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  1. https://giphy.com/gifs/latenightseth-seth-meyers-late-night-lnsm-IdfZoqnHEEqFkXBUFO I’m out at Burchard Lake in southeast Nebraska with one bar on my phone and I can’t seem to get that gif embedded properly. My apologies.
  2. Herbstreight's whining about how the 71 Nebraska team shouldn't be in consideration. (My bad earlier for saying it was the 70 squad) I already said Tagge wasn't in the NFL long. I also mentioned that Dave Humm was an 11 year back up, and like it or not, Ferragamo lead the Rams to the 79 Superbowl. There are not very many college quarterbacks that get to the NFL and even fewer that last 11 years. Just getting drafted is an accomplishment that very few college players ever experience. And we WON with those guys, imagine that. Talk down about their accomplishments compared to other NU quarterbacks all you want but we WON with those guys and none of them were "another running back". Maybe you missed this but this is what I responded to when I wrote the post you quoted. My post in this context is completely accurate.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midwestern_United_States I'm not sure why we are talking about Colorado being part of the midwest.
  4. I guess you're entitled to your opinion, such as it is. "Native" Coloradans still have that elitist, unwelcoming attitude.
  5. Admitting it is the first step towards recovery.
  6. Heh...WRONG!!! I lived in Colorado for 34 years.
  7. Heh...The same people crying and throwing fits about Matt Rhule would be jumping up and down for joy and telling anyone who would listen about how badly they want to have his babies.
  8. This is what UNL7fan said: This is how I responded to that. That's what we were talking about. There, fixed. Please ignore my previous screwed up post.
  9. Second quote is what unl7fan said. (Having a bit of difficulty getting the quotes correct.) I'll see if I can fix this using a second tab opened to Huskerboard.
  10. You sound like Kirk Herbstreight when he was talking about how the '70 Nebraska team shouldn't be in the running for best college football team of all time. The three quarterbacks I mentioned previously weren't just good, they were good enough to get drafted into the NFL. You also don't take into account the post I was responding to that said the Husker football program was built on quarterbacks that were essentially another running back. (Paraphrasing that last bit.)
  11. Pelini's losses were blowouts and guess what else? The 1950's were at least as bad as the situation we had with Riley.
  12. We've been on a downhill slide since Osborne retired.
  13. We won two national championships with Jerry Tagge and Van Brownson alternating at quarterback. 1970: 11-0-1 1971: 13-0 1972: 9-2-1 1973: 9-2-1 1974: 9-3 1975: 10-2 1976: 9-3-1 1977: 9-3 1978: 9-3 1979: 10-2 1980: 10-2 Total: 108-22-4 I think most folks would say we were winning even though we didn't win it all every year, or even the Big 8 Championship every year. We achieved that record with passing quarterbacks, a pro-style offense, and what was considered at the time to be a balanced offense. So maybe we can finally put the notion that we have to have a run-first quarterback and a run-heavy offense in order to win to bed.
  14. That is revisionist history. Jerry Tagge, Vince Ferragamo and Dave Humm all went to the NFL in the 70's. Tagge didn't last long but Ferragamo lead the Rams to the Superbowl in 79 and Dave Humm was a back up for 11 years. Those guys weren't just another running back and we weren't running an option offense until the 80's.
  15. I'm laughing at this whole thread.
  16. I haven't felt confident in a Nebraska coaching staff in quite some time. Matt Rhule though, something about this hire just sits right. I'm kinda late to this party but I thought it was interesting that almost 90% of respondents thought we'd win 4 - 8 games. Why interesting? Because I can remember when anyone voting like that would have been tarred, feathered and run out of town. Now look at us. It is my hope this situation gets reversed this season and we show significant improvement on the field. I'm thinking we lose to Michigan and Iowa so I voted for 10 wins.
  17. The Football schedule used to be on the right sidebar, where is it now and why did it get moved?
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