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  1. I’m in Greeley as well, I need to move to your cul de sac so I have someone to commiserate with. As far as the panhandle. I lived in SB for years, one year we were playing in a golf tournament while the Huskers were playing. You didn’t have to look at the phone or anything to know how the game was going, you could hear the roars , or groans, from the houses along the course. Yes, they are just as diehard.
  2. You’ve been here long enough to know it’s true.
  3. You’d lose that bet. I guarantee you he doesn’t live and die with every game the way many Husker fans do. He’ll move on from this game a lot quicker than many here.
  4. Well, if we’re playing horseshoes or hand grenades close is good.
  5. So sick of this S!!t. A new way to lose every week.
  6. There is no pocket tonight. Can we please maybe roll him out? I know he doesn’t throw as well on the move, but at least give him a chance to get rid of it.
  7. Every single call initially goes in Michigan’s favor. Think eventually they’d get one correct on the first try.
  8. But we have to beg and scream to get something looked at.
  9. Was the QB’s knee down before he handed it off?
  10. How does the official with the most blocked view come running in and call that a TD? This is getting ridiculous
  11. That diving catch should have been looked again. It it was for them so no review.
  12. Does anyone else really want to punch Harbaugh in the face?
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