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  1. They offered a bunch of guys yesterday. Likely just backup options.
  2. Main point is folks, fans that will care to follow or whatever already likely do. Tom Brady, for example, only has 2 million followers on Twitter and how many people in the world don't know who he is? For a person like Trevor Lawrence, would he see millions of new followers on Twitter because he has a Twitter handle on his jersey? No. Would he have made a lot of money if NIL was in place with a Twitter handle on his jersey or not? Heck yes. A player that is a big name will make a lot of money with NIL regardless of what is on the jersey. With the Twitter handle on the jersey, it's
  3. https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/board/36/Contents/quick-note-on-mj-morris-164019062/ Duffy visiting MSU next weekend. Could decide shortly after that. Might commit before Morris does. We shall see how things go.
  4. I watched Wandal's media chat from yesterday after their scrimmage. In short: - offense could be good - busy installing it - viewed himself as a utility player - references Nebraska as "another school" about 4 times in 6 minutes - weights 180 pounds. WTF!!!!!!! - Says he feels stronger without actually saying he has gotten stronger - scouts wanted to see him run routs from the outside and inside. Hence the real reason he left - scouts don't see him as an NFL RB (no s#!t is everyones reaction) and wants to run pass routes only for the NFL. - uses
  5. Meh, people already look up players on social media as it is. This really doesn't change anything in the big scheme of things - names to a handle instead.
  6. You aren't going to have to worry about it anyways. I don't see him coming to Nebraska. I like the kid out of Alabama better.
  7. It's just the evolution of society. Back in the day putting a name on a jersey was perceived as a very bad thing. Now people will act like a twitter handle on a jersey will be a bad thing. In another 40 years twitter handles will be replaced by something else.
  8. Very rarely do package deals ever actually happen like they say they would at the start of a recruiting cycle for a class, but this pair seems like it will actually happen. Get those two, get the WR that is local, and the kid out of North Dakota and I'm happy with the 500 mile radius recruiting considering things (how the seasons have gone). Would be nice to get a good one out of Iowa too.
  9. I watched him speak about his retirement. he admitted he took what Nebraska was doing and put it in Wisconsin. That is the biggest reason the post Barry era at Wisconsin will eventually fade downward since his influence will continue to fade as every year passes. Doesn't matter if Paul Chryst coaches for another 10 years, he will have to coach and lead that program without Barry around now and he is no Barry and no Bret B.
  10. Want to know how Warner got a schooly to Kansas State? Read below.....it's not what you were expecting until you read it and then it makes complete sense...daddy did his job once again Klieman was a GA and Assistant at Northern Iowa when Kurt Warner played there.
  11. Frost has always said the team needed to get bigger, faster, more athletic, and stronger. Wandale types are tiny, lack elite speed, but shifty. They don't do all that much damage in the NFL either unless they have Olympic level top end speed. In the AAC the size of players are smaller and not as fast, as a whole, as they are in the Big Ten. In the Big Ten players tend to have a lot of size and just as fast and athletic as the small guys in the AAC. Frost wanted to use the Oregon, UCF speed stuff in space, but even OSU doesn't do it the way that Frost had been trying. In 2018 when
  12. Many reasons Riley was fired. Warner being recruited is just one of many.
  13. Nah, he gets piled on because Riley brought him in because of his last name. Was not P5 level even as a walkon and the results here showed it too.
  14. and will drop easy touchdown passes.
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