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  1. I'll be in Lincoln, as I was last year, just for reasons not related to football. Will try to watch it again on the television at my hotel bar though.
  2. Way too early to really give any kind of score, but to this point I'd say I'm cautiously optimistic about him and his staff's work to this point.
  3. No way to even try and judge yet, what with all the unknowns still surrounding what athletes will even be suiting up for Nebraska in 2023. Once we have an actual roster, maybe then I can take a stab at it, but until then, there's really no use speculating.
  4. Everything is speculation at this point, but to answer your hypothetical; No it does not change the narrative. Even if one party walks in on their partner in the act, you pull out your phone, take a photo of the indiscretion and then immediately head to a lawyer. It should never, ever become physical.
  5. Horrible for all parties involved. Just goes to show how quickly you can go from really high highs in your life to super low lows.
  6. Nebraska is done at this point. Nothing left to play for, including pride. Exceptionally poor line play, injuries and lack of depth, will make Nebraska look like... well Nebraska. Hawkeye's win this one easily. 21-6.
  7. Rebuild will take 2-4 years depending on the coach and their ability to recruit. They need to start with the lines and work their way outward. A name coach will have a better ability to bring in from all areas the talent needed, whereas a mid tier coach will take longer. Either way I still expect to see some positive results on the field, even if that is stronger line play and not seeing our O and D lines get pushed back 5-7 yards from the LOS. Again it will all depend on who is hired as coach.
  8. Time to announce the new coach, if possible. This is just pathetic.
  9. 3rd and 18 and a run up the middle????????
  10. Getting absolutely destroyed at the line now.
  11. Wisky going near 10 yards a carry this drive.
  12. Why play a replay, when you can squeeze in another commercial between each play.
  13. Unfortunately this is halftime, where the teams NU plays make adjustments and NU comes out after making the decision to take the next half off.
  14. Still hard to believe Northwesterns sole win is against Nebraska.
  15. Hard to get pressure when you're getting pushed back 10+ yards every play.
  16. Afraid, now they're just going to knuckle down and run it straight at us.
  17. Pretty sure anyone who has actually seen Nebraska play won't be fooled.
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