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  1. Thank you "I AM I" I am sure it will get to be fun. GBR GBR GBR
  2. It has been years since I have posted on here. I have been scanning this place and am still trying to figure out why there are so many people that are so anti Huskers. I see people posting about how the qb situation is Riley,s fault. Are you frickin kidding me. Pelini left us with a bare cuboard and players that did not want to play. AKA AJ Bush. We have damn near doubled our wins from last year and at least Riley will fire incompetent coaches unlike pelini. Some people on here need to get ove the mid 90's. We have a coach and staff that are recruiting as good as we can expect and exceeding many of my expectations. And anyone that believes we need to fire the staff over 3 losses need to figure out just where you want our program to go. Changing coaches evey few years DOES NOT WORK. How about we enjoy the improvement and be happy we have a team that is at least finishing games for the most part and look to the future with this staff and the recruits they are bringing in. Players see these posts and if you think the negitive posts do not affect them and future recruits you are sadly mistaken. RANT OVER GO Huskers GBR GBR GBR GBR
  3. He fired a 9 win coach for this disgraceful example of oregon st type football. Disgusting
  4. Can you say rebuilding fpor the next 20 years
  5. You guys played your hearts out and the game was as close as the score. ill timed turnovers by each team decided this one.
  6. Keep fighting Jack, Husker Nation is with you and pulling for you
  7. That is the game of recruiting. I just hope we can start pulling more of these nail biters N. WOW, I was positive we would get him but he has to do what he thinks is right. GBR GBR GBR
  8. I meant DON'T sh!t my pants.... couldn't edit That is some funny $hit right there
  9. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7503574/georgia-bulldogs-lose-recruit-chester-brown-regents-anti-illegal-immigration-rules Might be something to look into
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