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  1. Like moth to a flame. Those that laugh most on this forum would benefit the most from deprogramming.
  2. I am not sure ... do they have the problem with any males that have PhDs? Seems like I don't hear them raising up about all those folks that often, in fact when it works for them they highlight the MD.
  3. In addition to this teaching in schools we'd need to have some sort of deprograming and teaching for adults.
  4. Yea Archy,, I'm not making any assumptions on your posts because you are nothing if not consistent. Your "I'm just asking questions" technique is the same one your party uses any time a news report/truth doesn't play into your line of thinking. You do it here continuously after getting a response that paints you into a corner, It's either that or you try to utilize some nuance on word choice to attempt to tie up the other poster, like claiming Jeffries was proposing an insurrection because he used the word immediately. It's all just so trite.
  5. I saw the whole things but I don't know that it was in order. Seems like different agencies were publishing different tapes.
  6. WHen I viewed it I saw him doing everything or trying to do everything he was asked ... but they still yelled it at him. "GET DOWN" (he already was) as an ex. "SHOW YOUR HANDS" (he couldn't because the guy's partners where holding his arms" And I think the running from them will be the first thing the more "Back the Blue" folks will point to. I guess I'd ask, what would you do if you were pulled over for no reason, pulled out of a car by 5 police (no lights used by the way which I thought was odd) and then tased? For sure you'd ask what did I do and then anybody that is fearful of their lives would try to get away. Fight or flight is a real thing when you are being brutalized by 5 men.
  7. Oh I don't watch him ever. There are quite a few on the liberal side I can't stomach the bias from.
  8. Thanks ZRod - in retroscpect I'm in a funk with all the news and violence today. Just feels like people really suck.
  9. It was 6 seconds between the cops opening the door and the hammer attack on Mr Pelosi. He broke into the house at 2am - not sure what you sleep in, but there's nothing weird in my book about a man havins skivvies on at that hour. Pelosi was able to keep the guy talking while he went into that bathroom and called the cops, it's my understanding that he put on the shirt then. If you listen to the 911 call you'll hear he was trying to do all he could to keep the guy calm and rational and get help there all while doing as the intruder said. Do you think if this was a planned meeting he'd call 911? I have no clue if he had a cup or what was in it and I don't really care. The fact that you bring it up just means you've latched onto the conspiracy kook conspiracy ideas. Pretty sad that after watching this video you still try to make waves about this being anything other than a brutal attack. Did you watch the guy break into the house? Does that fit into your thought process of whatever scandelous reason you think the nut was there?
  10. Oh she definitely got many, many pillows for that announcement.
  11. The fact that just this week there have been I think 3 (?) issues with police overstep leading to individuals' death leads me to think we're in a terrible spot. I'm happy these 5 had immediate action taken but man, it was 92 when we saw a similar incident take place in CA and how little has changed, really we just have more and better cameras to catch it all. Should progress on this issue really take 30+ years? Do you really think that the trauma, harm and the systemic issues done by these folks in powerful positions is only bad cuz the media is telling us so? Come on man. There's nothing dishonest about a video that we're going to see tonight - THEY DID HARM TO THIS MAN KNOWING THAT THEY HAD THEIR OWN 5 CAMERAS ON AND RUNNING. They didn't think it was going to be a problem. That is the underlying issue. Not that the right things happened by their superiors after they murdered a man.
  12. Did your daughter by chance move into that property during covid times? EDIT: I ask because rents dropped significantly then as so many left the city. Routine costs now are below, and an example I worked out for 2 bedroom: Total cost per year: $4795 x 12 = $57,540/2 = $28,770 rent per year per person. Then you have utilities, let's just ballpark (and I think these are low imo, I'm in Boston with similar costs to NYC) a $100 cell bill, $100 internet/tv, $500 parking/uber/train, $400 food/drink x 12 = $13,200mper person extra costs. So $41,970 per year without movies, vacations etc. And when you get to more bedrooms obviously that goes up. Rule of thumb is one should spend about 30% of gross income on rent/mortgage There are currently active 23,696 listings advertised for rent in New York, NY. New York rentals average $3,195 for a studio rental to $6,756 for a 4-bedroom rental. The median price of all currently available listings is $4,000, or roughly $72 per square feet. For the apartment units and housing in January 2023, median rents have risen substantially over the last year. Studio rentals prices have increased by $500 (18.87%) year-over-year from $2,650 to $3,195. 1-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $403 (11.53%) year-over-year from $3,497 to $3,945. 2-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $1,267 (30.68%) year-over-year from $4,128 to $4,795. 3-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $1,100 (22.68%) year-over-year from $4,850 to $5,895. 4-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $448 (6.85%) year-over-year from $6,547 to $6,756. Note that this figure includes all active and rented listings throughout the month. Month-to-month, seasonality might have a bigger impact than overall trend price changes. Studio rents have gone up by 1.24% this month. 1-bedroom rents have gone down by 0.00% this month. 2-bedroom rents have gone up by 0.59% this month. 3-bedroom rents have gone up by 0.40% this month. 4-bedroom rents have gone down by 1.41% this month. Current Availabilities January 2023 Bedrooms Rent Price / sqft Whole Month Rent 1 Yr Ago Rent (% Change) 3 Yr Ago Rent (% Change) Studio $3,195 $82 $3,150 $2,650 (18.87%) $2,715 (16.02%) 1 BR $3,945 $74 $3,900 $3,497 (11.53%) $3,315 (17.65%) 2 BR $4,795 $68 $5,395 $4,128 (30.68%) $4,043 (33.43%) 3 BR $5,895 $64 $5,950 $4,850 (22.68%) $4,983 (19.41%) 4+ BR $6,756 $59 $6,995 $6,547 (6.85%) $6,386 (9.54%)
  13. Memphis. At least we're getting proper charges now in many of these cases. Gotta say I question in TN if there will be a fair outcome if it's a jury trial. With as much work as they're doing today to try and let folks know how bad it is it must be shockingly terrible. The head of the department there was on CNN with Don Lemon this am and gave a very candid interview. If you didn't catch it try to. Our nation is in a terrible spot.
