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  1. I think it has more to do with the change in body type of the WR unit than anything else. Nance and the kid from yesterday are skinny sprinters without a big blocking radius. The guys they have been recruiting the last two classes are big bodied WR's and the class they are currently recruiting are going to be big bodied kids too. The skinny sprinters worked in the Pac 12 and AAC, but in the Big Ten it ends up with your offense getting beat up by the defenses.
  2. Creame of the crop has risen and the bottom 2 are now gone. It's not hard to replace a guy that saw the field for 5 total snaps in two seasons. The good news is that Martin will no doubt be put on scholarship now. I'd bring in 3 WR's for the 2022 class and it seems like that is what the coaches have wanted to do prior to even spring ball anyways.
  3. The talk is mostly a "wished we had a star RB by now." But it's a tad unrealsitc at this point. You can't just look at the # of years and make a blanket statement. When Held arrived he took Ozigbo from deep in the running back depth chart to a 1,000 yard rusher and he made it onto an NFl roster. A bad coach isn't going to be able to do that. He had Washington that showed signs of being an electric player but we all know what took place there. When he was at UCF he took some kid out of Miami that was about 5'7''' with sprinter spead and was one of the major players for their undefeated season. He has recruited pretty good talent to the RB room at Nebraska and now it is time to start getting results from those that he has recruited. You can't expect every RB recruit to pan out. Not even WI gets all of their RB recruits to pan out. If one of the running backs gets past 700 yards this season then we have something starting to develop. Would be ideal if one of them can get to a 1,000 yard season. For all we know Morrison will come out as one of the two feature backs. You just have to be patient and see how things unfold the next two seasons for the RB room. I'd be willing to put money on the table that one of the RB's currently in the running back room makes it to the NFL.
  4. What would be best for everyone is for Martinez to have a strong season and try to make an NFL roster the following season. Then #10 takes over, IMO.
  5. His UCF guys ended up UDFAs while he took a guy buried on the depth chart his first year at Nebraska to the NFL. Some fans want to think everything is a fail for some dumb reason.
  6. And soon to be star players in the Big Ten such as our LT and Nash were Held recruits. But more power to those that want to create a talking point to sleep better at night.
  7. Tay Gowan - Held recruit. Mike Hughes - JUCO Both drafted, both in the NFL.
  8. While you can show that example, I can show examples that the staff was a lot higher on than recruiting sites for guys that are currently in the NFL. It goes both ways, just so you know.
  9. You haven't watched much of Saban then. Hell, he was praising his new QB just last month.
  10. Yep the Gretna kid. I expect his recruiting to grow next month when he can get in front of college coaches and I'd be surprised if he didn't throw for Frost and didn't get an offer. I like the kid's talent.
  11. I watched a couple of Flores game on YouTube tonight and also watched a game of Mooney to do a comparison. Flores is better, much better. Stronger arm, more accurate, better pocket presence. I suspect Mooney wanted to be N but the staff wants to hold off until they can get Flores onto campus to watch him throw. I suspect the 2023 QB is going to be Flores.
  12. Went on YouTube to watch a couple of games of Flores to see how legit he is as a 2023 QB recruit. He is legit. I suspect he camps at Nebraska this summer and gets an offer and ends up committing to Nebraska. He can throw a really nice ball and has good accuracy. May not have as big of an arm as the 2021 in-state kid has, but he and Flores would be good in-state gets at QB.
  13. I don't. He's scheduled for an official visit. The only QB to have an official so far. Why would you bring in your second or third choice ahead of your first on an official?
  14. Figures. Went to HOL and scrolled down to and it showed 86/85. After your post I went back and low and behold, they count seniors that returned. SMH. In that case, time to put about 3 guys onto scholly - Martin and Yant are two of them.
  15. People always say stuff like your #1 and then the player gets into the NFL and plays for several seasons. Farniok is the latest example. The guy got drafted after people were saying he wouldn't get a sniff.
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