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  1. It was great during the Bussin interview when they brought up Arizona and how it is a recruiting hotbed....Rhule was trying so hard to be smart with his words. Good stuff!
  2. I just don't see him coming to Nebraska...would love it if he did, but how do you pass up Georgia (who will probably win their 3rd natty in a row next year with their JUCO schedule). Maybe Rhule can work some magic or some big time NIL deal with bring him to Nebraska. We can all have the dream though...
  3. I believe said injured player was not 100% healthy/getting back into playing form this past season before he went down again. He was playing well the year before and he is a lot better than who they sent out there when he went down.
  4. Will definitely be interesting to see what really happens with those three back. I do feel it would have made a pretty big difference, but what is really scary is the depth. Hopefully year two with Raiola will help and also no system. Still don't think Benhart is the answer at tackle...maybe the new S&C can get him to not be so damn stiff and get him stronger.
  5. I believe he served as the Athletic Coordinator as well. Here in MN and probably most places that is a lot of time going to different games/activities. Maybe in Texas it is just a title to have money funneled from other areas to help pay the head football coach. Being a coach myself, the time away from family is real...I probably don't spend 90 hours a week (teaching all day, practice, and other duties can get close some weeks though), but it is a lot. Yes, being able to watch film anywhere is great, but that means I may not be engaged fully with family while I am doing that. Youth obligations takes up time after practice and other various things going on. Again, not saying I work 90 hours a week, but Texas football is a completely different beast and if he has other duties within the athletic program it could easily get up to that. Also, I would imagine he is not doing 90 hours in the off season.
  6. Really? He was given a longer leash than anyone in the country? He had resources that some coaches dream about. There is no doubt that as a player, he is important in the history of Nebraska football. As a coach, he almost wiped that completely away with the way his tenure went. I am sure over time fans will move on, but he set this program back even further than when he took over for HCMR.
  7. How far down the list did they have to go to get these two clowns. Get hired to come back to your school, become one of the worst, if not the worst coach in the history of the program, rumors swirling about bars/being too hungover to meet, and then you get asked to coach the Army All American game...cannot make it up!
  8. No doubt they are better than the Huskers right now. Doesn’t change how I feel about Clester and the kids.
  9. Don’t want the drama of him or his dad. Good luck at KSU.
  10. Maybe it is an expectation thing for me then. Just seems like he gets beat so often and is whiffing on so many blocks. Being the best of the worst is worth something I guess...
  11. It is very disappointing to watch how poorly Benhart has progressed. I coached against this kid throughout high school in both football and wrestling. I was genuinely excited to get his commitment and see how he would do. He has not gotten any better and dare I say, he is worse now than when he was a true freshman?
  12. Getting rid of Benhart will automatically make the line better...he sucks! There HAS to be a better tackle in the portal that they can get here!
  13. He was a pretty good RB here in MN. Played for a private school. Never offered by the Gophers...not sure he was better than 2-3 guys that played most of the season. Interesting tweet to make...
  14. Yes, to some extent. The OL was absolute garbage and he just seemed like he was trying to make something happen that was not there...almost pressing and trying to create a big run each time instead of putting head down. A dancing running back is never a good thing, but add that to the horrendous OL play and it is not good at all!
  15. Trying not to drink the kool aid, trying not to drink the kool aid, trying not to drink the kool aid....ahh, screw it, give me a big ol glass of kool aid!
  16. I bet he never brought one...just lived in the school issued clothes
  17. Gotta disagree on the bolded part. Palmer was lights out. Imagine if he had a QB that could throw to him for all of the games. When injuries took over and the backups were in, it was awful. The WR corp was better under Mickey...at least looked better and had the ability to stretch the field. Not sure there was a WR that could stretch the field before this crew came in.
  18. I am happy with the hire and the process. I really hope Mickey can be retained on staff in some capacity. I like the timing of this because it give a chance for him and the staff to get some potential transfer portal guys. Cautiously optimistic....
  19. There are some pieces to the OL, but injuries and failing a drug test took the top two OL out of the picture. There is ZERO depth and the fact that they keep sending out some the same guys is alarming and proof there is no depth. The guys playing were coached by someone way over their head for most of their career and then got another guy that doesn't seem to know what the hell is going on either. Poor recruiting/retention and poor coaching is the perfect recipe for one of the, if not the worst OL in the history of Nebraska football.
  20. Just got done saying the same thing. If it is all true, it is unbelievable to me that he would be penny pinching.
  21. If reports are true of low ball offers for HC and not being accommodating to assistant salaries I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with Trev and/or BOR?! The program and fan base has been through hell the last 15-20 years and you are worried about money? The athletic department is rolling it in financially and the football program NEEDS to be successful. As it has been said, this could be TA's kiss of death if he screws this up....and probably the football program's kiss of death to ever get back to the bare minimum of success/respect. We will slowly continue to turn into the Gophers from the 60s to the 2000's.
  22. Ed McCaffrey is now available…I will show myself out!
  23. IMO, as a fan base we have so much PTSD from the Callahan to Pelini to Riley to Frost that we freak out when we see/hear the same type of path being taken...even if it is not confirmed. I just wish Trev would be a huge hire and we can all move forward with it. The pessimistic side of me feels like I will be disappointed and frustrated that top choices turned Trev down and we have to settle for some no name person. Damn, it sucks being a Husker fan right now!!
  24. Nobody at backup and THE WORST OL in the country will do that to your stats. It really makes it impressive how Casey has done with that gong show in front of him. The same argument was made over the years with AM. This was proven again. Has to be the biggest blunder in recruiting/coaching to think the current OL on the roster has any fight/fire/pride. Just terrible!
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