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  1. huskerband24

    Team motto for this season

  2. huskerband24

    Western Michigan Breakdown

    I agree with you, man. I also think that it's very possible that our green D could be surprised. I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid till I see a game. After getting pumped so full of hype and not seeing any results for four years, I have a hard time being so blindly enthusiastic about everything. If you guys win, more power to you. But I hope you don't! Hope it's a good game!
  3. huskerband24

    Larry the Cable Guy to Guest Coach the Huskers

    Why do other teams get cool celebrity fans, like Matthew McConaughey (Texas) or Will Ferrell (USC). We get Clarence Thomas, Larry the Cable Guy, and Rush ****ing Limbaugh. What gives?
  4. huskerband24

    Purify And Grixby

    Dude, what's with the hate? He's had a couple minor run-ins with the law. And think of what he's had to deal with personally over the past year or so. He's far from perfect but he's not a thug. Lay off, jeez. As far as Keller, seems from his quotes in the paper that he's not too enthusiastic about his NFL chances.
  5. huskerband24

    Spring game SOLD OUT

    They'll let students/staff/faculty in... there's a block reserved for them because we get in free... maybe there'll be scalpers. Imagine that... it's one thing to have a sold-out spring scrimmage... it's another thing to have people out front scalping tix to said scrimmage!!
  6. huskerband24

    We could go 1-11 this year and i would not be mad

    This is off topic, but... Drowning, I love your picture. That is a very good, underrated movie! "I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but unicorns are KICKASS!" lol
  7. huskerband24


    two words: red field
  8. huskerband24

    Spring game against someone else?

    http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/sports_co...g-football.html Saw this on HP... wanted to start discussion here. It'd be interesting to scrimmage against another college team... have a home/away. It'd certainly pump up the intensity. Still have no QB contact rules maybe. An interesting idea...
  9. huskerband24


    Why all the hostility towards a B******? To us students, the B****** is supposed to show support for the blackshirts. Nothing more. I don't see a problem with a B****** just once a year or once every couple of years to show extra support for the defense in a really important game.
  10. huskerband24

    Criminals playing football

    Is it just me or are football players all over the place getting suspensions and getting kicked off teams right and left? Every time I check ESPN, CBS Sportsline, etc etc... all I see are stories about players from various schools (doesn't seem like it focusses on any one school) doing things of various levels of illegality. I know it's the doldrums of the offseason, so more stories like this are bound to show up. But really, are kids out of high school just getting stupider and stupider? They're throwing away absolutely free educations at great schools because they can't stay out of trouble. Seems like such a waste to me.
  11. huskerband24

    Stupid Idea #1

    It is infuriating. I hope my fellow students raise a big stink about this, too. It's nice that there aren't really any crappy seats in Memorial Stadium, but the students having access to the front row in the south part of east stadium and the east part of south stadium is very important. The players see the students' energy and feed off it. Now they're going to see a bunch of old fogies (no offense to any old fogies on here) who sit and clap politely during the game? Sorry, there are plenty of seats for those people in west and north stadium. You want to say, "well, the boosters pay thousands of dollars to the athletic dept etc etc..."? Guess what other group of people pay thousands and thousands of dollars to the university every year! STUDENTS!! Personally, I pay $500 a credit hour to go here. I think that should count for something. So what if we get a discount on tickets? Yes, that's nice, but does paying $500 less than general admission for tickets make up for the $7-$15K a year in tuition we pay? I don't think so.
  12. huskerband24

    Call out of the students

    I'm not a bit surprised. What's wrong with being a football school? I bet the student section at Duke football games leaves something to be desired. The student section at Husker games is absolutely nuts... I love it. That being said, this is my fifth year at UNL and I've been to one basketball game. Yawn.
  13. huskerband24

    Your First 2015 Husker Recruit!

    A mullet? He's bringing us Iowans down, man!! jk
  14. huskerband24

    sing school song after game is over?

    I definitely think the team should still come over and sing the school song. Cheesy? Sure. I was in the band in 2006, though, and it was just about the coolest feeling in the world to have the team come over and do that. The fans around us all seemed to get a kick out of it, too. What's the harm?
  15. Hey all. This is my first actual post, sorry it had to be a negative one. I've been a member of the Cornhusker Marching Band and this year I elected not to be so I could concentrate on graduating. Anyway, a lot of my friends are in band and several were down at the Kansas game this weekend. What some of them relayed to me was an interesting exchange between Callahan and T.O. The tunnel through which the team/coaches entered and exited was right by the band, and before half time several people saw TO motioning to BC as he was coming off the field to come over to him. He was also saying, "Bill, Bill! Over here!" and BC zoomed right by him, right in front of him. It was blatantly obvious that he was ignoring Osborne. I couldn't believe it. I mean, BC knows he's canned at the end of the year, but does that mean publicly ignoring your boss, the AD, and a legend? Seems kind of obscene and unnecessary. Lord know he wasn't thinking about second-half adjustments. He was probably trying to remember the number of a good moving company.