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  1. ICHawk24

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    The conspiracy began in Orlando. Or maybe Frost's coaching style of aggressive play results in many penalties. Penalties per game: 2018 Nebraska: 129th in country 2017 UCF: 127th 2016 UCF: 99th 2015 UCF (before Frost): 31st http://www.cfbstats.com/2018/leader/national/team/offense/split01/category14/sort02.html
  2. ICHawk24

    Squakeyes having the time of their lives!

    Are these cutesy troll attempts about Iowa losing to NDSU in 2016? That same year, Iowa came into Lincoln and spanked Nebraska 40-10. At least you got a TD to let those balloons go halfway through the third quarter. Sagarin had NDSU ranked #44 that year, Nebraska #45.
  3. ICHawk24

    Squakeyes having the time of their lives!

    Iowa has one future game scheduled against a Dakota school. Nebraska has five future games scheduled against a Dakota school.
  4. ICHawk24

    Squakeyes having the time of their lives!

    Iowa has played two P5 teams HaH in the non-conf nearly every year of the last 15 years. ISU and (Pitt|AzSU|Ariz|Syracuse), and two buy games. Nebraska has played one P5 team HaH in the non-conf nearly every year of the last 15 years. And three buy games.
  5. ICHawk24

    Squakeyes having the time of their lives!

    Iowa played 10 P5 games nearly every year of the 12-game schedule before the B1G went to the 9-game schedule, and now continue to play 10 with ISU being the tenth. We played home and homes with Pitt x4, Arizona State, Arizona, and Syracuse. The only years Iowa didn't play 10 P5 was to play NIU in a neutral site game at Soldier Field in Chicago, which they did twice. Nebraska played 9 P5 games every year from 2008 through 2015, the last year of 8-game B1G schedule. 2015 had BYU, which is almost P5. 2007 had two P5 with historical power Wake Forest and USC. 2005 you played 11 P5 games, with historical powers Wake Forest, ISU, and Pitt. Iowa played only 9 P5 games two or three times in the past 15 years. Nebraska did it for 8 consecutive years. You folks are bad with facts to support your scheduling claims.
  6. ICHawk24

    Squakeyes having the time of their lives!

    Iowa is locked into an annual game with ISU. Not the strongest annual opponent, but it is a rivalry game that brings out the best in ISU. Since it isn't for the national title, you guys will chortle at such a rivalry game, but I've already pointed out how college football fans now think that rivalry games are lame. Iowa plays UNI in 2020, SDSU in 2022, and Illinois State in 2024. Nebraska plays South Alabama in 2019, SDSU in 2020, North Dakota AND FBS newbie Georgia Southern in 2022, and SDSU in 2024. Nebraska actually has one more FCS team scheduled than Iowa does. Nebraska does have huge tilts with OU in 2021/2022, but otherwise is playing Colorado/Cincinnati. Colorado/Cincy isn't hugely different than ISU. Nebraska does not appear to schedule an appreciably tougher non-conference slate than Iowa.
  7. ICHawk24

    Squakeyes having the time of their lives!

    Hawkeye fans deny that Nebraska is a rival? I thought it was the other way around. It is "cool" nowadays to deny rivalries, but rivalries are what makes college football. I love our rivalries, including a young one with Nebraska. Too bad the powers that be had to create a BS trophy for the Iowa/Nebraska game. You bet we're having a good time. Your program is currently in the dumpster. 3 months ago, you guys were predicting a Big Ten title game appearance, and now you're 0-5. Meanwhile, Iowa is ranked 12th in Sagarin, 19th in ESPN FPI, and generally in the teens. Too bad we farted away the Wisky game. Frost will have you competitive soon enough, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.