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  1. B-town hoopsfan


    Solid rotational player. That’s all he needs to be. Plus the European game plays up in college.
  2. B-town hoopsfan

    2018-19 Depth Chart

    No but just because he doesn’t play his freshman year doesn’t mean he can’t be a quality rotation player the next 3 years
  3. B-town hoopsfan

    2018-19 Depth Chart

    NaNas high school coach had said in an interview that there would be a pretty steep learning curve for him but once he got it all down the growth would be exponential. I would expect there will be some games this year where he completely amazes us and some games where we are calling for him to sit the bench. But as others have stated as long as he is willing to defend he will see minutes w that length n athletism
  4. B-town hoopsfan

    2018-19 Depth Chart

    I have and your always down on the kid. Is he a D-1 guy right now? Probably not but he made great strides in a 2 month period doing an auctual weight training schedule. He’s 6’10” w a lot of potential and we don’t get that very often here.
  5. B-town hoopsfan

    2018-19 Depth Chart

    Roby and Copeland are both stretch PFs but we definitely should be looking for another w out last scholarship
  6. Those are the crystal ball projections from 2017 when he committed to Washington. Nebraska definitely seems like a throw in here because he hasn’t even revisited us
  7. That high light video is from 2 years ago when he was on an under 16 team I believe. There is however nothing newer regarding scouting reports or film on him that I can find. His offer list isn’t horrible
  8. B-town hoopsfan

    2018-19 B1G Opponents Announced

    There’s a pretty easy path too 9 or 10 wins there if 2 of our 3 early entries come back. Ohio state lost lost by far their two best players, northwestern has 2 of their 4 best players back plus a good recruiting class, Murphy is gonna be back for Minnesota, Iowa should be a 20 win team if they find another gaurd
  9. B-town hoopsfan

    Eligible Transfers 2018

    Idk about light us up as his role would be alil different than it was at USD but the kid can ball that’s for sure.
  10. B-town hoopsfan

    Eligible Transfers 2018

    Hope Edwards leaves or Purdue is gonna be awful good next year again
  11. B-town hoopsfan

    So, who is going to leave?

    Roby would replace Copeland to the point of by January everyone would forget Copeland even left. The key is Watson has to get back to atleast average play. One of Allen, Thor, nana have to make a big jump with the other two atleast proving to be reliable bench guys. If nebraskball was ever gonna catch a break it would be palmer coming back for his senior year to work on his defense and off ball offense too. center is the real issue here, jordy needs to improve by leaps n bounds or the open scholarship of mcveigh has to turn into a 6’9” guy who can play some ball. A front court of roby, jordy, borchardt is not gonna cut it
  12. B-town hoopsfan

    Post Play Issues

    Your very negative on this kid with all your posts. I’ve never seen him play in person but I’d rather take a chance on a “project kid” an hour from Lincoln rather then some of the kids we have taken in the past
  13. B-town hoopsfan

    Post Play Issues

    Well that makes it alil more interesting that we couldn’t offer him a scholarship if we had seen him against high competition. I guess wingett averaged similar number against better competition and we didn’t offer him either. Grades may have factored in that decision though
  14. B-town hoopsfan

    Post Play Issues

    Daum probably didn’t play AAU ball where as I believe Heiman has so that definitely affects recruiting as far as offers and exposure
  15. B-town hoopsfan

    So, who is going to leave?

    I don’t hate the idea of roby n Jordy as seniors with nana,Thor,Allen, Xavier,Karrington rounding out the guards positions. Hopefully would see some development outta Heiman as a big off the bench. Now I admit the chances of those 8 being here to start the 19 season are extremely slim