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  1. Exactly what I’ve heard and read. I already ordered some from a reputable company online. I’m in my 30s, too active with my kids to be hobbling around. Hoping for the best!
  2. Anyone use CBD? I wrecked my knees playing football, multiple knee surgeries on both knees, basically bone on bone. My ortho doc has told me I am well on my way to a couple total knees down the road. Kinda sick of Ibuprofen, some relief, but still think there could be something better out there. Heard CBD was great for inflammation. Anyone have any good luck with it?
  3. So we should have investigated Hilary who conceded within 24 hours of the election, or Obama who had Trump to the White House within 48 hours the election? Surely you see a difference in these two situations. There is no investigation if Trump acts the way Hilary/Obama acted 4 years prior.
  4. The door wasn't even f#&%ing locked? Someone within the department needs to be locked up for this.
  5. Phase out 6 nuke plants just to restart coal. So dumb.
  6. I think a lot of people voted for "Not-Trump", if GOP runs someone without the baggage, Biden's # goes down significantly.
  7. At the very least he should recuse from any jan 6 cases. The fact that he was trying to block jan 6 documents from being released, when he wife was directly involved - is a f#&%ing joke.
  8. It makes me really sad that after hearing the stories from Uvalde, do nothing is still some people's solution. How great is America when we can let this happen and not do anything? We should be moving mountains to make sure this never happens again.
  9. I think about this a lot working in health care. There is already a staffing crisis in health care and its just gonna get worse and worse. Less people to care for aging adults, and more adults aging seems like an awful combo...
  10. Man I played AAA select at 14 and was still trying to figure out how to catch up to 80 and stay back on a decent curve. Wild.
  11. 6'1 195 and throwing 90 at 14?! The hell are they feeding that kid?
  12. The guy that wrote this is an idiot. Not only did Thompson beat out and start over a guy 9 tiers ahead of him, the dude who wrote it got the situation entirely wrong "Card was Texas starter before going down with an injury"...no he was Texas starter until he was pulled the first game and replaced with Thompson who won the job long term. That took 5 seconds of research.
  13. That was my first thought, but took a look at their schedule and woooof. Played one top 50 school in their non-con and lost 15-10 (single game). Played 3 top 100 teams in conf play and went 3-7 against those teams (with 6 of those at home!). Rutgers with 1 top 50 win, compare that to a bubble team that got in, Dallas Baptist, who had 13 top 50 wins. B1G teams really need to revamp their non-con schedules, racking up wins against nobodies is gonna keep you home in June.
  14. Will be interesting to see how AM does at KSU. He's got some decent size shoes to fill when it comes to Skylar Thompson. Thompson was an NFL draft pick (7th Round), 16 TD to 4 INT over his last 300 pass attempts, Adrian 14 TD to 10 INT...Thompsons top two targets were a 5-7 return specialist and a 5-6 Running Back - where Adrian was throwing to NFL draft pick Toure and an NFL caliber TE in Austin Allen. Adrian has the edge on athleticism, but has also been banged up every season due to over use in the running game. Adrian will have a better OL and Running game but how will he fare with worse receiving targets? Will he be able to throw guys open and hit the smaller receivers/RBs in the flats with consistency?
  15. What has me excited for this season is we have finally reached the end of the line. We're either watching December/January football or Frost is on the unemployment line.
  16. Real nice grad transfer here. .275 hitter the past 2 seasons, but real athletic, good defense, and he gets on base. 32 BB to 27 K the last 2 seasons. GI kid.
  17. Chick is like 23 and getting married. Some dudes want to move on with their life - not super shocking to me.
  18. Pompeo's group the whistle blower on this? Didn't he just visit the President of Taiwan? Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI, right? Not violating the Logan Act?
  19. I gave up this year. It did feel good to actually have my vote matter for once. I don't think I'll ever switch back, there is really no point in being a registered dem in my county. I think the less crazy R strategy is the new normal for me.
  20. "Democrats accused of politicizing TX shooting" *Eyes move a couple inches upward* Herschel: "Democrats are trying to take away your constitutional rights"
  21. If we can't trust cops or security guards or good guys with guns, then what really are our options? Keep guns out of crazy peoples hands, or just be cool with kids getting mowed down?
  22. Just saw this stuff....what the ever loving f#&% were they doing? Did I read that an off duty border control officer went in alone and killed the shooter? How many more kids dead if it was up to the PD? 40% of the cities budget so they can play solider every day except the day they are actually needed?
  23. Lots of factors. But I think Bolt would tell you he didn't build a team that loves to compete and win. We lost some key arms to injury, but we looked lost at the plate at times, lost focus in the field, and absolutely did not know how to finish.
  24. Public enemy #1 and #2 for Trump in GA absolutely crushed their opponents.
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