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  1. Hilltop

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I AM does have to miss another couple games, I would think SF would start considering saving him for the last 3 games and using his red shirt. I hope that isn't the case but I do believe Bunch will improve significantly if given more playing time. The kid has talent so all wouldn't be lost imo.
  2. Hilltop

    Why It's Not as Bad as It Feels

    Lol... That amazing rushing display against ucla. They had a terrible rush defense and were seriously uninspired to play a 5 win Nebraska team. Riley stunk... Seriously man let it go.
  3. This team is passing the eye test in a lot of ways. I challenge anyone being negative to watch some of the individual battles instead of focusing on the score board. The wins will come with time. Any rational fan knew there would be rookie mistakes... But man do we have some awesome things happening. I'm actually excited with what I have seen.
  4. Hilltop

    Do we still miss the Big 12?

    The only part of it I miss is we used to be pretty damn good. A huge part of what fans liked about the big 12 was our North dominance.... (So this is what it felt like to be Missouri)
  5. Hilltop

    Colorado Next Week

    I'm not sure how anyone can call us evenly matched at this point. What we know is that CU beat a fairly weak CSU team convincingly and NU has had a bunch of practice and our stadium will be rocking to start the game. Beyond that we have a bunch of hope. I think it would be good for us to stay grounded as a fan base. I desperately want us to destroy CU, but in the bigger picture I want to see this program built back to a level of national relevance. Win or lose Saturday, I want to see the fight and energy from our players right up to the ending whistle.
  6. Hilltop

    ****Official Colorado Score Prediction****

    NU - 27 CU - 20
  7. Hilltop

    Akron may not get their money

    By the time they got players actually settled in with blankets and pillows from who knows where, they would have been lucky to get 5 hours of sleep. Not ideal at all for their guys. I would have refused as well in his shoes. I commend our people for trying as it sounds like they made every reasonable effort but it didn't work. Nothing reasonable left of that dead horse to kick- moving on. In the mean time, we have a solid CU team to get ready for.
  8. Hilltop

    Nebraska vs. Akron Simulation

  9. Hilltop

    Akron may not get their money

    It was bad luck. Time to move on.
  10. Throwing full water bottles at people from that high up isn't dramatic? That can cause serious damage to whoever it hits. They absolutely deserve jail time.
  11. 49-18-2 isn't a rivalry. They had a good team for a few years but in general it has been an epic beat down over the last 100 years.
  12. There are a few sane ones replying on that thread and then a few that have no clue what they are talking about. Would be fun to go back after the game if it ends up how I think it will.
  13. Hilltop

    Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    And then hire Kirk Ferentze?.... yuck. I'll pass
  14. Hilltop

    Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    Reading between the lines a little- does that mean that first team will be in black after the first game?
  15. Hilltop

    Weather for Colorado game

    The chances that this game will be cancelled or even delayed are very low. The SPC in Norman is predicting the system will primarily affect MO and the great lakes region with very little potential for severe weather. We may have a few showers but nothing like we experienced this past Saturday. We will play CU as scheduled, " ...DISCUSSION... Saturday-Tuesday Large-scale pattern is not expected to change appreciably during the upcoming medium-range period with the dominant feature being the upper ridge anchored over the Middle Atlantic. This flow regime will continue to favor significant number of convective events from the western Gulf States - southern Plains - Midwest. While the westerlies have retreated to near the international border, the remnants of Gordon are expected to eject across MO into the Great Lakes region during the day4-6 time frame.