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  1. Biff Clarn

    Hittin' the links: Golf talk

    Played my first round in a year last week. Had my left hip replaced in January and got clearance from the Dr. a few weeks ago. Weather was finally good enough on one of my days off to play. Had hit 2 buckets of balls in the last 2 weeks but this was the first excursion onto the course. Played 2 balls for 9 holes, each one legit played out. Shot 37 with one ball with 1 birdie. Shot 33 with the other ball with 4 birdies. I was absolutely ecstatic since I hadn't played in 10 months due to the pain. Wanted to give my Dr. a huge hug.
  2. Biff Clarn

    Petteway in the Pros

    Disappointed with Smith leaving. As for Petteway and Pichford, I am not losing any sleep on them. After watching this season, neither seemed too invested in the team. My feeling is that this opens the door for the person who NEEDS to be the leader on the team and that is Shavon Shields! I can see him having a great senior season and letting his true leadership skills pull the best out of the returning players as well as the new ones. This years team really seemed dysfunctional. I look for next season to be a much better TEAM. Addition by subtraction!!!
  3. Biff Clarn

    CBS Feature on Ameer Abdullah

    That right there should be required viewing for any potential college athlete. Ameer should be what all college athletes aspire to be! AWESOME piece!!!
  4. Biff Clarn

    Offensive Line vs. MSU Defense

    Okay, so I don't post much on here, but read pretty much every day. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, this is what I see happening in the game on Saturday. I see John Garrison having a closed door meeting with the entire offensive line and playing up the us against the world aspect. All of the pundits give our line very little chance of holding up to MSU's Defense. They must use that as motivation, use it to get so pumped up and go out and punch MSU in the mouth from the getgo. Dominate the first few possessions and let TA and AA know you got them covered. Use the "next man up" theory. It doesn't matter who plays but get them to play with absolute controlled aggression and confidence. This is Coach Garrison's chance to prove he has IT! Get the ragtag bunch of misfit toys to spit fire and take no prisoners. Dominate from the first snap to the last beat them into submission and the huskers will win going away.
  5. I have been on ths board for a few years, unfortunately I do not post much but I had to get this out. I just got done watching the video of Bo's press conference and Ron Brown's press conference. All I can say is WOW!!! Watching those videos you can tell that they both "get it". Yes it is Husker Football and most of us live and breath it, but at the end of the day there are WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE. We should all be proud that they represent our university in the way they do. I got chills watching their videos. http://www.omaha.com/article/20111112/BIGRED/311059887/-1#video-postgame-press-conference
  6. Biff Clarn

    Prairie Club in Valentine

    Believe it or not, all of us playing were PGA members and it only cost us $50 at each place. But it was awesome. I had heard horror stories about Dismal, but it was an awesome golf course. Prairie club is worth it too. I have heard the Pines (a Graham Marsh coruse) is way better than the Dunes (a Tom Lehman course).
  7. Biff Clarn

    Prairie Club in Valentine

    I have played the Pines course and it is awesome. Have not played the Dunes (Links...not sure of the name) The Pines is awesome with some great views of the river valley. You will definetely enjoy it. Wish I could have played the "Horse Course" but the day we played we teed off at 7am in Valentine and 1:30 at Dismal River. That day I played 15,000 yards worth of golf course as we played the tips at both courses. HAve fun!!!
  8. Biff Clarn

    Happy Birthday Biff Clarn

    Thanks for the wishes
  9. Biff Clarn

    Mike Stuntz....Uncle

    Mike actually worked for me for a while at a sporting goods store shortly after he graduated from UNL. He is a great guy and has a very dry sense of humor.
  10. Biff Clarn

    Golf guru's

    A lot of good advice in this thread, so I don't hacve much to add. I did want to give a shout out to Eliot1171, I am also a golf professional and a PGA member since 1994. I do however work at Dick's, so I am on the "evil side" of the business. I was green grass for 12 years prior to the move to Dick's. For your budget there are tons of choices. Used clubs are definitely a good option. You may try looking online at 3balls.com once you have found something you like, they have some pretty good prices on name brand clubs. Just realize that this will be the first set of MANY once you get hooked, so don't get too carried away with the technical stuff. I would however recommend that what you save on clubs you use on lessons from a PGA Professional. Quality lessons will pay huge dividends in your overall enjoyment of the game. Good Luck!!!
  11. Biff Clarn

    Name that movie...

    Haven't posted for a while, but gotta play this one. The Girl Next door. Next: "Birds gotta eat, same as worms"
  12. Biff Clarn

    Bo Pelini

    I fixed it for this "Donor and long time fan" "As a long-time sports observer, and recent donor to the NU football program, I have a need to state my embarrassment as a Husker supporter. The magnitude of the situation (head coach of a high profile, major college program) is so far over Bo Pelini's head, that it's apparent something needs to be done. There are a multitude of signs that indicate that the choice to hire Bo Pelini was the wrong one. One that could possibly set the program back even further than Bill Callahan's coaching ineptitude. How many embarrassing photos or film clips of Pelini losing control of his emotions do we need to see before we understand that he does not possess the attributes to be the face of the football program? He clearly spends too much of his time berating players, coaches, and officials during the game. After the game, he turns to bullying the media. It is understandable for a head coach to be upset at times during the heat of battle, but to not be able to compose yourself and return to coaching your team is inexcusable. It's no wonder that this is one of the more undisciplined football teams in the country, as evidenced by the number of unsportsmanlike and personal foul penalties. Pelini doesn't get it. The players take their lead from his actions. After his embarrassing actions on the sideline, Pelini carries it over to the press conferences. He cannot answer a question in full articulate sentences. It's embarrassing when your head coach, who is essentially your C.E.O., makes the comment, "if you don't like it, tough." Pelini has used that phrase multiple times this season, when asked a question that he felt questioned his authority. Disgraceful is how I would describe Pelini's mannerisms and actions. Let's also look at how this head coach represents the university on the sideline in his choice of apparel. A Gray sweatshirt. We're not talking about going to work in a corporate boardroom, but this is still the image people across the country carry away with them when watching a Nebraska game. This image is how they judge the Nebraska football program. A group of out of control "yahoos". They see a head coach who is clearly not in control of his emotional state, wearing a sweatshirt, with a ball cap tilted back on his head. How many other major college head coaches portray such an unprofessional image? Every season, there are a number of former coordinators that become head coaches. There are an equal number of head coaches that were former coordinators that are fired because they were not equipped with the skill sets to take on the additional responsibilities of being the head coach and be the representative face of the university. Maybe I'm quick to judge, but I feel that is the situation that we find ourselves in at Nebraska. Bo Pelini may be a defensive juggernaut as a coordinator (jury is still out on whether the talent at LSU carried him), but as a Head Coach, he is not what the University of Nebraska needs to propel us back to national prominence. He's become that embarrassing uncle at the wedding that everyone watches to see what he will do next. Do you think that the TV cameras are always on Pelini because of his charm? We all know the answer to that. PS. What can you do about all of those stupid fans that STAND at the game and cheer. It is hard for us real fans to see and carry on a conversation with our neighbors?"
  13. Biff Clarn


    Holy Crap!!! I very rarely post, but who wouldn't want to post on this thread. I want in on the fun!!! Lighten up Francis!!! Carry on.
  14. Biff Clarn

    Lets Go K State

    I am rooting for Tech, that way when we beat Missouri tonight anf Tech next week, we will have beaten back to back undefeated teams. Now where was my glass of koolaid, I need my rose colored glasses to find it. GO BIG RED!!!