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  1. AngryHusker88

    Seattle Becked It

    Pete Carroll took that last play straight out of Tim Beck's playbook...no other explanation.
  2. AngryHusker88

    QB Joe Burrow [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    Tim Beck was a POS offensive coordinator during his time here. NFM
  3. AngryHusker88

    Should Joe Paterno's vacated wins be reinstated?

    Sorry didnt know about the other thread...I usually only go in the main thread & the recruiting thread
  4. AngryHusker88

    Should Joe Paterno's vacated wins be reinstated?

    EDIT - joke isn't even the right word...I am simply dumbfounded & disgusted by this decision...isn't there even evidence the school knew about what was happening & tried to cover it up? I say get Pedo State out of the Big Ten they are a disgrace
  5. AngryHusker88

    Should Joe Paterno's vacated wins be reinstated?

    So Penn State gets its wins restored but Ohio State & USC don't??? So lying about free tattoos & getting paid to play is a big NO-NO but Penn State's DCoordinator having sex with children is forgivable? What a #^&*ing joke
  6. AngryHusker88

    Tim Beck to Ohio State

    He's not calling the plays. He's a glorified position coach. Who cares? He's just as bad as a QB coach as he is a playcaller...why else would Taylor Martinez pay for a private QB coach in the off season?
  7. AngryHusker88

    QB Joe Burrow [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    Burrow's new QB coach is the same guy that didn't bother to recruit him when at Nebraska...I think Mike Riley can use Ohio State's terrible hire to his advantage here...
  8. AngryHusker88

    Tim Beck to Ohio State

    Terrible hire by Ohio State.
  9. AngryHusker88

    4-3 or 3-4 base defense?

    I thought I read Mark Banker ran a 3-4 base defense at Oregon State (never followed Oregon State football so I don't know...). Is Nebraska likely stick with the 4-3 as the base defense?
  10. AngryHusker88

    Coaches scuffle on the sidelines?

    Kaz professionally embarrassed the team last night. Show him the f***ing door...IMO the university shouldn't even pay him for the upcoming year after his antics last night
  11. AngryHusker88

    What the **** Beck??? Why???

    Guy Chamberlin - if you failed to notice that Ameer got hot late in the game...then you weren't watching the same game I was.
  12. AngryHusker88

    Riley says staff to be named still coaching

    So is Mark Banker officially the DC or is that still up in the air??
  13. AngryHusker88

    Farewell Ameer Abdullah---thanks for the memories

    I will ****ing miss Ameer...I love the dude