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  1. That's an unreasonable standard that nobody is suggesting. No intelligent person would assert that there must be 0% risk of harm before an activity can be resumed. That's just plain stupid. Determining the degree of risk certain activities pose, and weighing that against possible gain is not unique to this pandemic. This is just a different variable.
  2. Of course it isn't. I didn't say that. Don't be dense. I didn't say any of those things. Major college football, a multi billion dollar industry, has certain resources and the ability to control, test, and trace at an incredibly different level than any youth sports league in the country.
  3. College football is probably the most difficult sport to be able to pull this off. No doubt about that, but with enough $ on the line, maybe they'll come up with a solution. I would bet my dollar on NOT having college FB this year.
  4. Youth sports = Major College Division 1 Programs?
  5. But you can avoid football altogether. There is no fundamental need for football, yet we justify a pretty significant risk, mostly for entertainment value. I haven't figured out how to avoid breathing, so I have to accept the risk and do what I can to mitigate it. It's not like playing football is the only place to contract Covid. We're all pretty likely to be exposed to Covid-19, whether we play football or not. With certain protocols, it may be safer for these athletes to be playing football, governed by team rules and spending a great deal of their time in a highly con
  6. Absolutely true. But it is possibly the most relevant comparison that we have at the moment. I agree that it would be nearly impossible to use the same strategy with college football. At least it appears to be going well. If it wasn't, I would have even less optimism for sports of any kind this fall.
  7. Not sure about football, but soccer is successfully holding a pretty big event right now. Seems to be the closest thing to football that's actually trying to hold some sort of season/tournament. It may serve as some level of evidence if they can pull it off.
  8. I have enough formal training in science (terminal degree in healthcare related field) to fully realize that you have none. Your misunderstanding of the word theory is a good case in point.
  9. I bet it wouldn't take more than a half a page and about 5 minutes for the debate to be finished. The argument, however, could go on and on...
  10. You do this EVERY DAY in more ways than you can count. BTW, science is a method of systematic thought. It cannot be wrong. Conclusions, of course, can be incorrect and must be constantly scrutinized via, well, scientific method...
  11. That stinks. Hope he can find a silver lining or two.
  12. I don't think you can count it as a day on the internet until you've been called a "sheeple".
  13. MLS is playing a 24 team tournament right now in Orlando. It's a start...
  14. WTF. Maybe loosen that tinfoil a bit. The constriction might be causing some serious cerebral dysfunction.
  15. Wouldn't the fact that your team keeps losing and you haven't even made a bowl game recently be pretty dang motivating... "Didn't try very hard" or "didn't prepare" are pretty much the worst things to hear about any athlete.
  16. I can imagine winning a lawsuit over contracting Covid-19 would be nearly impossible. You'd have to prove that you know where you got it, and that the entity you're suing was negligent in some way that allowed you to get the virus... At this point, it's a known risk. No entity is able to prevent it, nor protect you from it, nor even identify how much of the risk may be present in their establishment. So if you're in public, you're at risk, though it's nearly impossible to tell how much risk and by whom...
  17. Mirror muscles... who cares... Football isn't bodybuilding.
  18. How is this not "on topic" when it comes to attrition?
  19. Earn your scholarship. Every year, every day. Find a way to be valuable to your team. Move the kids that don't work out to a non-athletic scholarship to finish their education. This ain't kindergarten.
  20. Ok, so... Shockingly, I also disagree with several policies and even laws of the United States.
  21. I think scholarships should have to be renewed on a yearly basis. If a player lacks value to the team, or has lost the confidence of the coaches, they should be moved off of an athletic scholarship. Perhaps there should be a way for them to continue their education on a non-athletic scholarship, but I hate the idea of a 4+ year "guarantee" for young athletes who may or may not deserve it.
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