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  1. 1189 miles to the game a little to far.
  2. Redmusky

    QB Brandon Peters [Michigan Commit]

    After the Red -White game he will favor the huskers
  3. Redmusky

    DE Xavier Kelly [Clemson - Signed LOI]

    Maybe he's looking at the new style blackshirts and likes what he sees and hears.
  4. Redmusky

    The Tangent Thread, Dec 2014 Edition

    Winning always comes down to the best talent on the field, the more talent the more distance you have from your opponent and the more wins.Meyer and Saban that's why they selected to coach the Gators, Ohio ,LSU Alabama their the easy schools to recruit to, not because they are the best recruiters in the land. If you are out side of the high zones of talent you must do something different to attract the top players. I see Riley doing this, small changes using the kids media base for contract is big step having the fan base behind him, positive news coverage, backing from the past players .I believe this may help out in the long term to help us get into the top 15 in recruiting classes. Riley may not be the best but he filling in the holes we had and that's the start you need to make it back to the top
  5. I think the starter will be the RB who doesn't make mistakes ( blocking miscues )and who can hang on to the ball will be the starter. Since the backs all have positives and negatives when carrying the ball I think the ability to pickup the blitz and putting the ball on the ground will be the highest priority used to indicate who will be the starter.
  6. Redmusky

    How good is your crystal ball?

    Never liked the Solich or Callahan hires I was ok with BO . Riley I'm still not convinced but I'm impressed with his staff except for the DC This year 10-3, 11-2 if we can get by Northwestern
  7. Redmusky

    The "Suuuuuuuuuuh" Thread

    I watch the Lions because of Shu but I dislike the fish so I don't think I will see him to often unless he's playing the Steelers. He gets 60 million no matter what happens that's a lot of coin. He is one of the best so I'm happy for him.
  8. Redmusky

    Are we off to a slow 2016 recruiting year?

    A early 2016 QB commit would help, in that it would show the direction of the new husker offense.
  9. Redmusky

    Nebraska as No. 21 Coaching Job in College Football

    The top coaching job is the guys paying the most money just ask Les at LSU
  10. Redmusky

    Mike Riley on Blackshirt Tradition

    Just one more move back to the good old days, hopefully the Defense will response to it positively.
  11. Redmusky

    WR Darnell Salomon [South Florida - Signed LOI]

    Is this one of those offers we have zero chance ?
  12. Redmusky

    Signed - OT Matt Farniok

    you mean he has more then 12 offers now
  13. Redmusky

    ok... so who has some names for the new DB coach?

    Ok I vote for Chris one reason only www.govandals.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=204760855
  14. Redmusky

    Signed - OG Bryan Brokop

    I guess now that a big time SEC school (Auburn) has offered, we shall see how loyal he really is. Oh dear what does your source say
  15. In, December, recruits haven't signed anywhere, yet. So they are still free to look at other schools without losing any years of eligibility. I think Riley is talking about the time right after signing day, when the recruits have signed binding agreements to the school, and can't look elsewhere without losing eligibility. You sign to the school not the coaches, Having said that a lot of players sign due to the coach I think Alabama, Ohio state would have a weaker class with out there head coaches.Most player sign to schools which are close to home and if the style of play suits their abilities. We have to many rules now with out adding more.