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  1. Tangent from my previous posts. On Friday at work, my openly gay boss came up to me and told me a joke about pedo priests. Of course I try to live a Catholic lifestyle, so I just had to tell him "thats not funny, it's dumb", and walk away for a little cool down. It was basically the end of the day on Friday, so I decided if I'm going to raise hell with HR, I'd do it on Monday in I still feel compelled. I don't think I will, Lord knows I've told dumb jokes before too. But never a negative gay joke to a gay guy. I seriously doubt that I would be treated the same afterwards if I were to do that. #weird time for Christians
  2. You. I didn't say they "wanted" it to be Christian. It is Christian though.
  3. Yeah, no, I read it the first time. It was a dumb post then too. I'm not one to quote others, I'd rather go back and forth with dumb jokes tbh. Those quotes don't clearly show anything other than we all have personal political and religious views. Even way back when... I can go find some pro Christian quotes too, but you'd forget them as quickly as I'm going to forget yours.
  4. Sure it is, but ok, I'm tired of chatting too. You have a good evening.
  5. Unless I want the Koran applied as well? Is that the Democratic fear mongering/propaganda seeping through? Do you assume I'm against non Christians from having a vote/voice? Plenty of politicians have been sworn in on the Koran, because ya know, God has a place in American politics. Is a politician supposed to give up their religions when they're voted into office? If so I'll let you tell the Jews and Muslims to not wear their religious cap and scarves during business hours.... Of course they can vote and lead with their religious views (might be why they were elected in the first place Idk), so long as they don't infringe on the rights of others.... But again, that's one of the bedrocks of Christianity.
  6. Yes separate from religious bodies, like the Vatican.... Not separate from citizens freely reflecting their religious morals and culture upon their vote. No room whatsoever for Christians having Christian culture affect their vote? No way should the bible be applied in American politics?.... Am I only supposed to be Christian from 7-11am on Sunday mornings? And not at all on voting day?..... Bizarro world, I tell ya.
  7. You make some good points. But c'mon, you know the general tenor of this thread, right? Play nice. Lol... If I had all the words to explain, I would gladly do so, but I can't explain Christianity in two or three posts. My recommendation would be to maybe go to church, and truly try to live a Christian life style (not a secular Christian life style) if anyone is curious about understanding Christians issues.
  8. No, it definitely is, that's not to say all religions aren't encouraged or allowed. It's just that atheism, Satanism, and Buddhism had less input than Christ in our constitution.
  9. Lol, have you read this thread moraine? You're not that oblivious.
  10. Religious governing body's, like the Vatican, sure. But apart from God? Nope, not at all. It does outline the fact that we shouldn't harm, prohibit, or discriminate against anyone from any religion, for any reason really. But of course, that's one of the bedrocks of Christianity, I'm pretty confident the founders were aware of that.
  11. You weren't talking about Trump in the Russia investigation thread? Not at all? Really? What. Ok, so not Trump.... Just the gop as a whole is bad news lol. Because of their talking points against the dnc's gun stance. And the dnc doesn't have the same hollow talking points against the gop? I've been duped? Good luck winning the swing votes! Ok fair point, you took a joke out of context to get on your high horse and inform me of my dupedness. Again, good luck winning the swing votes.
  12. Wow, good observation, she didn't bring Trump up by name..... I didn't mention Obama or Clinton my name before she brought them up. What's your point again? She did pretentiously associate me with being duped by someone/something. I wonder who she could mean? You tell me. Believe whatever you want man, but I'm honestly not pulling you're leg. I've never voted for the gop candidate (but I've got more and more reasons every day).
  13. Jesus didn't exactly "endorse" most of what the democrats are trying to push either, so buzz off that non sense. You're trying to use Jesus as a reason to remove Jesus from our culture and world view. I hope you, and the folks who up voted, understand how oxymoronic that is. Culture shapes politics. And the laws in this country, esp the non racist laws, are built from Christianity.... Which is why Christians get upset that our culture has devolved to the extent that it has, and then we get told by one side of the isle that it's our own world view that has messed it all up. We're living a post-Christian culture with a fundamentally Christian constitution..... Bizarro world man.
  14. It's a free country, so do what you like, but feel free to go to church this weekend.
  15. Wow sorry to get you wound up, or why else are you trying to make a serious point out of a few jokes? I was making a joke, mocking him more so, but a joke none the less.... I'm not worried about the 2nd, annoyed is probably a better description.... But to your point, every joke does have a grain of truth to it. And you're smart enough to know what Kernals of truth that can be found in both commando and my own comments. I've been duped? Lol. You're off your rocker. Go back to Russia you silly silly robot. Stop, I wouldn't want you to influence my vote or anything. Lol.... It's funny, I visit here often enough to pick up on the general vibe, and to be honest, nothing makes me want to vote for Trump more than your posts moraine, among others (and I didn't vote for him last time around, nor have I ever voted for the gop candidate, not that it should matter)..... Even when I agree with your general point, like in your previous post for example, you have this odd ability of making Trump seem like a palatable person. I wish I could wrap my head around it, because I know he's a knuckle head, but Jesus look in a mirror you guys. Why would anyone vote for a dem candidate? Lol
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