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  1. Once again, not what said. Will be done after this. The poor guy at the strip club thinking dropping cash = guaranteed action. The comparison is the salivating Huskerboard poster that thinks dropping cash on a player = instant stone cold success.
  2. Maybe from your perspective. stripper will bang you = high paid high school QB performs at $M level.
  3. I read some of these comments and I'm reminded of that guy who empties his bank account to pay the stripper because she's "in love with me".
  4. Could list 5 guys right now in the last 3 years that’ll tell you it’s doable.
  5. Good because no one got drafted. That’s an interesting take.
  6. We had this exact thread a month or two ago.
  7. Does Gebbia have another transfer? He could go full circle. He could be good team morale. He could tell people about his Freshman season and all the difficulties around playing for Devaney.
  8. This one is interesting. I swore I saw an interview where he said he wanted to get to NFL and he was excited to work with a coach that had been there (I'm paraphrasing). Maybe it wasn't him. If he doesn't have the stuff or doesn't want to be a part of it, I'm glad he's moving on.
  9. I don’t think this assessment is way off except for one glaring problem…..they’ve lost all the contributors from 2022. There’s a tweet that details this. Almost all their experience is going. He’s literally starting over.
  10. Victor Jones Jr? Nebraska Wide Receiver Transferring Following The Spring Game (msn.com)
  11. Oh I agree. He's gotta go. And it won't be an elite or P5(like you stated) program. I think there's a place for him somewhere.
  12. I actually think he could play and do well somewhere if the circumstances are right. Hope he finds something.
  13. Haarberg has to do a position change stick around doesn’t he?
  14. I think sums it up pretty well. I like the Tommie Frazier comparison. As the writer stated, this isn’t Jackson State either. I just don’t see how this works. I think those that be successful in the future and those that can build a team in a society of individuals (social media & NIL). I don’t think coach “Prime” is doing that.
  15. You just can’t replace that amount of people in a short time. Some are trying to deflect based upon how terrible the team was last year. I don’t care how bad they were last year, you need players. You need back ups, injury coverage, development and practice players. This is a huge issue in my opinion. I saw some analyst that had Colorado beating TCU in week one. Colorado is 3-5 year rebuild.
  16. People think we have problems? This will be an interesting case study.
  17. Maybe I'm looking at this wrong, but did Colorado have 14 players enter the portal today? 2023 College Football Transfer Portal (on3.com) Edit: And 27 this spring? 2023 Colorado Football Transfer Portal (on3.com)
  18. It's not. Only an idiot would do that. No one is starting a program with someone they consider not right for the job just to sign a high school player. It's really pretty ridiculous if you want to actually exercise logic. Could it have had influence? I think that is possible, but there's no way it was lone factor. They had 7-8 lineman available. The defense is almost always ahead of an offense in a transition. A position that is one of the most difficult to develop coming out of a program that wasn't physical in practice. And oh yeah, it's been 4 months.
  19. Pretty reckless of Rhule to select a position coach for a new gig only to get a high school recruit.
  20. 100%? The ONLY reason he was the O line coach is for his nephew? Wouldn’t you fire him now then?
  21. I was telling someone this yesterday. I think Trev deserves some credit too. Time to put a good product on the field now.
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