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  1. I'd also go with, what went wrong
  2. Frost going to be a gator might actually kill any love I have for college football.
  3. especially since i heard Fleck thought it might be a good place to go.
  4. Where is the Broken Chair???

    What are you hearing? very worried if knapps not hearing good things... but i want that damned chair damn it. i hate the other trophy games we have in the big ten, they are stupid and forced, i love the way the chair came about.
  5. Huskers Schedule Buffalo in 2021

    and lance pretty much owned D3 at UW-W he's a good coach.
  6. Coach Dub Twitter war with OSU coach

    And that Mike Thomas and Braxton Miller are going to be training with Williams this summer. got a link for that?
  7. i'm so confused as to why newby is still put out there, WE NEED A ****ing RUNNING GAME.
  8. Former Players

    kenny "i shoulda been a buffalo cuz i don't know what winning looks like" and will compton both are calling the coaches out. nevermind that rage filled piece of garbage they played for never won anything that mattered
  9. ***Southern Miss Game Discussion***

    hoke got atheletes in, just couldn't do squat with em
  10. ***Southern Miss Game Discussion***

    come join us in the chatroom, it's much fun https://webchat.freenode.net/ just search for huskerboard
  11. Catching up with Cory "Porkchop" Ross

    the biggest problem for cosgrove was losing 2 nfl d ends afer 2006. I felt bad for BC mostly because when frank got fired i was commenting that who ever took the job would be out in 4 or 5 years, i honestly think BC deserved a chance to replace coz(and elmo).
  12. **LET US PRAY!**

    the battles we go through life
  13. ESPN: Worst Blowouts in Sports History

    i expected to see 7(seven)-1 as number 1 and i am gobsmacked that it's not. shows how little espn knows.
  14. Dirty play and Officiating

    i believe it goes through the ole texass conference