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  1. Every team is losing players. We will pick up some guys in the portal. We need lineman on both sides and some damn LB’s. 42 aint it.
  2. Ok, I am trying to understand reality here. Jurgens is one year removed from snapgate. He would benefit from another year with a good coach and allow himself to develop. Winning cures everything. Gonna be a long off-season.
  3. Im not saying give us the same level of talent. Just give us a chance. We have had very little presence in Louisiana and Texas.
  4. Really? Do you have any, any idea the type of recruits he landed at LSU? A few first rounders. Jamar Chase went to LSU because of him. Jefferson out of Minnesota. DJ Chark. Cmon man! Recruiting alone is a big splash
  5. OU is hemorrhaging recruits. Start there. Their top receiver is in the portal. Insane
  6. No program is safe anymore. Tons of cash being thrown around. Hell, Saban may drop out of the top 10 highest paid coaches when this is all done. This is wild.
  7. The whole college football world has been officially rocked!!
  8. Oh I bet. They finally get back and this.
  9. Looks like Bama has some players in the portal. Not sure about this transfer portal anymore. College football has morphed into something with unintended consequences.
  10. I was half joking. He struggled big time. It doesnt matter who is back there if our o line is porous.
  11. Massive shake ups this week. Im still in shock over Riley leaving. Now OU losing top recruits. We need to absolutely ambush the transfer portal.
  12. Didnt see lincoln Riley to SC. Smh. Thats an interesting one.
  13. SMU got their program back on the right track by raiding the portal.
  14. Ok, where has scott been all year?? We pound an undersized RB into submission. This is crazy.
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