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  1. Chryst also won more of the bigger games...however, it is uncanny. Would be great to have Wiscy face the same fate that us Huskers have had to deal with after they copied the Big Red.
  2. You're right, the Nebraska job overall does not suck. The team sucks and it is virtually a complete rebuild. Maybe not player wise necessarily, but a culture and reputation. We are the laughing stock of the BIG and have been for a while now. We are a blue blood program with huge fan support and great resources. The big question is, which coach is willing to walk into the dumpster fire that Frost created that is currently leading a big time program? Maybe I am just trying to keep my expectations low so if Trev does not bring in a big name/splash hire I won't be disappointed.
  3. I have sat in on a number of his clinics and been to practices/meetings with him. Great dude!
  4. Oh, there might be a head coach that might come here. I am talking a big name head coach like most of us are wanting. We don't suck? Have you watched the last 5 years? We DO suck and have a losing culture mindset right now. Hopefully the guys that are in place now can fix that. A team does not lose the way the Huskers have lost the last 5 years and not suck/have a loser mindset.
  5. I just don't see them getting better. The DL is absolutely the worst crew the Huskers have sent out there in a long time. There is not a single nose type player that can stop anything and keep the LBs clean.
  6. Might get blasted on this one, but here we go.... Rossi from Minnesota...defensive minded coach. Has had success in the BIG and has sent guys to the NFL. Did a great job when Fleck actually had the balls to fire his DC in 2018 and turned it around. Pains me to go this route, but we may need to accept the fact that a big name (already head coach) may not be coming to coach the Huskers. I hope I am wrong, but I just don't see it happening.
  7. Keeping MJ is must in my opinion. Applewhite has done a great job with the RB room. Any coach that was on Frost's staff can kick rocks for all I am concerned. They helped create this s#!t show we are currently in.
  8. I feel this can go both ways. Offensive minded coach NEEDS to have a strong DC and a defensive minded coach NEEDS a strong OC. The past hires have completely dropped the ball and brought clowns in to be coordinators. I just want a HC that will bring in strong coordinators that can control the game. What a novel idea, but damn, it has been a long time since we have had a staff like that!
  9. Sometimes when I read the comments about Campbell I go back to Riley....the comments about him being able to use what he has at ISU and what he could do at a place like Nebraska. It makes me cringe because that is the same rhetoric used when Riley was hired.
  10. Have you watched any football over the last 5+ years. The DBs celebrate everything, even if they had nothing to do with it. It is not just a Nebraska thing man.
  11. I learned that I can watch the Huskers get their asses kicked and not get mad about it...that is the state I am at right now. Just assume it is going to happen and just watch. Also, learned (well, reminded) that Benhart is THE worst lineman we have ever had. I cannot believe they continue to roll him out there.
  12. Coached against him in high school. Good athlete for his size and did well, but he moves about the same as he did in high school...nimble is not a word I would use to describe him, but I am not a recruiting analyst.
  13. Benhart is the worst lineman in the history of Nebraska football. How can there not be anyone better. Good lord!
  14. As noted above, the excitement with Frost was/is unmatched. The success he just had and the fact that the Huskers landed him/brought him home was great...for fans, the state, and former players. I am not feeling great about what is going to be happening. I just do not have faith in the leadership that they will bring a high quality candidate in...assuming it is not Joseph. Time will tell I guess.
  15. I don't think Campbell will even be interested. I just have a bad feeling about this one...I really hope it does not turn into the Callahan hiring where SP whiffed on a handful of other candidates. Maybe it is just the last 20+ years of crap we have had to put up with with the hires that have been made that make me feel this way. Firing Frost needed to happen (still feel for him and appreciate all he did as a player and coach), but I just don't have faith (in the leadership) that a big name or someone with the experience needed is coming in.
  16. It will definitely be interesting how this part of the staff shakes out. Chins has always been on the edge...last year the D at least looked better. The question I have: would firing Chins be too much for the guys (players and coaches) to deal with/overcome? I like Fischer and think he would be a guy the players would rally around.
  17. Maybe I am being too negative here, but I don't have trust/faith in Trev to bring someone in that can truly get this straightened out. I have been in the camp if you fire Frost, who really comes here? We can throw all kinds of money at someone, but is truly a big name hire out there that wants to come to Nebraska? My feelings (right now) is it will be some random up and comer that has done well in a lower conference/level and that is not what this program needs right now. This program needs a veteran guy that has a solid track record with recruiting, developing, and winning....
  18. When both lines suck as bad as the Huskers, this is what happens.
  19. Iowa will hang on to taking shots at the Huskers...as they should and can based on how poorly Frost has had the program play against them. It just sucks/hurts to hear it out loud. I can't imagine being Benning during this and having to sit there and take it. Also, it has to be heavy to carry the weight of being an alum of Nebraska and have to sit back and have your child make these decisions. I really hope Frost and company can get this thing figured out.
  20. IMO LP is the best running back to ever wear the scarlet and cream....and probably the worst human being to ever wear the scarlet and cream. If you remove the off the field issues/mental health he could possibly be one of the best NFL guys as well. All speculation, but the talent was there. TO did all he could to help that young man.
  21. Meh. Good luck to him. He gave a lot to the program and I am happy he moved on.
  22. This will be definitely be an interesting fall camp. It is exciting, but I have been burned too many times over the last 15-20 years. Hopefully the new offensive coaches make a difference and get this program turned around. The portal is great to get quick fixes, but the staff still needs to develop the young guys/high school guys to build something consistent.
  23. Name the actual sources... There is a new Co-OC and offensive staff. Of course it may not look and feel like OSU's pitch. OSU has had huge success...especially when compared to what the Huskers have done under Frost. The fact of the matter is, OSU sends QBs to the league, but they have yet to really produce/live up to what they did in college. I feel some of these reporters will constantly take pot shots at Frost just to rally the naysayers up.
  24. Does Whipple/Frost start to put the full court press on him now that DR made it official?
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