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  1. The only real reason to keep Riley would be if the top 2 or 3 candidates truly aren't interested. If we can't snag one of the best 3 available coaches, then we'd be better served to wait until next season's carousel. Even with as poorly as we've played this year, with as tough as next year's schedule is, I can't imagine anyone stepping in and changing systems and doing any better in year 1 than what Riley would in year 4. Not even Frost, who seems to be the top choice.... So unless we're sure that we have a long term solution, it'd be smarter to wait another season than to make a knee jerk replacement like we did the last time.
  2. UCF Golden Knights vs Maryland

    And Nick Saban wanted to build something at LSU before he left for three nfl, and he wanted to build something at the dolphins before he left for Bama. It's basically in Frosts job description to say he wants to be at UCF. It's politically correct coach speak. Jjust like its in Rileys job description to say nice things about whoever the new AD is, even if in the back of his mind he thinks the new AD is going to fire him..... All that said, we're still a long long way from firing Riley or hiring Frost.
  3. That's sort of how I see it. I don't think Bo was the worst "coach" out of the three, but I think he hurt our program more than the others. Callahan at least left some talent for the next guy to work with. What if Suh was never on one of Bo's teams? How many more losses would we have had in 09? 2 or 3 minimum. Riley is at least recruiting well at most positions. So if he figures things out on the field, then great.... Or if he's fired within the next 18 months, at least the next guy will have a more solid roster to work with than what either Callahan or Riley started with.
  4. Scott Frost

    Idk that Scott could trust Alberts if Alberts were to treat Scott like he's treated other QBs in the past. He has proven throughout his entire life how much he hates QBs. If history is any indicator, he would probably force feed Scott mud and shoe leather. I just don't see it as a long term fix.
  5. He's secretly a Wisconsin fan, he's just trolling us now before he's fired.
  6. Tre Bryant

    I have noticed on other teams in the past, Wisconsin, MD, okie st, and IU come to mind, that for a variety of reasons (injury, "the hot hand", defensive match-ups, ect.) some teams use a different "feature back" on any given week. Maybe only for 2 or 3 games, but they spread some reps around. Idk if we'll see that this season with NU, but could it be that we split carries by game rather than down or quarter? They all have some differences in their abilities, so it sort of makes sense that we might have a different "feature" gamelan planned for each of them at different times in the season. Tre did great the other night, so if Tre himself and coaches think he can stay healthy, then I won't be complaining if they give him the ball 25-30 times per game from here in out. If he separated himself from the others in practice, then by all means reward him with game time... But I won't be surprised to see a different "feature back" get 20+ carries at any given moment this season. And although I like the idea of Tre being able to carry the load, I hope the other guys get their moment before anyone is totally overworked or seriously injured... All that said, I would really like to see Tre do that again v Oregon.
  7. Arkansas State Week Pressers

    Agreed, I wouldn't put much stock in that comment one way or another. It's all situational, it's impossible to predict.... Even with injuries, it's all about timing. If it's early in the season, like week 3 or 4 or something, then yeah play him. But if it's Thanksgiving weekend and he still has his RS, then maybe rely on a walk-on QB and/or some wildcat-offense with DPE or someone at that point.
  8. Nebraska wearing red @ Oregon?

    I hope the fans have a white out for this game too. And we wear red. All the NU fans and the husker bench will stick out like a sore thumb... The number of NU fans there would look double the actual size if they all wear white, which would be great for recruiting.
  9. Where is the Broken Chair???

    If we don't get the trophy back from wherever its at, someone should take a folding chair from the locker room and put it at midfield during warmups. We'll play for that if we have to, and the losing coach should have to tape a couple of dollars to it during the post-game handshake. And if they take that chair away, we should put an old sideline/player bench at midfield next season. I see no shame in playing for a broken bench.
  10. Trump and the Press

    http://thefederalist.com/2017/06/27/cnn-producer-fesses-just-russia-stuff-ratings/ That's just crazy. "Why is CNN constantly like Russia this, Russia that?' an unnamed Project Veritas reporter asks John Bonifield, CNN supervising producer, in a video that appears to have been filmed covertly. Because its ratings, Bonifield said. Our ratings are incredible right now. Bonifield said CNN CEO Jeff Zucker told his staff to get back to the Russia collusion story after they covered Trumps decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord for two days, and implied that this decision was driven by ratings. All the nice cutesey ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school, youre like: Thats adorable,' he said. This is a business. Even if Russia was trying to swing an election, we try to swing their elections, Bonifield said. Our CIA is doing sh-t all the time, were out there trying to manipulate governments. When asked if he thought the Russia collusion story was legitimate or all hype, Bonifield said its mostly bullsh-t right now. Like we dont have any big giant proof, he said. I think the president is probably right to say, like, Look, you are witch-hunting me. You have no smoking gun. You have no real proof.'
  11. Trump-endorsed news sources

    Well dude, that's uhh, just like, you're opinion man.... Sometimes it's the right move to simply do what your oponent doesn't want you to do. Cutting ties with NBC is not going to upset the opponents of the msm one bit. I'll bet Jones is pretty glad about this move by jp Morgan. The fact that he played a part in this has got to make him pretty proud. You and him both are hoping for others to join jp Morgan. Companies cutting ties with nbc and other msm outlets will only give infowars more footing and validation in their viewers' eyes. Moves like that help infowars more than a 20 minute interview that hardly anybody is actually going to watch anyway.
  12. DT Calvin Avery [Illinois Commit]

    It'd be a lot easier if he wasn't an in state kid.Just cite the fact he may not qualify and we don't have room for gambles. Avery is hands down a better player. Are we sure he is a risk to qualify? Why would the coaches handle Masry any different from the way they handled Bradley last season if he's an academic risk? I suspect the coaches are confident in him qualifying -- or I guess maybe they just don't want other schools poking around on the chance he does qualify. Idk. We'll take them both if Avery wants in.
  13. Trump and the Press

    If you were tasked with creating a new currency that consumers & industries widely accept as payment, and to develope a fair and balanced economy, where would you start?
  14. Trump and the Press

    Its also no coincidence that as soon as we went of the gold standard that we started to pile up national debt. Recovery by debt, good for the bankers....
  15. Trump and the Press

    Every industry has unique stressors. The currency is only one of dozens of factors affecting healthcare costs. Yes, but the value of the dollar is ground zero to those other factors. Its the most central factor..... Until the currency/economy is addressed, then we're not really addressing anything by manipulating or fine-tuning other contributing factors of any industry.