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  1. Cross not here next year, homie. OH SHI-!
  2. as far as i'm concerned, continuing to use the 'Surrender Whites' on the road is a firing offense.
  3. Agreed. The Surrender Whites suck. All-white uniforms make the players look like a bunch of tampons on the field.
  4. hey, guys, it's me. been a while. anyhow, i'm the one who called in question. and yeah, i was FLOORED when he said 'no-one' told him about that about our road uniforms. really? NO-ONE at the university made mention of the fact that since before the time of Devaney, nebraska has red road pants? He then started to go on about how, well, equipment manager and others make the call yada-yada and then trailed off. does anyone here actually believe he doesn't have any input on this issue? i can believe this happening: whoever is maintaining equipment decided that it would be
  5. when i have problems with my bowel movements, i use the thundercats battle cry... admittedly, this has made things awkward when i use the company restroom. but i regret nothing.
  6. okay, front and center: i'm a bo supporter and don't think he should be fired. then again, i never thought solich should have been fired but whatevs. bohl coached back-to-back FCS teams at NDSU and the Bison are #1 seed this year. whatever his issues were as a coach when he was run out of town in 2k2, he's become a way better at his trade over the last decade. and he's done it with Nebraska-born players. he's made no secret of the fact that he poaches the state left, right and center. in fact, if calvin strong isn't picked-up by nebraska, i fully expect NDSU to make a play for him.
  7. Irregardless isn't a word. *this* is how you troll, y'all.
  8. jordan westerkamp's porn stache is giving an interview.
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