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  1. Would you trust a 99 suburban with 200k as a good 2nd vehicle/wintervehicle/yard truck/overland rig


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    2. TonyStalloni


      I have a white one with 160K I've had for 5 years. It came from Texas so it is still rust free and looks good despite a few hail dents courtesy of Nebraska. I had the front end rebuilt after I bought it. It has two issues I'm not sure I want to tackle. The AC leaks and its in the firewall and not accessible so the whole dash would have to come out. Recently I think the computer fried as the whole dash lights up like a christmas tree when turned on. I mostly just use it as a winter driver with the 4WD. 


      Is there a maintenance history on the one you are looking at? 

    3. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      I just looked that up today a my car is a carfax shop.  There is plenty of history but nothing really specific.

    4. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      This thing was a total pile, ended up getting another one.  Hopefully this lifts the curse.

      99 Suburban.jpg

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