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  1. Highly doubt that. Look at his recent twitter follows. That isn't someone signing with Minnesota.
  2. The kid is making a terrible choice thinking he is a QB. He is a terrific athlete that needs the ball at WR. SMH.....such good talent that will go to waste.
  3. Listened to Frost tonight. Pretty obvious is a "get best talent we can with the last 2 spots."
  4. Meh, a lot of those players in the portal are in there because they never were able to see the fied or if they did just a few snaps and it is there way to try and get one last ditch effort to play some action in a game at a different school. Can't expect there to be a Miller and Martin in the portal that are willing to walkon.
  5. Staff seems not to be interested after taking a look. Townley out of MN seems to be the guy they want to get with Avante to finish out with 25 new class members.
  6. Per Purdue's Rival site, looks like William Inge, Fresno State DC, might be there new DC. They were 85th in total D this past season. Purdue had a higher ranked D with the D guy that they fired when the season was done. Seems like a downgrade, not an upgrade.
  7. If they both wanted N then most likely.
  8. So......for 2021 rosters. Wisconsin has had 2 players transfer out. Their starting QB that got hurt and the backup RB. Neither is going to be impactful from a starting perspective, but it hurts their depth if injuries happen. IL has had 12 players involved in the portal - exiting or incoming. They had a fullback that transferred in from MSU. That right there tells you the offense their new head coach will run. They had a RB transfer in that has had about 600 yards in 4 seasons. 5 WR's have entered the portal with zero incoming. One could argue that IL has had a net ne
  9. I wouldn't know. I just know he left for home via social media before the season was done.
  10. james sylvester. would replace a name on the roster that isn't expected to be back on Monday for workouts....Butler?
  11. Change of schemes is the reason the Baylor player is transferring.
  12. Might be something developing with the Baylor transfer. Was a 4-star out of high school and didn't see any action in the 2020 season. might have the size for OLB?
  13. The success of the 2021 season will be about how the offense does. If things turn for the better and they can average 32 points or so a game, the team will have a winning record. What will matter for the defense is the growth of the younger guys. If they keep getting better than the defense will have the depth to last all season without major issues.
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