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  1. No More BTN on Comcast?

    I would like to get rid of Comcast, but my only alternative for internet is AT&T. I despise Comcast, but the cable internet bundle is only 10$ more per month than internet only. I have been searching for two years, but other than a satellite service or AT&T, I can't get internet. For those of you that stream, who is your internet provider?
  2. Pro-Style QB

    And Callahan took a team to the super bowl on the legs of Rich Gannon, and still didn't see the value of a mobile QB.
  3. Pro-Style QB

    Have they heard of Drew Brees?
  4. Tommie Frazier or Scott Frost

    Wasn't Frost the first QB to throw and run for 1000 yards?
  5. Huskers vs. B1G West

    I don't blame him. SE gave him a nice retirement. Only the Husker faithful had to suffer.
  6. Huskers vs. B1G West

    Is it possible that Bo was a jerk and SE was an arrogant tool? These are not exclusive. MR handled SE much better publicly , but IMO, SE allowed SE to have more influence on the football program, and his influence was all bad.
  7. Huskers vs. B1G West

    I think SE was a special case. That idiot's single purpose was to get Bo. Then he was stupid enough to hire a loser and try to micromanage him.
  8. Husker Coaches Clinic (Power T's Recap)

    With regard to the bolded. Are you sure? I thought DBs were supposed to line up 10 yards off the LOS and follow the receivers around. After watching the past 3 years, I thought it was illegal to touch a receiver.
  9. Pro-Style QB

    I don't think so. Bo feasted on immobile QBs, but struggled with QBs that could not run. Even McBride struggled with running QBs.
  10. Tommie Frazier or Scott Frost

    I remember Frost leveling a DB after handing off. I would have loved to see Frost level Woodson. Woodson was great at pass D, but not much against the run. I don't think he would have enjoyed seeing the NU lineman coming down field looking for a little twerp to pound on.
  11. Tommie Frazier or Scott Frost

    I choose Frost because of Tommie's interceptions in bowl games. He had 11 ints in 4 years during the regular season, but added 7 ints in 4 bowl games. Frost threw 7 ints in two regular seasons, but threw none in his two bowl games. Both should have won Heismans. What a pity, but at least they both won MNCs. I would not trade the 1997 MNC for a Heisman, and I would trade Crouch's Heisman for a MNC.
  12. Learning Frost's Offense

    Stop this thread now! You are teaching opposing coaches how our offense in run!
  13. For the first time in years

    We will probably get blown out at least once this year. We can't let it get us down or make us question the staff. In a couple years, it will be the Huskers delivering the beat downs, and I bet we are on the good side of most blow outs this year.
  14. For the first time in years

    I don't like how the prognosticators have Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State as automatic losses. There is no way we lose all of those games. We will win at least one, and maybe three.
  15. For the first time in years

    I had no excitement the last couple of years when Bo was here or any of MR's years. It is great to have something to look forward to this year.