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  1. For the 10th time...Hutmacher would be way better off at OG Buford should be a CB. Also, has Kaine Williams been hurt all year or just no PT?
  2. I'd cry tears of joy if it was Urban...I also think that Kiffin could do absolute damage in Lincoln right now with Mickey here as well. He would bring a much better staff and those two recruiting would be solid. Proven HC imo that would bring a lot of attention to Lincoln. My top 5 still remains the same...though no idea who has real mutual interest. 1. Urban 2. Petersen 3. Kiffin 4. Klieman 5. Fleck
  3. Frost ran a much better offense. It's too bad that he thought his other assistants were worth a piss. Chindanderless Frost would be 6-4 right now.
  4. Each coach takes over a better/worse situation but here are the ranked win % for each HC Bill O'Brien 3-3 vs ranked teams at Penn St (50%) Aranda 4-5 vs ranked teams at Baylor (44%) Lane Kiffin 4-5 vs ranked teams at Ole Miss (44%) Klieman 4-6 vs ranked teams at Kansas St (40%) Luke Fickell 6-10 vs ranked teams at Cincinnati (37%) Campbell 10-19 vs ranked teams at Iowa St (34%) Mark Stoops 11-22 vs ranked team at Kentucky (33%) Fleck 3-11 vs ranked teams at Minnesota (21%) Leipold 1-4 vs ranked teams at Kansas (20%) Jeff Monken 0-9 vs ranked teams at Army (0%) Rhule 0-10 vs ranked teams at Baylor (0%)
  5. 01' Miami is nothing short of second best college team ever. Nebraska got housed by Colorado not long prior at home that year
  6. Would you be willing to hand the keys to Mickey IF one of these scenarios happened? Win @ Michigan (haven't beaten a ranked team since 2016, let alone a top 5 team) Win vs both Wisconsin and Iowa (haven't beaten either since 2014)
  7. Is he bringing Mahomes? If not, then hard pass.
  8. Yeah that's fair...I think defense matters the most. Wisconsin/Iowa always seem to be good on D and Illinois turned the corner this year with defense as well. For the record I think Whip is a good OC, but almost seems like it hurts his soul to be boring and grind a game out. Hell, he somehow thought Purdy was the option over LS. Grant should of had nothing less than 30 carries last vs MN.
  9. Having an offensive line is the most important part. Not sure we tried to run the ball this year with Whip as OC who threw a lot at Pitt. I never liked Chinander and his defense here.
  10. We are in the most ball control division in CFB with good coaching...need to get back to running the ball and playing defense.
  11. Fleck is a douche but I wouldn't hate if he coached here at this point.
  12. Nebraska hasn't been to a bowl game since 2016. Nebraska hasn't won a conference title since 1999. Nebraska has little local recruiting. Let's get serious for a second.
  13. Iowa won the west last year....people way over reacting right now. His son needs to be fired yes, but not Kirk.
  14. There is a 0% chance that Ferentz is fired.
  15. For sure. No way he is taking OC job at this point.
  16. I still love Chadwell's offense...he would need to bring in mostly a new staff unlike Frost's decision. With that said I doubt he is in the running.
  17. I've never seen Mack Brown mentioned which is surprising....not saying I want him but just curious why not. He is the same age as Saban. Currently 7-1 at UNC
  18. The longer we wait the more doubts it's Mickey right? If you are going to stick with him then you would announce for recruiting, NIL, transfer portal purposes. IF Trev wants it to be him then you can't wait to get trounced @ Michigan. The earlier the better IMO unless it is someone else then he will wait till day after Black Friday I would think.
  19. Whip's guy and he felt Smothers couldn't pass well enough. Little does he know Purdy is only good at scrambling. I hope Logan is the guy this week unless CT is ready.
  20. Allen was 1st team all B10 and broke the school record for receiving yards as tight end....he then landed the #1 TE in the nation. Voke is a solid TE imo as his blocking is good. Most people wanted Thompkins but couldn't get healthy. Newsome has been an above average CB here. Landed some local kids who deserved scholarships -- I've seen others leave the state. For a TE coach I think he has been good for us. If he isn't retained I don't think it's a major blow by any means but get realistic here.
  21. I wouldn't lose sleep if they were replaced.
  22. Applewhite and Busch I wouldn't count as Frost guys....Beckton has shown well in recruiting and TE production.
  23. Yes and yes. This doesn't mean that I would hate a few other options that are realistic, but if no home run hire then I don't see the issue with sticking with Mickey. He would take less money to leave room for higher paid assistants. We need OL and DL coaches like we never have before. I also want a proven DC - move Busch to db/safeties coach. Gimme an OC that has a run first mentality and a new S&C coach. I'm fine with keeping Applewhite, Busch and Beckton. Fisher and Ruud I wouldn't hate if kept as well. All others need the boot.
  24. I said since day 1 if we can't get Urban or Chris Petersen I would stick with Mickey if he is willing to get new coordinators and some assistants.
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