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  1. I want to believe that this is a function of our line play and that we will see it improve over time. I think in year 1, it was more of a function of young TE. The discrepancy between TE use at UCF and here has left me scratching my head a bit.
  2. There are a lot of reasons we should be pessimistic. No doubt we will hear all about this over the next 8 months or so. However, if you've read my posts at all, you know how much I like to contextualize things. Today, I want to talk about our WRs while I eat my lunch. As everyone knows, our team is in the midst of a serious youth movement. I think we all recognized that needed to happen, but we seem to be in disagreement about how much that should be impacting our team. While the impact is very obvious in some places (e.g. Jurgens snapping the ball), I don't think we have apprecia
  3. Ah yes, Huskerboard, where the reactions are so big because the stakes are so small. Please refocus on Manning and take this side conversation to the shed.
  4. I don't know his interest in us. Has visited Oklahoma and Florida.
  5. I think it's also important to remember context. Omar's in his young 20's and is being wined and dined by some of the wealthiest programs in the country. As someone in my mid-thirties, if you told me I could on the one hand be done with something and not have to think about it for a few months or could have paid trips around the country to see great examples of something I love during which people would tell me how great I am....I'd choose the second one. I can only imagine what that's like for someone in different circumstances than me. This is especially true given that he can't get on campu
  6. Writing grants in an unsupportive academic environment is the most soul sucking thing I've ever done. 

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    2. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      @teachercd As a young professor, tenure is like strapping a time-bomb on your chest. You have 5 years to prove to the university you have a stable, productive, and independently-funded research program with the added charges of service and teaching expectations. The dream of becoming an old professor is secondary to the hope you can keep your job following your tenure review.

    3. teachercd


      "Strapping a bomb to your chest!  Haha!  I bet it is!  I thought it was 7 years though, but still...it is amazing that the system is set up in such a "good ole boy" way...


      Basically you are getting hazed for 5 years (or less!) and then once you are "in" you are pretty protected (right?).


      @Thanks_Tom RR


      My buddy is a Prof at PSU now...his last stop before that was in New Zealand. 

    4. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      The difference between pre-tenured and tenured status is that colleges can choose to not renew the contract and terminate a professor without cause or reason during the probationary, pre-tenured period. The university has to demonstrate incompetence or unprofessional conduct before firing a tenured professor. So, tenure provides some job security, but it does not make you bullet-proof. You still get evaluated for promotions and raises; you just get the right to be fired with cause.

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  7. Sounds like the guys on Huskermax (I'm assuming we can reference them now) think this is going to be a very difficult pull. Would be a really nice add, but I get the feeling this is going to be a hard one.
  8. I'm on my phone so this may be a little more disjointed than usual. 28ppg 415.8 ypg. That's where the offense is sitting after 2019. In 2018 those numbers were 30ppg and 450ypg. I'm one of those people that doesn't think hcsf suddenly forgot how to coach. I think this is a case where it really might be we're missing some pieces. Going to the point of the post keep your eye on two things if you rewatch the game. The first is the inside of our line, in particular boe. He was getting rocked all game by a first round draft pick. This was impacting every aspec
  9. Time to see if Rudy was really joking about that insurance or that was like when you joke about having a crush on your highschool best friend.
  10. Are you talking about impeachment or removal? Two very different questions. Remember that Clinton was impeached, he was not removed. Additionally, I'm curious as to what additional information you would need to conclude that Trump asked for an investigation? Or are you of the belief that it's not a big deal one way or another? Finally, what potential crime did the Bidens commit? If it wasn't a federal crime in the USA, should we be asking other countries to pursue criminals? That is to say, if Trudeau called up Trump and was like hey, I want you to investigate someone
  11. That was when I joined the board...or there abouts. Good thing that this is definitely not EZ-E.
  12. I was referring to by Ukraine. Announcing that during the Sondland hearing where we keep hearing that the investigation didn't happen.
  13. The world is listening to 2 different debates. Both sides are winning their own debate. As it relates to Ukraine interactions, it's hard to argue that what has been put forth hasn't occurred. The right side of the aisle is only discussing Hunter Biden and how what he did was wrong. Given this is a football forum, I'll put it this way. The Democrats are arguing that we're having a losing season (a fact) and that's really bad (an opinion) and that things have to change (a consequence). The Republicans are arguing that Eric Crouch was a better quarterback than Tomm
  14. Now on to the important question. Does anyone care? This feels like the "I could shoot someone on Pennsylvania Ave and be fine" defense will be used. I don't think the Rs will throw Rudy under the bus.
  15. I wonder if he's going to go so far as to say that his appointment wasn't on the up and up...assuming it is.
  16. Oh absolutely, I think it's important to highlight these things in meaningful ways though. Our whole protect the party by denying our own eyes and ears thing always gets a little too USSR/1984 for me.
  17. I could be wrong, but on that list of things Nunes said democrats were claiming....weren't a number of them confirmed?
  18. You're absolutely right and that's a very fair concern. I think to kind of bring in what @knapplc has been saying, it feels like there are reasons to believe in the offense. Last season we could see it there and we thought we had *it* with Mo & 2AM. I don't think anyone thought our OL would be the way it is this season or that we would be booting Mo from the team forever/for now. Then we have this game against WI and we're cranking out yards against a good team. So we're optimistic again because we see what could be. More so when you think of the interior of our line having a
  19. I don't disagree with you, but I'm not so anti what's been going on. I think essentially there are two forms of defense, in one you force the other team to play perfectly. They grind out a few yards at a time and as long as they play perfectly they could probably drive and score. This is what I associate with teams like Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan State. Not a ton of teams have the discipline and execution to be able to grind it out like that. These are complimented by ball control offenses as you're not going to get a lot of quick strikes, so if you get the lead it's hard for the other team
  20. It's true, what's that got to do with what I've said though? It's true across of levels of football. We need to get better at it. Still has nothing to do with what I've said.
  21. I mean I don't want it to sound like it's play from ahead or dysfunctional. They know that long sustained drives like what Iowa/Wisconsin do aren't going to happen with our O. It's just silly to think that you don't structure your team to compliment one another. We're going to count on our O being able to score. That's HCSF's whole thing. It's not like he doesn't know how to coach defense, look at his UNI days. However, at the end of the day, we don't play a ball control offense. Consequently, we're not going to want our D to force teams to grind out yards. You want them to have to play the ga
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