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  1. Will he graduate this spring? If so, does he transfer? I really hope he doesn’t!
  2. Get him to commit at spring game and say screw you to Harbaugh!
  3. I hope it is done at the spring game...assuming he will be in attendance??
  4. Will definitely be interesting how this plays out. Maybe the coaches can get Farmer to talk with him about what he did with the football and wrestling programs? I know Farmer never competed, but being able to stay connected to the sport and stay in great shape seemed to work out pretty well for him. Has he said he is only interested in football at the next level?
  5. Interesting comment, but not at all surprised. Hopefully Frost and Co can continue to lock down the top kids in the state...assuming they fit the mold.
  6. Really wish he would have been an early enrollee...both to get a jump start with Duval and so our heavyweight does not have to wrestle him. Would have been a win-win!
  7. I was at the game and have watched this kid on film throughout the last couple of years since we are in the same district. He is a monster! However, I am not sure he can come right in and start. I hesitate to say this because he is a good player! I think a year in the weight room under Duval will do wonders for him, but our complete lack of quality depth at the tackle position may force their hand. He is coming from a very strong program and is a top wrestler in the state so hopefully he can be ready! I just do not want him forced in to play and then messes with his psyche!
  8. This kid is a must get! Probably top lineman I have seen on film...I like him better than the Edina kid that is going to Notre Shame. His team should make a deep run in the playoffs...#1 team in 6A this year. The drive to Lincoln from this area is pretty simple and hopefully that helps the Huskers! I would also think the reputation of the strength coach and OL coach go in our favor. And the obvious type of coach that Frost is.
  9. This would be huge to get him to commit this weekend! And to make it better, when the Goofs are in town. Get another MN kid in Lincoln!
  10. Yep. He has done very well and glad he has developed into the player he is now. It is great to see a kid from MN have success at the next level. Did you coach against him or watch a whole lot of film besides his highlights? I am guessing no! Get a kid into the right system and he will flourish. The system EP runs is not even close to use his talents he has shown while a Husker. I suppose you make perfect judgments though...
  11. If that is the case, he needs to do it now. Some of these guys are VERY bad and are being exposed big time. That will send a message that you work hard and play hard you will get on the field.
  12. This group just does not know how to win. It is not in their make up right now. We are seeing how bad this group really was last year and how far they have to go. It is frustrating to watch the same crap go on that went on with previous two staffs. Habits are hard to break and this group has some terrible habits!
  13. These players just don’t know how to win yet.
  14. The scheduling for school to start in MN is based around the State Fair and how whiny the resorts are up here. I am a teacher and coach...I wish we started before Labor Day. If you start before Labor Day, you have to get a waiver...construction or something like that. It is really crappy how much control the State Fair and the resorts have on the school start time! And I coach against Bryce's team. He is the real deal. I feel he is better than the #1 ranked kid in the state at Edina that committed to Notre Shame. The word on the street he is leaning to Sconny....hope his visit changes his mind!!!!
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