  14. I appreciate the response. I did think that I'd find public teachers were under paid, but I also thought I find that credentialling requirements would be the same. I'd hope that folks teaching with a degree would get a bigger check than those who don't have a teaching certificate. But in general the income for public or private is poor. Your example of a couple in NY of 200,000 a couple, or a family isn't going to be able to live on that. It wouldn't allow them to rent a decent place in a safe area much less purchase a home, and the cost of daycare if they have kids, transportation, groceries- . If these folks are the most important building block of a kids life outside the home is 40-60k appropriate? Do you think that salary would be attractive to the best of the best for our kids? I believe we are likely getting lackluster teachers because anybody smart is looking outside education to make a living. And I may be mistaken, but isn't the schooling budget at a state level? So Nebraska gets $100 total now for public schools, and if they move ahead with vouchers that $100 gets split between the existing recipients PLUS private schools? I could certainly be wrong about that so you can let me know. I agree with what others have said in general. Public schools need the money they get and then some - privates have alternative ways of raising money and seem to do well in that regard - why should my tax dollars go to support private schools?
  15. Sincerely would love to hear from the two folks that laughed at the data set points I shared on public vs private teacher salaries. What was funny? Or is it just the usual suspect(s) laughing at someone they disagree with?
  16. ACLU fights for everybody. They've historically fought for white supremacists, the NRA, Americans For Prosperity (a Koch brothers company). They fight for infringement on civil liberties and that means defending people that many might find offensive.
  17. Yup - which is why it is so frustrating to see the Fox viewers and GOP get so amped up about Joe and Kamala coming to the border and seeing the wall and the issue, rather than recognizing that they are going into Guatamala and Mexico to have discussions and try to figure out how to do keep the people from wanting to get out of the country.
  18. Nope. Again - read the article.
  19. Did you actually read the article Nic? (First off I should say, excellent source!) The article talks about how the community is struggling to support her new venture due to her anti-trans comments over the last few years. Nothing about banning, just a discussion on how something that many loved as younger people, something that they hold onto today with their books as prized possessions and fond memories that something they loved so much feels different to support today knowing how she feels, and what she has said publicly. It's just like how many catholics struggle to support and stay in the church since all the molestation and money hiding was disclosed.
  20. Good read: https://www.brookings.edu/articles/new-kid-on-the-block-a-closer-look-at-americas-private-schools/
  21. This may all be true, but I think that a HUGE component is teacher pay. Average salary for a teacher is fairly low if you want to live on it. I admit when I went looking for sources to back up my opinion I was surprised - in 2022 private schools averaged lower pay than public (I thought it would be the opposite) but in reading why, it comes down to: 1. private schools don't always require certification or training to teach and 2. the benefits offered at private schools are often lackluster in comparison to state teachers. Of course there are elite private schools that pay more and provide excellent benes but the many privates do not. Regardless, 46k or 61k is not a living in many states. https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2022/12/13/public-school-teacher-pay-private/ And can we please talk about how rural america is going to benefit from taking money away from public schools for private to do these voucher programs? Privates that their students have no opportunity to take advantage of because of where they live? Public schools need more money, not taking the little they get and carve it up more to share with privates.
  22. I know he was impeached - seems like I remember him maybe getting off lite in the trial, but not recalling. Maybe vehicular manslaughter?
  23. Is it best for kids to all get varying content during their schooling because none of the private schools have managed expectations and curriculum? So someone that qualifies or can afford, or gets lucky in a draft goes to a school that teaches AP courses, and the others might go to a school that doesn't for instance allow certain history lessons or courses? How do these folks compare when they try to get into college? How are they both prepared for ACT/SAT? What about life skills?
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