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  1. I heard he is down to Nebraska and Northwestern. I really like our chances here.
  2. No because the only way these teams make it is if they win their conference tournaments and non conference games don’t affect their seeding. Unless they are talking about teams like vcu, st bonaventure, st Mary’s, Richmond, Dayton, or others good enough to get a bid without winning their conference.
  3. Actually the article says Oklahoma is likely to be the 5th official visit instead of creighton.
  4. How come you think he’s GT bound? I mean I can see it but do you have any information on it?
  5. A source says that this unknown transfer guard fell through last night and we will move on to our next targets.
  6. We are rumored to be getting a guard transfer tomorrow via Robin Washut. If I were to take a wild guess I would throw out the name Greg Williams from St. John’s. He was recruiting by Matt Abdelmassey and would be a good fit for our style of play.
  7. I still don’t know how he chose the Hoosiers when they have two starting point guard caliber players coming back in Khristian Landers and Robert Phinisee.
  8. Hearing that he may commit to us very soon. Would be a phenomenal piece to add to our 2022 class. He would also add momentum for future classes.
  9. I know he’s staying at unl for the spring semester to graduate but I find it interesting his name has not been added to the transfer portal via verbal commits. If he eventually does I expect a similar move to what Cam Mack did when going to Prarie View A&M or I could see Allen just heading oversees to play basketball
  10. What do you mean? Eligibility does not count this year
  11. We already made a deal with chattanooga. We are just waiting for the big ten to approve. We would pay Chattanooga 200,000. There is an opening on BTN for a night game. Seems like this might just happen.
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