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  1. Sorry for your losses gentlemen. I lost my Dad in 2017. We loved talking about sports.
  2. When Scott was finally chosen and decided to come here I was elated! Nothing has compared to that choice. The 84 page Mega Thread on this board is a proof!
  3. Any chance we can put all of those ‘new coach’ threads together?


    1. Cdog923



    2. knapplc
    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Do you mean put them together like we put all our trash together in one can for refuse disposal? I think that’s a great idea.

  4. I agree. Any thread that has to do with a ‘new coach’ should be put in the mega thread
  5. Now here is THE list: Chris Helmsworth Adrian Turner James Norton Jimmy Garapolo Rege-Jean Page
  6. Thanks for stopping by. You’re welcomed here any time. Have a great season
  7. Where is he presently coaching? I thought he was a player turned analyst?
  8. I’m excited to see what he can do as well. First order would be to hire a new defensive coordinator.
  9. Has Deion Sanders ever coached a football team?
  10. Thank you! I totally agree. Meyer is unstable. He will stay with a team as long as they are winning but if they start losing he quits. He also has too many health issues. I hope Mickey Joseph works out!
  11. I wrote this before Frost was fired. You’re right. It doesn’t matter now as we are starting from scratch once again.
  12. I’m nervous that some of these players we’ve recruited will leave-namely our quarterback. I hope not. If by chance Scott decided to resign or is fired would Mickey Joseph be the interim head coach?
  13. We ask for a chance that's fair
  14. Interesting. I remember Steve Pederson tried to get Meyer to come to Nebraska after Pederson fired Solich. Meyer couldn’t believe that Pederson fired a 9-3 coach. He declined the offer.
  15. Why do people keep bringing up Urban Meyer? He has more baggage than Samsonite! Trev will be fine. Unless things drastically change Scott will be gone by October and Mickey Joseph will likely be the HC. No to Meyer and Tressel.
  16. Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Me being super excited)
  17. Bahahahahahahah! You thought that was super excited?? Hahahahahah.
  18. Our defense can’t tackle. Our D line is weak. So I’m confused as to how he could say our defense is playing well?
  19. I know! I thought What game are you watching??
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