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  1. Oh believe me, I know. Living in MN and having to hear the crap it crazy. The true fans are pretty good about it, but the fans that are just hopping on the last two years are unreal. Hope the Huskers can get back to form and put them back in their place!
  2. Did Nebraska block him from transferring within the BIG? This guy seems to think so...MN homer and has other not so great things to say about Frost. Goofs have one good season and they are now the best... https://www.minnesotasportsfan.com/jd-spielman-transfers-to-tcu-after-nebraska-all-but-blocks-move-inside-big-ten/
  3. I’ve watched this game twice in the last two weeks. It is unreal how dominant they really were. Another person I enjoyed watching was Farley....just a beast!
  4. Ratlaff is great...coach against him. All around great athlete! Will be interesting if he goes the football route or sticks with hockey.
  5. Wonder if the coaching staff said anything to him...All N, but not really.
  6. Suck to see this, but not at all surprised. I am sure he will be rowing the boat with PJ next season....if he applies for the waiver and has mental health as the reason behind his transfer, coming home will most likely guarantee it getting approved.
  7. He is from MN...that is how we live our lives up here :-)
  8. I used to think Fleck was great. He came to our state football coaches conference and spoke (he was still at WM). Once he was hired here at MN I began to slowly dislike him more and more. It is all show with him. He flew a helicopter to watch a kid he was recruiting. It was unreal how much of an a$$ he was and thought we needed to stop our pregame and talk. Made it all about him! We’ve had a couple of kids go there and listening to them talk about him is interesting. Cult like...put on the black adidas shoes, lay in a circle of rocks, and drink the koolaid type of cult.
  9. This. If he felt Iowa was a better fit for whatever reason, more power to him. However, if CJ was indeed bashing the Huskers that is not a good look at all. In the end, we need to have guys that want to be N and committed to what Frost and Co. are doing.
  10. Would be nice to get a local kid after missing on two.
  11. Let’s ban Clester from coming back at any point seriously, would be really interesting if he really has ill feelings towards the program, if Frost backed off, or what? Tough missing out on two local talents...especially one being a legacy kid. Best of luck to him...hopefully the other targets they are high on commit to the Huskers!
  12. Does anyone know if the Huskers don’t have him very high on their board or is the family/Keagan that don’t have the Huskers high on their list? Still bad feelings after older brother got passed over?
  13. This one hurts! I wonder if the depth chart had much to do since Fish brought in the Miami kids??
  14. Will he graduate this spring? If so, does he transfer? I really hope he doesn’t!
  15. Get him to commit at spring game and say screw you to Harbaugh!
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