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  1. Do players not take out insurance policies against injury anymore? Heck, the schools make so much money now, let them fund the insurance policies. Then maybe they finish the season on the field.
  2. I’ll preface by saying yes, I am old. Boomerish if you will. But we now have teams made up of kids from this “me first” generation. And everyone of them is ready to become the next big thing in the NFL. There is no team any more. I get the portal, if coaches can bolt at any time, why not the players. But this opting out, especially at the last minute is what I really detest. Bailing on your teammates the night before a bowl game (I wish I could remember which team) just doesn’t sit well with me. But again, I’m from a different generation where the team came first, not the individual. Obviously that is not ruining the game, I thought there were several extremely entertaining bowl games this year, it’s just the part of it that really turns me off. OK, I’ll get back to yelling at clouds now.
  3. I know there is a cumulative effect on his play due to the weaknesses around him. Maybe he was skittish or rushed things because the likelihood was that he was going either scramble or get sacked. But the reality is that he still made numerous mistakes on plays where he did have time. He missed open receivers, threw picks, or fumbled. How many time this year alone did he overthrow Allen? When he had sufficient time. I love the kid and I hope he does great at KSU. He’s just a class act. But the reality is, he did have some shortcomings that were his own. Not just the fault of the supporting players around him. I wonder if he had other offers (P5 level) or KSU was pretty much just a done deal right from the beginning.
  4. But why would they come here? To be an assistant to a lame duck coach. Unless, is there any possibility TA is involved and there is a implied offer of being the next head guy? It could be a win-win then, if you get the offense humming it only boosts his resume, but if the team fails, it’s still on the head coach and you get the opportunity to take over? I know, probably far fetched, but otherwise I just can’t see why someone would take that job. Unless we’re going to throw boat loads of cash at them.
  5. So basically what you’re saying is he needs to learn to coach!? I hope he does, but I’m certainly not optimistic. To aspire to having someone who “knows just enough to not beat themselves” is a pretty low bar. Unfortunately that low bar seems to still be out of reach for us.
  6. That makes sense. But……after what has transpired this year, and especially yesterday, I don’t think anyone would have blamed us if TA had done it this year. I do believe he screwed up by not waiting, because yesterday would be have been (should have been) the proverbial final nail.
  7. Not everyone is angry. Or irrational. Resigned is a more apt word. Why be angry? We know exactly what to expect each Saturday. The irrational ones are the ones who think anything will be different next year. It’s been the same thing for five years. Maybe delusional is a better word. We now know the cost of a year of Husker football is, the amount we’re saving on the buyout. Because we sold out next year for that amount.
  8. No matter if he’ll be wanting to play at 25 or not, or no matter if they really don’t have him their future plans, it’s still just plain dumb to burn a year of eligibility on a couple of meaningless snaps. You just never know what will transpire down the road, and that extra year could be needed. Just makes zero sense.
  9. Sorry, forgot to add the question mark behind that as I wasn’t sure if I was remembering correctly. I thought he came in for one play.
  10. I’ve never seen so much standing around and watching on offense. They only run one pick up high on the point guard and that goes nowhere, then they end up forcing up a poor shot. No picks off the ball or any kind of cutting.
  11. No thanks, not getting into that discussion. Fans shouldn’t have been derogatory to the girls, no excuse for that. Well within their rights though to holler for them to stand. You‘ll never be able to explain to me (in a manner that makes sense to me, probably would to others) though about the reaction of our team. Overall though, Iwould agree, sure a poor look for our fan base.
  12. Alright then, if they’re still using the George Floyd thing I’m just going to exit this conversation. Although, if the fans really did call them “pieces of trash” then that was out of line.
  13. I personally feel the whole thing is nonsense. Again, that’s my opinion and I realize it’s one not shared by everyone. The difference is, I respect their opinion and the right to have it. BUT……people come to a very conservative area of the country and do that, there is going to be pushback. It’s simply inevitable. I would like someone to simply ask the girls who were kneeling, what exactly they are kneeling for? I really wonder if they could tell you. I don’t know if anyone has followed this on FB where the university administration is falling all over themselves apologizing, but the consensus, by a very large majority is not supporting the administration’s stance. And still it begs the question to me, WHY were our girls in tears? I really just cannot fathom why.
  14. I’m not a fan of the kneeling, but that’s just my opinion and I understand that is their right. But OUR players were in tears about it? Good God, I hate to sound old (even though I am), but grow up. What are they going to do when they get out in the real world if this is enough to cause this kind of emotional turmoil. Ok, flame on and call me boomer.
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