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  1. After reading this, I looked at his 247 profile, & think the answer is obvious
  2. https://www.shakinthesouthland.com/2011/8/15/2358269/on-the-3-4-switch-and-multiple-fronts This article is a little dated, but breaks down much of what I discussed in depth if you're interested.
  3. NU has offered a 2023 OL from Timber Creek in Orlando, Florida named TJ Shanahan (I believe).  I don't know him but I was informed by some of his 2022 teammates I've coached.  You can verify on his twitter page.

  4. Fundamentally, this is incorrect. As you went on to say, less directly than this, but the 3-4 is the 5-2. I've heard Todd Bowles for example say the reason he prefers the 3-4 is because it gives him an extra player to control the LOS. The difference isn't the defense, it's how the defense aligns to the modern day offenses. Vs 21 personnel for example, the 3-4 is the 5-2. The real difference is between 1-gap and 2-gap & some teams employ a mixed front. The 3-4 1-gap has become more & more popular. Again, those coordinators prefer it because it plays like a 4-3 in terms of penetration, but gives you an extra guy to control the LOS. In addition, many, if not most 3-4 defenses today, default to a 4-2 or even 4-1 look vs 5 man lines. Even Saban & all his disciples. The fundamental weakness of 2 gap, is play action pass imo, and that's why you see very few teams employing it today. Chins D has fundamentally been a mix, where the NG plays 2 gap, and nobody else (technically). Where as Saban base 3-4 plays 1-gap everywhere except the Strong Side DE.
  5. I assume every time a kid leaves a school and claims "mental health", they are counting on the NCAA granting them an immediate waiver. Nobody wants to touch that or the Justin Fields rational
  6. As talented as the Davis' were, they were playing out of position in this defensive scheme. Same could be said of Lamar Jackson. I think NU is getting more of their type of players to execute their scheme defensively. Offensively, more play makers, & improved O-line play. IF there is an extended fall camp to compensate for the loss of spring ball, it helps Frost & Co. integrate Manning, Betts, Brown, & Fleming into the Offense quicker.
  7. I don't think these 2 will be THE breakout 1st year players, but I expect Fleming & Hutmacher to play bigger roles than most anticipate. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Scott have an Ameer type impact as a Fre. He carried a mediocre team against elite competition in Central FL. Put him on one of the better teams & I can't imagine how good he would have looked.
  8. Chins presser might actually be revealing a subtle change in scheme to more of a true 1 gap 3-4 ala Wade Phillips, Todd Bowles, Dave Aranda. I say that because he referenced NG, DT, & DE as opposed to simply NG & DE's, which is the terminology of that system versus the terminology of what Chinander has run the past 4 years. He also discussed the difference between the Mike & Will ILB positions. Which, there wasn't much difference in what he's run, but is in the 3-4 1 gap. Something to keep an eye on or perhaps Chins has always used same terminology w/different alignment & I've never noticed?
  9. Daniels has been on the national radar a while. He was the best player on the best youth team in the nation & snapped off a long TD vs. Bishop Gorman as a Fre while playing behind Cook II. Impressive the inroads TFish has made down there. Never thought I'd see the day kids from Miami Central & Northwestern were even sniffing around NU. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxoA1h98m4o
  10. I don't know Leary, but I've seen him play since he was in 6th grade. He played one age group up from the kids I coached. Always been a play maker and had a monster game against St. Thomas Aquinas in the 7A state championship game last season. I recall a STA player saying after the game nobody had torched them like that other than DeMarkus Bowman, the 2020 5* RB. He attends my alma mater, word is he wants to go to UF, but they seem focused on building a b-ball team in the WR room, so he's open, & intrigued by NU.
  11. I'm interested to see what scheme Bo runs at LSU. He ran a different scheme there than he did either stint at NU, he's inheriting a unit that's been running 3-4 one gap, & he's been in the minor leagues away from play calling for a while. Other than that, I can be as petty as him, I hope he's terrible.
  12. All we know for sure is that prior to Joe Brady moving to Carolina, Joseph was a redundant position coach working in the shadow of the hottest assistant in CF. That seems like a lot
  13. Its also certainly plausible Walters having 1 foot out the door could have precipitated SF looking for his replacement & his replacement was found before he found the job???
  14. A year is a lifetime for the OL unit. It's unquestionably a strength to have that entire unit back even though they were sub-par this season, & there's promise behind them to infuse. It's not all rosy, but I think the pathetic O-Line play we've seen for the better part of 2 seasons will start trending in the correct direction with that experience returning, and the talent developing behind them.
  15. At the risk of sounding like a pompous... AM is not making good reads & I could give endless examples all season in run and pass game. But, if you watch the opening play of the game, NU is in an empty set w/3 to the wide side. OSU is covering those 3 with 2 & inside leverage from OLB, & FS in deep middle. This is clearly cover 3, but more importantly NU has OSU out-numbered/out-leveraged to the wide side. This is the side the field a QB should identify pre-snap to target post-snap. Mo motions from the #1 WR (closest to sideline) to #3 (closest to LT) and NU run a concept commonly known as "7 Ins" to that side of the field. Its a variation of the smash concept, #3 runs a 7 or corner route, #2 & #1 run 5 yards Ins. It's a Hi-Low concept designed to read the CB. If he bits on the #1 WR, you throw the corner, if he stays disciplined (deep) in C3, you throw the In to #1. And, post-snap, the play was there. Mo fly's off the line & runs a corner, the CB drops, & it should have been an easy pitch and catch to #1 WR on the 5 yard In w/space to potentially make a play after the catch. Instead, its obvious AM predetermined pre-snap he was taking the route combo to the right into the boundary. It was covered post-snap & he ran. Not the end of the world, but I think it's an easy example to demonstrate that he's not reading the defense the way he needs to for Frost's offense to run effectively. I mean, in this example, he's not even choosing the correct side of the field to read, and I don't think you need a deep understanding of football to freeze this play pre-snap and recognize the post-snap advantage is to the left.
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