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  1. I assume the only difference between rumorville & threads such as staff changes, transfer portal, & mass exodus are that the first rule of rumorville is nobody talks about rumorville??? If so, YES
  2. I thought quality control coaches/analysts were allowed to coach on field during practice this year due to covid.
  3. Wan'dale the recruit: They want to utilize me like De'Anthony Thomas Wan'dale the player year 1: Returning punts and kicks is too much wear and tear Wan'dale the player year 2: Taking snaps at RB is not going to prepare me for NFL This one is definitely on Frost
  4. A couple things I recall not already mentioned: Charlie Ward sitting w/FSU's biggest booster at the time, Jimmy Hewitt at a Miami Heat/Orlando Magic game 2 days before the game. Trev Alberts alone sacked Ward more times in that game than he had been sacked all season. Floyd not only fumbled, he barely cracked the 1 yard line. There wasn't anything close to a clip on that punt return. FSU should have been penalized for storming the field prior to NU's FG attempt. That would have been 15 yards & a stopped clock. It woul
  5. Used to have an assistant who loved using that quote, I still cringe every time I hear it. Putting the other benefits aside, In my experience, when players understand why, and better yet how in-game, their input is invaluable.
  6. Seeing Cooper on special teams, he looks like a much better athlete than Payne & Nelson with more size than Tannor & JoJo, but it's probably not a positive sign he didn't receive any defensive reps this season. I know if I was in Dawson's shoes trying to develop an impact pass rusher, I'd be giving this kid every opportunity to translate what I see on KO coverage to pass rush.
  7. I memory serves correct, Frost played through a significantly elbow injury his Jr season, and Crouch played through a severely compromised shoulder. I would bet Adrian's carries are in line with what we saw from TF & Frost & nowhere near Crouch. Solich underutilized the FB and fell in love with the lead option.
  8. I normally wouldn't bet on a true Fre starting at RG, but that kids film is highly impressive. Not because he mauls inferior competition, but his footwork, and short area quickness standout. The way he works off combo blocks and redirects in pass pro surprised cuz he's built like a refrigerator. If Farniok doesn't come back, a lot of dogs fighting for 1 bone, hard to say because we haven't seen any of them play, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Lutovsky and the CSU transfer rise above. Put me in the camp that thinks the Jurgens position switch was a good idea, but 2001 shoul
  9. I learned that when you bite on a sucker route (Dig + Post) & leave your OLB manned up vs a slot receiver on said deep post, the next opponent will test you with same look on their opening play.
  10. There are a lot of things Frost and Co. need to address, I don't see attrition as a problem. Attrition weeds out players who aren't part of the solution & it's necessary to manage a 85 player roster as awful as that reality is. Did Spielman tear it up at TCU? Did Shorter become Randy Moss after ditching Penn State for Florida? Is Tyjon Lindsey Jaylen Waddle at OSU? Outside of the QB position, where opportunity is limited, the vast majority of players entering the transfer portal are the same kids who would have simply washed out, or redirected their playing careers through JUCO or low
  11. This is the part that confuses me, because they ran plays out of the pistol at UCF, & I've seen them in the pistol formation at NU. It's not a blocking issue either, because these veer concepts are blocked with IZ, power, or duo schemes, which NU runs. The only difference is that instead of attack both sides of the LOS, you are attacking 1, but that side isn't tipped pre-snap. IMO, this stuff all goes together. I run a similar offense, our back starts every play in the pistol, then will shift to the left or right if we aren't running veer. I've seen Frost do this at NU, h
  12. I've been surprised Frost didn't utilize the pistol formation more with Mills much the way Baltimore utilizes Ingram. Which is also more in line with how he was utilized at Tech and at JUCO. To me, he's a much more natural fit running those Veer type concepts versus the IZ, OZ, Inverted Veer Concepts NU has run w/him. Mills had some moments, but I can't ever recall watching him run outside zone effectively, and there are far more times than not he fails to make effective cuts on inside zone.
  13. For everything that has been discussed in this thread, if you want to boil it down to one thing, imo it's a lack of explosiveness. Most scoring drives are field position & big play dependent. In addition, it's incredibly difficult to be efficient and consistent when defenses are in the box and smothering your routes. I was optimistic Manning, Flemming, & Brown would be what the offense needed this season, for a variety of reasons they weren't, & the results speak for themselves.
  14. The defense ran a scrape exchange (DE/LB exchange gaps responsibilities) & I would be surprised if the H-back didn't block the wrong man. I would be surprised if he wasn't supposed to turn that crashing DE loose and climb to the 2nd level & instead locked onto his pre-snap "man". The Huskers had outside leverage on that play, coaches had to be frustrated it didn't convert. Highlighted above was Scott's 2.8 AVE, but I think that stats misleading, and thought he looked pretty good. Off the top of my head, he had a couple negative runs on Outside Zone plays, & a cou
  15. There appeared to be a fumble on the Honas sack & everybody was too busy celebrating to recover the ball. You emphasize takeaways, you emphasize getting #'s to the ball, you emphasize playing through the whistle, you emphasize details. As a coach, there's a lot I wouldn't be happy with yesterday, but this would upset me because it's indicative of all those things not happening. While on that subject, that fake punt might be the most embarrassing example of the missing attention to detail I've seen from this team & that's applicable on multiple levels. There are 3 pet p
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