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  1. Great. Trev has turned to Ayahausca for help finding a coach.
  2. A photo of a photo of Rhule holding a photo of his contract details.
  3. That PM was . If you’re the 2nd most connected person to the athletic department I must now be the 3rd!
  4. He brings back good memories of the hiring process that led to Frost and a certain poster at the time liking to lead his bulls#!t/ made up inside information with “ Lars and I” reported such and such. Goooood times.
  5. Yeah, calling it awful was probably a little harsh. I’ll say underwhelming instead…. I’d also have some concern about hiring a coach that needed to step away from the Virginia job. Nebraska is a whole new level of fish bowl compared UVA.
  6. Trev must really not want to win that introductory press conference. That just feels like an awful hire, if it happens.
  7. Trev, please don’t let Mickey anywhere near the HC job. Thank you.
  8. No no no no! Mainstream country, and specifically Luke Bryan, are the worst. My kind of country music comes from Colter Wall, Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, and Willi Carlisle.
  9. Imagine having to issue a statement over this. The woke left is the worst….
  10. So, covert racism doesn’t apply when it’s the other way around? Noted.
  11. That’s true, and since you’re aware of that you should know as well as anyone that those two are definitely anti-Semitic.
  12. This has never been how Twitter has been run, at least not recently, so I guess it’s just status quo. He’s too important to allow himself to be consumed by Twitter for too long. I imagine he’ll take a step back once he’s had his fun. Honestly, those spaces are so consumed by the left and leftists ideas that I don’t mind the push back that Musk brings.
  13. I don’t think anyone is denying the likelihood of the racist HISTORY around public swimming pools, but what does that have to do with a 12 year old black kid in 2022 not being able to swim? Sounds like that has way more to do with the personal responsibility of their parents (imagine that!) then it doesn’t white people.
  14. You doubt that Elon Musk has the mental capacity to run Twitter?…. Right…. Twitter will be a cesspool just like it’s always been, the only difference is that Elon and company will likely allow right wing disinformation to be present along with the left wing disinformation that has been spread on that platform for years.
  15. Awfully sensitive family…. And Nebraska doesn’t exactly have the market cornered on message board speculation. They’re going to run into that x100 at any college he goes to.
  16. When’s the last time (probably never) that anyone on here has seen a black person be turned away at a restaurant because of their skin color? I don’t doubt some kind of minor confrontation/confusion with a hostess, but I highly doubt she wasn’t seated because she’s black.
  17. I feel bad for her situation, but yeah, you’re a moron for taking drugs into another country. Hopefully she can get back home, and despite Lebron’s dumbass take, she’ll kiss the shores off this country upon her return.
  18. Lebron is one of the more annoying examples of someone who thinks they’re really smart, and they’re actually very dumb.
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