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  1. Jim Rose said this morning that Michigan may take a run at Chris Klieman.
  2. Rendering is probably the worst thing I ever smelled. I toured a plant one time where there was a lady packing hog brains into a plastic dish. I had to stop and do a second take because I wasn't sure what I was watching. But like you said, you get used to it eventually. And abcesses are gross. It's like a zit that can be softball size or bigger.
  3. I don’t care if he left. I’d take a real strong look at potentially making a run at getting him home.
  4. When this team plays great defense and hits shots they are electric. There were times were the D got a little lazy and allowed tOSU back in it. But overall they played really well. Mast obviously had a great night, but I was really impressed with Wilcher. I also like what Allick is doing. If Allick can score 6-8 points a game it's going to be huge. He's just so athletic and works his a$$ off. He's just so terrible shooting.
  5. I love Crispittos. Was my favorite lunch room item.
  6. Crappy win sure feels better than a crappy loss
  7. He's from Des Moines. Only about 1.5 hours farther to Lincoln than Iowa City.
  8. This is kind of fun what football has become. A head coach with a career record of 34-48 that is 0-3 in bowl games gets a 5 year contract for god knows what kind of $$$.
  9. Definitely? Kind of how it work really. Was a bunch of dominos.
  10. I hope we hire every available coach from every disbanded staff of a successful team. Sincerely, Huskerboard Members
  11. agree. thats why i'd take a run at liepold.
  12. I'd go after Leipold if it was my call. I know he's 60, but they are going to need a "transition coach" after Saban. Bring him in for 5-7 years and allow people to move on from Saban. A lot like we never talk about Osbourne any more.... He's got a ton of experience and I think he'd do a good job.
  13. I'm sure many people get many different takes from this. My first is "Nice Sweatshirts". But seriously, to me it shows how many things must be right or "inline" to be successful. There are so many parts of the machine that must be working in order to win.
  14. From what I understand we are figuring out the NIL game and how to maximize our scholly's
  15. Dude is obviously a beast, but those are "no reps" where I come from.
  16. Nobody wants to follow Saban. It's a real issue. It's going to be a challenge to win there I believe. At least they success they are use to. What Saban was able to do while turning over coaches that got promoted every year I still don't think it talked about enough. Yeah, he won a lot of games, but he was constantly doing it with new coaches. Roll Tide!
  17. I'm glad we found out in 4+ years and it didn't linger for a decade plus. Flirting with a 9 win season. Winning 6-7 per year. Making it to bowl games, but never in the hunt for a conference championship. Thanks for the memories coach Frost.
  18. Same reason he hasn't been mentioned for any other jobs. Frost Advisory. 16-31
  19. College Football Stats - College FB Team Rushing Play Percentage | TeamRankings.com
  20. This is the 4th place he's been on Rhule's staff. Rhule has picked him 4 times. They worked together at Western Carolina prior to that. Again, not saying he's the right guy, but he needs a chance with a full deck. Or something closer to one than he had.
  21. Need a splash hire. Probably Gruden or Urban. If next guy brings his buddies instead of the best it’s over.
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