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  1. I agree with your statement about being beat down over the years and afraid of having too high of expectations...not to say we cannot have them, but maybe a little more cautiously optimistic? i predict that if young QBs look good during spring game, people will start to amp up the expectations for the season. Personally, I am trying to stay optimistic, but it has been a rough go since Pelini left...as far as wins go and getting to bowls.
  2. Does the sudden departure and rumors of a broken political side to the university scare top candidates away? Money talks, but if there is smoke, there is fire the difficulty working with the regents, etc. This sucks...just one thing after another!
  3. Really hoping the home opener is a night game...planning to be there. I've never been to a night game in Lincoln. Any idea when they might announce some of the game times? I know they do not always announce the start times due to TV and other factors and yes, it is VERY early, but thought I would throw it out there.
  4. Just don't see it happening. I want it to happen for the program, but maybe after two decades of disappointment, I just need to continue to not get excited/happy for the Huskers. That way, when it goes south (and it inevitably will), I am not as disappointed. What a sick world we live in as Husker fans!
  5. Combination. The Frost era was never too short on talent. It was the lack of development and discipline within the ranks that made it the challenge. There are some on here that have jumped all over the WR coach and continue to do so. Not sure what people expect when you are throwing out true freshman with a suspect QB room. Hopefully good things continue to happen and they can make strides. Getting bowl eligible will only add to the growth of these young guys...really hope that happens!
  6. It definitely is nice to be at the end of October and have a competent team (players and staff) in the heat of the west race!
  7. He is torching USC...would have been nice to keep him, but no way after MJ's issues.
  8. I had no idea Rich Rodriguez was coaching there....
  9. Is there a timeline for his announcement?
  10. Bad timing, but would be even be interested in coming 'home'? He left for a reason...
  11. Why would they? There is no one to push them out of their spots. Sad, but very, very true. I keep hoping something changes with them....maybe this is the year
  12. He will be brought in by someone in the SEC or at Colorado.
  13. The biggest issue that comes into play is the success rate of Lincoln Riley coached QBs. No one can dispute the guys he has had in his system and the success they have had in college and into the NFL. What brings him to Nebraska is his family connections and IF he wants to live in that 'shadow' of his dad and what he did for Nebraska during his career. He goes to USC and does well it is to be expected. He comes to Nebraska and the pressure to succeed is way higher in my opinion. If it doesn't go as planned the fan base will be relentless on him.... I really hope he ends up at Nebraska, but I just don't see him being able to not go to play for Riley or even Kirby. Hoping I am wrong and will very happy if does end up playing of the Huskers.
  14. Any idea where the Huskers stand with him? He is getting a lot of attention and offers from the big dogs now.
  15. Surprised his wife was not right next to him. What a psychopath!
  16. Just makes us feel better that there is controversy/issues within their organization...honestly, they can keep him for all I care. It helps the rest of the BIG when they flounder offensively.
  17. It is bad, and I love every minute of it. What a moron that AD and President are!
  18. If Raiola has decision made by March (as rumored) and he does not choose the Huskers, hopefully the staff can stay in touch with Kaelin to get him. Seems to really be picking up some steam with offers.
  19. It was great during the Bussin interview when they brought up Arizona and how it is a recruiting hotbed....Rhule was trying so hard to be smart with his words. Good stuff!
  20. I just don't see him coming to Nebraska...would love it if he did, but how do you pass up Georgia (who will probably win their 3rd natty in a row next year with their JUCO schedule). Maybe Rhule can work some magic or some big time NIL deal with bring him to Nebraska. We can all have the dream though...
  21. I believe said injured player was not 100% healthy/getting back into playing form this past season before he went down again. He was playing well the year before and he is a lot better than who they sent out there when he went down.
  22. Will definitely be interesting to see what really happens with those three back. I do feel it would have made a pretty big difference, but what is really scary is the depth. Hopefully year two with Raiola will help and also no system. Still don't think Benhart is the answer at tackle...maybe the new S&C can get him to not be so damn stiff and get him stronger.
  23. I believe he served as the Athletic Coordinator as well. Here in MN and probably most places that is a lot of time going to different games/activities. Maybe in Texas it is just a title to have money funneled from other areas to help pay the head football coach. Being a coach myself, the time away from family is real...I probably don't spend 90 hours a week (teaching all day, practice, and other duties can get close some weeks though), but it is a lot. Yes, being able to watch film anywhere is great, but that means I may not be engaged fully with family while I am doing that. Youth obligations takes up time after practice and other various things going on. Again, not saying I work 90 hours a week, but Texas football is a completely different beast and if he has other duties within the athletic program it could easily get up to that. Also, I would imagine he is not doing 90 hours in the off season.
  24. Really? He was given a longer leash than anyone in the country? He had resources that some coaches dream about. There is no doubt that as a player, he is important in the history of Nebraska football. As a coach, he almost wiped that completely away with the way his tenure went. I am sure over time fans will move on, but he set this program back even further than when he took over for HCMR.
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