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  1. I just think that JoJo was good enough but Gifford and Kolaravic have been underwhelming so I'd rather have a shot at making the QB uncomfortable. We also have the 2 worst tackling safeties I've seen at Nebraska. Farmer has been bad for so long and we still play him for some reason. Buford has had 1 good tackle all year but go watch the film, he avoids contact and takes bad angles. He is like 5'9 (should be a CB imo).
  2. I posted this BEFORE the season... The 2 DL and 2 LB personnel will not work this year for this team. We have to run a 3-4. We also have to get safeties who aren't scared to tackle and make plays. Whoever runs the D can only do so much for the rest of the year but minor tweaks would help a lot imo. This would also help our 'edge' players as well with another DL. For example below. We would add another DL for a DB. Wynn, Nash, Drew Nelson, Reimer, Henrich, Mathis Newsome Hill Sanford Buford
  3. Fire Chinander today and regroup the team with a bye week...your next 2 games are the most winnable left on the schedule.
  4. GAS Highlights 2:42 - Buford some sort of hey I don't want to tackle 5:09 - Farmer and where the hell is he going? Not even looking at the play 5:40 - Farmer and the worst angle and tackle attempt on the year 7:12 - Farmer one handed swipe attempt 9:39 - Farmer shoulder tackle This isn't to say that others are doing well, but why continue to play Farmer?
  5. What changes the rest of the year if Chins isn't fired? Our offense already looks pretty good.
  6. The pressure now is on Trev's lap and I think he knows if he could hire Urban Meyer type coach that even if it fails he is safe. Get someone where we more so hope will work and it doesn't then Trev is on the line.
  7. This is his 10th season at Kentucky. I wouldn't say "short time" (61-53) record.
  8. I hope we give Mickey a legit chance at the job. He seems like a new age coach with the transfer portal and NIL that could succeed. All he would have to do is surround himself with a good staff (something Frost didn't do). His brother coaches in the NFL so combine that with the checks we can write we could find a real good DC and either keep Whipple or find another good OC. Players also really like him and the coaches in Omaha said their kids would def play for him unlike past coaching assistants. Sometimes a chance is all someone needs. Mel Tucker coached 1 year at Colorado and went 5-7 and still got the Michigan St job. Maybe he had a fluke year last year but he showed me it can be done with the things I listed above.
  9. I think he is a good coach but remember who he took over after? Urban Meyer who went 12-0 at Utah. It also took him 11 years to win a Pac 12 title.
  10. 1. Urban Meyer 2. Chris Petersen 3. Matt Campbell 4. Mickey Joseph 5. Lance Leipold
  11. Trying to have a positive spin.. Frost was competitive just could never figure out how to win close or fire his incompetent friend at DC. I think the new HC is set up decent in regards to the roster, new facilities, NIL etc.
  12. 1. Urban Meyer - Won everywhere he has been in the college ranks. Bowling Green, Utah, Florida & Ohio St. Do many care that much he checked the oil? 2. Matt Campbell - Was a home run hire at Iowa St. Did well at Toledo and sets the standard of a good culture and I think his offensive style would fit the B10 well. The defense has also been solid but they also run a 3-3-5. I am not entirely sure he would accept the job though being many tried offering him the past couple years. 3. Chris Petersen - This is who I wanted to hire after Pelini. We all know what he did at Boise St but it gets overlooked that he made the CFB playoff at Washington in year 3. Not sure where his head is at since he isn't coaching currently but I would be okay if he was the guy. Had b2b 10+ wins for the first time in 25 years at Washington. 4. Mickey Joseph - Even if he doesn't get the HC gig I really hope he is retained as WR coach at minimum. He doesn't take BS (something imo that this team has missed over the past 2 hires). Former Husker which idc about anymore but the kids respect him big time. He is also a major recruiter. I think he has a legit chance, but many fans would be like oh another former player here we go. Brother also has been a HC in the NFL and current DC - connections.
  13. Maybe someone posted but I saw a good point that with the Big Noon Fox game this Saturday is FREE coaching hire press. Also, Chinander should have been gone right with Frost. Chins just gave up a home Nebraska record vs Georgia Southern who RAN THE TRIPLE OPTION LAST YEAR. Came in year 1 (game 2) and absolutely ran up and down the field on you. Pathetic
  14. True.. All other places said Frost can come but not your whole brigade of incompetent friends. Troy Walters - Gone Ryan Held - Gone Mario Verduzco - Gone Jovan Dewitt - Gone Greg Austin - Gone Frost...gone.
  15. Never should have brought his friend Chinander....guy is clueless. Frost had his time and it's fine we are moving on.
  16. FEIST AND ROBINSON ARENT GOOD...how is this hard to see? Safeties still 20 yards off the ball. Chins never adjusts.
  17. Also, doesn't this just save the Big 12 and Pac 12? Auto bid if you win that conference. B12 will be elementary without Oklahoma and Texas. P12 seems it may lose USC and UCLA.
  18. Saban is great but people forget it's easier now with the playoff era. Nebraska 5 titles with 0 total losses.
  19. Any plans for Fidone to play this year? Him and Voke out there same time would be lethal.
  20. Sipple knows very little....7 wins and Frost will 100% be back.
  21. I think Lutovsky came in and did some good things for Bando's spot. I'd like to see more of that. Would have liked to see Anthony or Williams at least get a few reps to see what they can do. Benhart misses at times
  22. Yes, and I liked when we did that....I am not saying we need to go the option but I think it would be a unique offense for a P5 program that could take notice. FYI I am okay with our offense this year as well.
  23. Something I noticed on 3rd downs from Chins is that we have a QB spy....why the hell do we do this against statue QBs? Complete waste of a man who can rush like Tannor for instance did it a few times last game. Also noticed that Drew played pretty well.
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