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  1. Oade

    Gun Control

    I agree for the most part. But to add to your point about assault weapons, things are already further past the limits of what the American public should allow. It's a noble perspective to want to remove the potential dangers from the equation, but none of us can see into the future. It's easy to debate on the side of "safety" in today's America, all things considered, we live really peaceful and safe lives. But what about 500 years from now? Forget a tyrannical American government for a minute, what does China or Russia look like 500 years from now? History is littered with instances of tyrannical empire building governments, it's not a big stretch to be worried about the long term ramifications of our actions today. By the time I was 10 years old, I could safely use several firearms as well as any 19 y/o army brat - to remove that quality, familiarity, and education from the youth of America is a huge freaking deal..... Forget tyrannical governments, what happens when Yellowstone erupts - or insert any other unforeseen natural disaster? By the time I was 10, I could've supported my family by living of the land if push came to shove..... Even though we live convenient lives these days, we still need 10 year olds to be capable of those things - maybe not every 10 year old needs to be qualified for that, but a lot would be better than only a few.
  2. Oade

    Immigration Ban

    Actually, that's not true. Lol.
  3. Oade

    Immigration Ban

    Idk whether Trump thinks he needs this for re-election or not, but I don't think he does need it. This has far more impact to the Republicans at all other levels both in DC and across the county than it does Trump, imo. If Republicans in Congress as a whole fold on this, then they won't be re-elected.... However, imo, Trumps fate will essentially be made up by the electability of whoever wins the Democratic ticket, and I like to think Trump understands that. He doesn't need a big policy or moment to hang his hat on, he needs the Democrats to shoot themselves in the foot, and longer this plays out, the more likely that is to happen. Beyond that, regardless of a wall, or anything else, if the best the Democrats can put forth is Clinton or Biden, Trump has a good shot.
  4. Oade

    Immigration Ban

    One could make the argument that building a wall would help protect the environment. But yeah, the Dems should ask for more once they finally find some middle ground, lol. https://www.azbordertrash.gov/ https://www.cis.org/Sussis/Trash-Border-Highlights-Environmental-Cost-Illegal-Immigration
  5. Oade

    The Republican Utopia

    Oh man, can you imagine the Hitler/Stalin comparisons if he did personally fund the wall?? "He is so racist that he basically funded the entire thing himself!! Blahhh!" I'm not sure of how much free cash flow Trump (or anyone) has sitting in their bank account, but it would be cool if he donated his Presidential income toward the Go Fund Me thing for a month or two.
  6. I don't think the solution is a division or pod system, but simply a "rivalry" system. I think the two most important issues that need to be addressed when making the schedule is 1) each team needs to play a home/home series with every other team within a 4 year period. 2) rivalries. 3) schedule parity. 4) conference identity. In a 16 team conference (or even in a 14 team conf.) each team can play every other school twice during a four year period with a 9 game schedule... But instead of divisions or Pods, each team would have 3 protected rivals. Then the two best records go to the conference title game. If OU and KU or TX or whoever were to join, then NU would play OU, KU, and Iowa each year for example. Then rotate the rest of the 12 conference teams on a continual home/home series rotation no different than the B12 used to do, except the rotations for each specific team wouldn't be based on division, they would be based on Parity.... With 3 protected games, and 6 home/home rotating series, then each team will play their "un"-protected games twice every 4 years making everyone feel like they are a part of the same conference..... I have this schedule set up on a huge spread sheet for the entire B10 going forward like 20 years, I don't have time right now, but I can maybe link to the full schedule later this weekend. Looking at the entire body of the schedule addresses some of the parity issues and the "unfairness" of the "protected rivals" that you see listed here. Protected games: NU: OU, KU, Iowa Iowa: NU, Minn, and Wisc Wisc: Iowa, Minn, and NW Minn: Iowa, Wisc, Mich NW: Wisc, ILL, MD ILL: OSU, NW, Purdu Pur: OU, ILL, IU IU: MSU, Pur, KU MSU: Mich, IU, RU OSU: Mich, PSU, ILL Mich: OSU, MSU, Minn Penn State: OSU, MD, and RU MD: RU, PSU, NW RU: PSU, MD, MSU OU: NU, KU, Purdue KU: OU, NU, and IU
  7. Oade

    Do we still miss the Big 12?

    I love the B10, don't miss being a B12 team at all, but I still think it's cool to play them.... The idea of scheduling teams like CU, OU, Texas, Kst, KU, ISU, ect is more fun today than the idea of scheduling Iowa, Wisc, Minn, or NW was two decades ago. We just have more history with those B12 teams than we do with most P12 or SEC teams, so I'd like to see us schedule B12 teams as much as possible. Missing playing those games is different than missing being a conference member though.
  8. Oade

    Akron may not get their money

    That was one of my first thoughts as well. Of course the likelihood of having another game cancelled within the next decade (or century) are 1 in a million, so it probably doesn't matter. It was an unfair situation, out of everyone's control. Are we the type of program that holds up our end of the agreement or are we the type that kicks and screams when we don't get our ball? Paying them is part of the deal, it's the least we can do to compensate them for time and travel, and it shows we're willing to work with other programs during unfair situations. It's not a huge hit to us financially, it's something we already had worked into the budget, and it's simply the right thing to do. The only logical reason for us to put up a stink about this would be to get them to agree to a rematch at a lower rate, if anything at all. There's no reason we should pay them twice for one game.
  9. Not only that, but the (freshman) 2nd string QB played better than the starter (highly regarded transfer) when the starting QB left the game with cramps. Then the starter came back in and their momentum stalled again. I can imagine some finger pointing going on in that locker room. Idk that we'll beat them, but if w do, the wheels are going to fall off big time for them.
  10. Oade

    Options for Game #12

    Any and every other cupcake team would've left. That much was predictable. The only reason to schedule another game should be bowl eligibility (and the extra practice time that comes with it). I hope we don't need an extra game to attain that, but if we do, then we're shooting ourselves in the foot of we don't try to get something scheduled.
  11. Oade

    Options for Game #12

    I agree, and from that same perspective, if we truly need this game to reach 6 wins, then we're probably better off having the week of Dec 3 off to rest and recover from the season. We're likely looking at a Dec 23 bowl game if we're only at 6 wins, so it's going to be a quick turnaround (as far as bowl season goes) if we schedule something for the first weekend of December.
  12. Oade

    Options for Game #12

    If we "officially" schedule anything at this point, it about has to be during our bye week. There are several teams that share the same bye week as us, and would likely be willing to take a pay check. Marshall, Louisiana Monroe, UTSA, ect. If we want to keep or our regular bye week, but also don't want to lock ourselves into a deal during the CCG weekend, then the smart thing to do would be to go find a team for that weekend, and essentially come to an option-agreement, and just not make it an official game at this point. We should still get everything scheduled and lined up within the next 2 weeks, so we don't have to do it short notice, but still leave an option in the contract that lets us cancel if we do happen to sneak into the ccg.
  13. Oade

    PreSeason AP Poll

    But did they schedule that before or after Chip was hired?
  14. Oade

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Akron

    I learned that I'll stay up until 1 am for a potential announcement during a rain delay, but I'm glad that I didn't have to.
  15. Oade

    The Family Curse Continues

    Wtf. Honestly.