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  1. When’s the last time (probably never) that anyone on here has seen a black person be turned away at a restaurant because of their skin color? I don’t doubt some kind of minor confrontation/confusion with a hostess, but I highly doubt she wasn’t seated because she’s black.
  2. I feel bad for her situation, but yeah, you’re a moron for taking drugs into another country. Hopefully she can get back home, and despite Lebron’s dumbass take, she’ll kiss the shores off this country upon her return.
  3. Lebron is one of the more annoying examples of someone who thinks they’re really smart, and they’re actually very dumb.
  4. Ugh. Whoops. At least Knapp has a good sense of humor. Also, the random GO BIG ORANGE chant in Memorial makes a lot more sense now.
  5. A joke so tempting you were willing to overlook Elmo being red to make it. I can still appreciate it, though.
  6. He was fired for leading a prayer after a football game. He is a victim, at least on some levels.
  7. Agreed. If he was forcing or incentivizing joining in on the prayer, it’d be a completely different story. This seems like an obvious one.
  8. I never suggested that. Either way, the remedy to that problem is killing the child before birth? How many of these terrible mothers had these children, knowing they’d regret it, because they couldn’t get abortions? Weren’t abortions fairly accessible in every state up until a few days ago?
  9. Weren’t you the one who called me ignorant? I didn’t take a dig at you at you, so I’m sorry you took it that way. Are you suggesting that women who get abortions, outside of medical emergencies, would end up being poor mothers? I would also question their morality, but I don’t know I’d suggest that they’re all poor mothers….
  10. Oldest is going to be a Sophmore! Yeah. Not always easy lol
  11. I don’t live in Nebraska anymore, and as I mentioned before, I haven’t voted since Barack Obama’s election. I have genuinely lost faith in all politicians, and their public/private motives. I have three daughters, so I look at this whole thing through that lense. So no, I wouldn’t be comfortable supporting those politicians in your example.
  12. Lol. I’m a business owner who is very active in multiple community and school leadership boards, so yeah, I get out plenty. Sounds like I hang around the good kind of people. Maybe you should assess who you surround yourself with. So the answer to this (alleged) rampant issue of child hating mothers is to…. kill them before they ever have a chance? Right…. And I’d only be naive if I believed so many mothers had confided in you that they wish their children had been aborted.
  13. In earlier posts, I didn’t express well (or at all) how complicated I understand this subject to be. Especially from a moral standpoint. I stand by where I stand on it. I think abortions should be allowed in cases of medical emergencies, rape, and incest. Any state or politician seeking to outlaw abortion (which I know there are) in those instances are as morally corrupt as those seeking abortion in an attempt to deflect moral and personal responsibility. However, most abortions are sought because of the latter, and that’s why I support these decisions going back to the states, despite the melodramatic, and anticipatory reactions to what might come next. I’ve never seen a mother regret having a child after she’s held him/her in their arms, which makes the denial of rights to a child in the womb all the more appalling.
  14. They do. There are all kinds of laws based on societal and moral norms.
  15. I haven’t voted since I voted for Barack Obama, so….
  16. They do it all the time. The difference here is how either side views the unborn. That’s it.
  17. I’ve made very, very clear on here that I don’t think abortion should be illegal in those instances. So keep your melodramatic a$$, and gotcha takes moving
  18. But the deflection of moral and personal responsibility of a woman should supersede the rights of unborn children…. And if we’re being honest, that’s what most abortions are. Talk about ignorance.
  19. If you couldn’t pick up on the sarcasm of that post, I don’t know what to tell you. And it sounds like you take me about as seriously as I take you (and your pals on here), so at least we have that in common. I’ve always felt like I’ve given my honest, rational opinion on here. I don’t worry all that much how it sits with you(s).
  20. Im far from extreme on the situation, I just truly don’t understand why anyone would support abortion outside of the extreme examples of medical emergencies or rape. I’ve tried to see the other side of it, but really just can’t understand it.
  21. He knows today was about STOPPING the death of millions, right?
  22. Ironically, and suddenly, no one is having trouble defining what a woman is today.
  23. Fooooor sure. Which is a hilarious response. I disagree with Nike and Disney’s ridiculous political pandering, but I still give them my money too often.
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