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  1. Husker Nation appreciates your comment. Very classy.
  2. Where are the people that monitor this site? People come here to discuss sports and get away from all the BS going on today...and some azz hole has to inject politics.
  3. Add that fact w/ working for ESPN and its no wonder he trashes the Huskers.
  4. Well said..thats the first thing I thought of when I read the lead post.
  5. I agree 100%. I was as frustrated as anyone w/ his play at times..and wanted to see LM play a bigger part...but lets wait and see if AM gets back to being healthy and is able to play like he did as a freshman before we give up on him.
  6. That is my concern. Not sure how much of a "team player" Luke is..if he isnt the starting QB...but is asked to change positions..play receiver...would he be satisfied. My opinion...Luke is the better of the two right now and will only get better by next year..
  7. What I dont understand is why we constantly try to run kickoffs out of the end zone. If we dont have the talent to bust it open..take a knee and get the ball at the 25. Yesterday on the kickoff..we got the ball out t the 15...we just gave up 10 yards . Unless you have the ability to get beyond the 25...just down the ball.
  8. I'm not so sure confidence is low after the offense actually did some good things Sat. It should have actually boosted their confidence knowing they can move the ball against a good defense.
  9. Yep...I remember him for sure...I started attending games regularly in 73..he was a fixture. I also remember the cop mentioned by Herbie...that had to be in the 80's?
  10. Athletic director Tippy Dye had tried to hire Duffy Daugherty from Mich State..he turned the job down but recommended former assistant who was currently at Wyo Bob Devaney...do not believe Devaney had any ties w/ Nebr.
  11. I was wondering that myself yesterday...
  12. Wow...we are definitely living in times of instant gratification. I am a new member as far as posting...have been reading posts for some time now...but after reading this post..I just had to sign up so I could comment. Yes..this season in disappointing based on the expectations we all had coming into this year..I admit..I drank the koolaid and predicted a nine win season...but so called fans throwing in the towel ..giving up season tickets..in season two of a massive rebuilding project is beyond me. So go ahead..step aside and turn in your tickets...there are dozens of people lined up behind you to pick up the slack.GBR
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