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  1. Same home town, but different high school. I coach against them...they are a wing T team so blocking wise there is a lot going for him.
  2. It was extremely disturbing...what the actual 'f' is wrong with sexual assault laws...I wonder if his attorney (Mallory Hughes) is able to sleep at night knowing that happened and basically blaming the female for what happened. Do either one of these rapists get signed on with another team?
  3. Sounds a little like people may have over reacted...surprise, surprise.
  4. Saw the article about him recently...wrestler too!
  5. The expectation that all top kids should stay 'home' is crazy. There are kids all over the country that leave their home state to go somewhere else...top kids do that and they can do that. The biggest issue IMO (and stated by others as well) winning will help. Help is the key word. Living and coaching in MN I see the top kids leave all of the time (one is currently on the Huskers roster). With the success that PJ has had, some of the best kids in state leave. I know comparing MN to the Huskers is not apple to apples, but they have been far more successful than the Huskers over the last 5+ year
  6. Maybe he doesn't want to Row the Boat...would be a great addition for the Huskers!!
  7. Any insight? Do the Huskers have a good chance to keep him home?
  8. He never wanted to be at Nebraska...it was obvious with him committing to the Goofs so early and not even stepping foot on the campus. That is fine and good luck to the young man. The people that are trashing Frost for not getting him and saying they need to keep the in state kids home...the overwhelming majority of the top in state talent stayed home! Being from MN I see the opposite happening for Fleck...the majority of the top in state talent leave. Sorry to rant, but kids are going to make their decision. Winning will help some of these guys want to stay, but the connections
  9. As stated above, I would have a very hard time trusting a guy that pulled what he did...but that is just me. My weakness of holding a grudge :-). Maybe, IF he were to decided to come back, Frost could tell him that it will not be at QB...even though he has said he has a future there. I don't see it and I think there are several others that don't see it. He is an athlete that can make plays, just not plays that involve throwing the ball down the field. We need to move on and believe that Smothers will be the real deal and match the hype he had in high school. Hopefully AM can get thi
  10. You keep bringing up a 24 month timetable...am I missing something? Are you in the know that Frost have been given a 24 month notice?
  11. Do you think the top tier program make comments about the majority of their guys coming in talking about the weight room and conditioning? I feel like we say this with so many guys coming in. I completely understand the importance of the weight room and getting in that college environment of working out.
  12. To be honest, it does not bother me that they did not go. It was a double edged sword...don't go and all of the armchair coaches jump all over Frost and say the culture sucks, blah, blah, blah. They go with guys not in mentally, physically, emotionally and the armchair coaches jump all over Frost and say the culture sucks, blah, blah, blah. The coaches took a poll and the team decided...that is that, end of story! I feel many programs/athletes wanted to be done with the craziness of COVID and not being able to see family/get out of town. They finished with W against a conference op
  13. Is this a bad look? Did the Huskers slow play him too long? I know his sister is there/going there for volleyball. Sucks to lose a legacy kid...
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