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  1. I really hope these transfers work out. Three Georgia Bulldogs?? How does that happen?
  2. Didnt we have another Georgia Dawg visiting this weekend?
  3. Not sure if Nelson will get drafted. But what do I know. I thought Luke Gifford sucked. He has been ballin with the Cowboys.
  4. I read an article somewhere. Maybe on rhia board, that only 28% of the recruits in the transfer portal in 2021 actually landed at a school. There were over 1000 kids in the portal. That is a big risk to take. But it is now the new normal.
  5. Hopefully #72 enters the portal. Just keep Robinson and develop him
  6. You may be right. I went to a site that was posted and it had 18. I also heard 21.
  7. Smh….this transfer portal is nuts!
  8. Rumor has it that 12 players have entered the portal from the Texas A&M. Geez!
  9. He sure did! I cringed when he mentioned the transfer portal. Talk about ripping the bandaid off! Then the one kid asked about assistants, EVERYONE is gone. Already named the starting QB.
  10. Dude, I am not even mentioning a star. But when you need a catch he has stepped up. Dont read to much into it. Now he has a championship.
  11. Leads the team in receptions so far this game. He is their short yardage guy. Db’s cant cover him and its obvious.
  12. And here I am watching Cade Warner , in the Big 12 championship burning TCU db’s. We torched that guy when he was here.
  13. This feels like the twilight zone. These players have seen It all. Feels like we all have been in a washing machine. I am so disappointed in Frost and Joseph. These kids deserved better. And I was a major supporter of both. I hope we can get this turned around somehow….someway. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it implodes. I say we all meet up at the stadium with buckets of holy water, pour it around the stadium to get rid of the demons. That Iowa win feels like years ago. GBR!
  14. mwj98

    Duval Gone

    Oh man that is brutal!
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