman-rumors-houston-lsu-texas-coaching-search/1t3jwwhbw017k1jf59euqemnd8 In regards to Scott Frost not wanting to UCF like some of you claim, here is Tom Herman saying he would never leave Houston for more money.
  9. Watching both teams, I definitely think that Nebraska has better athletes, but UCF just looked like they were more fundamentally sound. They didn't make big mistakes and they took advantage of Memphis' mistakes. Also, it looks like UCF's schemes fit the players' talents better than our schemes fit our players.
  10. UCF has been playing sound football against 2 decent teams and 1 OK team. They just looked like a better-coached team than Nebraska does right now I think. But are they coached so much better than us they could beat Nebraska with the talent discrepancy there is?? Not sure
  11. Read an article on bleacher report about if current recruits can remember your team's last title and apparently 2018 recruits can only remember back to 2007 when LSU won and Tebow won the Heisman. But the fact that stook out to me was that these recruits were 5 years old when a team west of the Mississippi won the national title. And that was Texas in 2005.
  12. I have a buddy on the team and he says that both POB and Lee are having a very close battle. Could be either one starting next year.
  13. Indiana is the best team we have played yet this season IMO
  14. Just heard from someone that Westerkamp has a very serious injury to his back. MR supposed to hold a press conference in reference to it today.
  15. I disagree with this just because of Lee's experience in college. I see him being the starter and POB being the backup purely because of that. If POB can outplay him, put him in, but I say Lee will be starting because he has YEARS more of experience in D1 ball.
  16. come next season, if POB can't beat out Bush and Lee, he sure will be disappointing.
  17. I just hope that Ozigbo comes out on top. He has the build to take the beating of being a big ten starting running back. Has OK speed, very agile for how large he is and is a good all around back (blocker/pass catcher).
  18. Is anyone else scared that Newby is looking like the top dog at running back again? I just dont like him with the ball in his hands at all, doenst run with any determination and as soon as someone touches him, he is down.
  19. I want this to be a serious thread for all questions relating to SF's future. What are the chances he does well at UCF? What are the chances he ends up at Nebraska? Can he recruit to a school that doesn't have the College of Nike Apparel appeal? Just wanted to hear other people's thoughts. Also, I'm currently a freshmen at UNL and was wondering if anyone else on HB is currently at UNL, or if it is all older fans that remember the good ol' days? I'd love to see the differences in opinions between generations. Oh, and GBR!
  20. The more and more I read about the team the worse and worse they seem to me
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