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  1. I’m not sure. I don’t follow any recruits, just clouse, bruntz, bc. But they still get notified to the replies to the recruiting guys posts.
  2. Dear anyone who looks at this. Don’t bash a high school kid for choosing a different school on Twitter. There is literally nothing to gain by saying “good riddance”, “your loss”, and worse stuff etc. sincerely Famoustitles
  3. Urban was at his school today. Said talk went well. So don’t believe what the OSU reporters were saying when he came in underweight and Meyer and company weren’t interested. (Think wiltfong said something similar). Anyway if we get JJB it’d be a big win going up against Meyer, fuente, and Fisher
  4. Agreed s#!t why even recruit fast players when we can make anyone fast with some good old fashioned hard work
  5. Tago is really slow. Ran a 5.12 40. Not sure that translates well to OLB
  6. Well there’s a good comprehensive list of every coach
  7. That’s 247’s ranking. The one above it is the composite
  8. Given up too many uncontested shots at the rim. But energy is there so not lackluster.
  9. Pretty sure we were 14th at one point Pretty solid transition class imo. Especially if we close on JJB, Washington, a lineman, etc
  10. Not sure if this has ever been posted but it’s worth sharing. Frost quote while at UCF on recruiting “Long-term, I don’t want to recruit a lot of guys here who are going to be prima-donnas and wait until the last day to put four or five hats on a table and keep teams hostage to wait and see what they’re going to do. I want kids who want to be at UCF, not kids that want to be recruited." “So much has come of this because of websites and TV coverage. In my experience, the kids that fall in love with recruiting and do those things, they have a harder time adjusting to college football and college life (as opposed to) kids that make their decision and immediately think about how to make themselves great college football players. Recruiting is fun for everybody, but in the long run, you’re better off getting the kids more about business and ready to get to work.” “For a year or two as they're getting recruited, these young men have everybody from Rivals to Scout to ESPN to local media to coaches telling them how great they are," he said. "One of my first pieces of advice to recruits is, don’t buy into that, because the minute you get to campus, nobody’s going to be telling you that anymore. The kids who fall in love with that process and start believing the hype about themselves too much, it’s a tougher transition for them to college football.”
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