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  1. I liked the hitting on both sides of the ball. I thought they looked more physical. I also liked the soft stuff (celebrating and head slaps) after good plays. Sims looks good. So does Kemp. I liked what I saw.
  2. I have 2. We certainly have different philosophies. I had a vision of the where I wanted to go, but I started with the basics. We grow every year. I wasn’t able to go all in right away, and quiet honestly, I didn’t want to. I was still learning.
  3. It’s really pretty simple. If I was running the program (as my business) I’d pass. You wouldn’t. It’s fine. My line of work has me asking people at least once a week “is this how you’d spend the money if it was your business and not Mega Corp”. It’s a real problem. GBR
  4. That “but if” isn’t attached to $3.5M+ in most cases. It’d be a great world if we lived in a vacuum. The world we actually live has outcomes determined by 100s, sometimes 1000s of variables. You control those that you can in an effort to get the output that you desire. Seen a lot of home brew stats around this subject. Everyone is a “but if”. The risk of a “but if” at $50K, is different than a “but if” at $3.5M. The state of this program, as well as the obvious efforts of Rhule trying to build a brotherhood, has me believing it is not the right time to add a high $ golden boy. We kind of did that. He’s got a nice house in Arizona right now.
  5. Who’s Burrows? I like the business analogy. I think it works. Have you ever started one?
  6. 99% chance of what based upon what? Magic 8 ball stuff here. Dollars are real. Wins and losses are real. Missing bowl games and losing seasons are real. Your thought on how the team will perform based upon a score projected by another person/people is not real. It’s a projection just like the Frost advisory. The obviously is no sure thing but this is an unnecessary risk (my opinion). Let the program stabilize and mature before we start taking more unnecessary risks.
  7. I stopped reading at this. Going to have to agree to disagree on this one.
  8. If you want my take you'll have to read up. Raiola Recruiting We always have choices. We could have spent $500M on renovations instead of $155M. We could have put $10M in assistant coaches salary pool instead $4.75M. We should have offered Saban $20M per year. The reality is we don't/didn't do any of these things. It's a value proposition that we all make everyday. That's all this is. But the only way this program will turn around is blowing the wad on a kid that has never taken a college snap? This is the only way we will escape mediocrity? One player will break the Frost advisory? You can chase unicorns, but you're spending others money. You're running blind by looking at one thing. X=Y, High Ranked QB = Program Turnaround. Calibraska Model! Don't feel bad, there's a lot of people that do that. Our unwillingness to push all our chips into the middle on legacy top rank QB isn't even close to our top issue. I for one am glad we are not going Barrett Jackson with this kid.
  9. Probably the same people that think NU is crazy for not going after a $3.5M high school QB.
  10. Agree. At the end of the day there's 11 people on the field. Probably 40 that contribute. And then there's a leadership (coaching) staff. It's going to take a little time to thaw from the Frost advisory. Let's slow our roll and be rational in what we are trying to accomplish.
  11. I don't think that's even close to the program's top issue. There's a difference between shooting your shot and blowing the wad. I think a lot of folks are chasing unicorns. Adrian was the #9 DT QB in 2018. We also likely could have had Burrow. I don't know about you, but when I look at those QB rankings no one ever hears from 7 of the top 10. For every Trevor Lawrence, there's 7 Uncle Rico's. Furthermore, several of these guys that end up being elite, at least recently, are transfers.
  12. You don't think you can improve this program without a the top QB recruit in the country? One Player? Is there other evidence we are not at least attracting top level talent? Are we losing top talent/targets to NIL? I'm sure @Mavric is the only one that knows this. I haven't heard a lot about it. I happen to think we are going to find out this year that the current team does have talent. It may not be playoff talent, but it's certainly better than "no bowl" talent.
  13. I think it becomes feasible once the program has stabilized or is moving in a positive direction. I know there is no such this a "sure thing" and there never will be, but I think the downside on this is far worse than the upside. As far as the family thing. Why does it have to mean we pay more? Couldn't it be just as easy that he'd take less because of the family ties? There are serious risks in these huge $ figures. What's the contract? It's certainly not with the University. And they've never played. To me the never played is even worse than NCAA to NFL rookie. I wonder who the first NIL Ryan Leaf is going to be.
  14. Again....... Leaders of an organization need to weigh the risk with the reward. Many are looking at one, possibly two (1. Cost & 2. Stars) factors. NIL is still a risk. The debacle in Florida. Questions around Arch already (for the record I think is premature). We are a 4-8 team that can't make bowl games. I think getting on the auction block for anything that isn't a sure thing is not the direction to go at this point. We are a few years away from being in this and I think that's fine. Build up the war chest and let other navigate while we watch closely.
  15. I’m sure it is, but my point remains the same. It kind of reminds me of the whole “Calibraska” thing. Or whatever it was called when we got Keyshawn’s kid and several others. We know how that worked out. I’m not comparing Keyshawns kid to Riola. Just the fanfare. If the money is there the kid should take it. It’s Merica. I just don’t think it’s in NUs best interest to be in this fight. Edit: I also believe there is a difference in "Couldn't" and "Wouldn't". I have no idea other than my speculation but how something is phrased changes the whole context of the comment.
  16. I’m answering “would suck if Nebraska won’t match”. I completely disagree. I think they likely could get in a bidding war, but it’s simply not worth it. He’s trying to build a culture not win a Barrett Jackson auction. This program has done so many things wrong by “gambling”. Why do it again? Nebraska is a back up plan in 1-3 years for him(my speculation). I’m fine with that.
  17. You don’t know that. it’s a value proposition. Buying a sports car doesn’t make you rich. It means you have a sports car.
  18. You’re spending other people’s money. A lot easier to do on a message board.
  19. $3.5 million for someone that hasn’t taken a snap? I think it’ll get there eventually for NU, but at this point it’s not worth it. Use other team/program’s money to navigate the NIL s show.
  20. We had a second rounder..........USFL & he kind of went here for a while
  21. Didn’t he visit here? Seems like a better play than a Georgia 3 star with no experience, but………..
  22. I think there’s going to be several kids we hadn’t heard from that’ll all the sudden be present. I still believe we have talent. I wish Nelson would have stayed because I think he would have had a huge year, but I get it.
  23. Kind of wonder what could have happened to a lot of these kids both on the field and off had there been any leadership whatsoever. Maybe some would have never even been recruited. Never know. I just look at lists like this and feel sorry for some of them. I doubt any signed up for what it was. Beat up used car.
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