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  1. "Riley's guys"

    By Riley having his guys, is everyone not just referring to Tommy Armstrong being gone and replacing him with a pocket passer? Is there any other position "Riley's guys" references?
  2. "Riley's guys"

    We've heard since this staff took over that we need to be patient and wait until Riley gets his guys. Everyone pointed to this year as the year he'd finally have his guys. Guys that fit his system. My question is who are these guys that everyone is referring to? Does Riley still not have players that fit what he really wants to do? If he doesn't have his guys yet, when he does get them, can we expect to be back to 9-4 or 10-4 again each season? (I looked at the Northern Illinois recruiting rankings and hoped to go back over the past 5 years to see how we'd compare. NIU is so lowly that Rivals.com just started covering their team this year. Of the 19 committed recruits they currently have, only 4 of them are 3 stars. The rest are 2 star or lower.)
  3. Pro style is the name of the scheme! Pro stlye, west coast, spread offense, spread/air raid, etc. This topic isn't about stlyle or flash. That should be obvious. Regardless, this thread isn't about style, it's about scheme. Can we win with a pro style scheme?
  4. I That's why I didn t say "offensive style". I said scheme. The pro style scheme is archaic. Give your opinion or don't post on this topic.
  5. No one runs pro style scheme anymore outside of USC, Pitt, and Michigan. Everyone else runs either spread or big personnel/smash mouth schemes. Do you all think this scheme will be successful for us long term?
  6. Tre Bryant

    I will complain if Wilbon takes every carry against Northern Illinois. Bryant, Wilbon, Ozigbo, and Bradley can all play. There is no reason to make any of them take 90% of the carriers in any game.
  7. Tre Bryant

    I really don't think there's an issue of having capable talent. It seems this is more an issue of coaches finding a player and sticking with him. RB depth seems like it's being managed the same way the OLine is (no rotating). We would have never seen Farniok on the field if Knevel wouldn't have gone down. There was a chance with the last coaching staff that we would have never seen Lavonte play unless Sean Fisher had go down. I'm looking forward to seeing what these guys can do when really given a shot.
  8. Tre Bryant

    The only reason Wilbon, Ozigbo, Bradley, Rose, and Mazour haven't had carries in the game is because the coaches decided they want to play one running back. They wanted to do this when they first arrived in Lincoln and they finally decided to ignore the depth chart and just run one back. THERE IS OTHER TALENT. Bryant isn't the only decent back. They haven't given Wilbon a shot in his career. They haven't even given him carriers during rare garbage time but he's shown flashes the few carriers he's had. Ozigbo on the other hand has played, has tape, and we can judge for ourselves. Ozigbo tape:
  9. Tre Bryant

    30+ carries in game one isn't a huge deal and shouldn't be too tough a task for most RBs. The issue is there's a long season ahead of us and RBs can take a beating over time. With Wilbon, Ozigbo, Rose, Mazour, and Bradley all able and ready, we shouldn't need to rely so heavily on Bryant.
  10. Moss wouldn't have been on the team last year if he wouldn't have pulled out his dong. His eligibility would have expired after the 2015 season. True. This is a hypothetical for two seasons ago.
  11. Imagine what a 3-4 defense could have looked like a few years ago. DEnd: Avery Moss, Greg McMullen Nose: Vince Valentine, Aaron Curry DEnd: Maliek Collins, Kevin Maurice OLB: Randy Gregory Dreaming at this point but that could have been an amazing defense
  12. I wonder what would have been if he and McMullen were still on the team this past season
  13. Tidbit about Tanner Lee coming to Nebraska

    I listed the wrong link above and just corrected it. At the 2:30 mark there is commentary on the Tulane offense he was part of. At the 3:18 mark there is commentary on Tanner Lee.
  14. Tidbit about Tanner Lee coming to Nebraska

    Not sure if any highlights or videos have been posted yet on Tanner Lee but here are a few I've found. Commentary on Tulane. Skip to the 2:30 mark. Tulane coach discussing Tanner winning the spot as a Freshman: Random Tulane game highlights. Tulsa: Southeastern Lousiana: Duke: Georgia Tech: Georgia Tech (non homer version): Houston: Maine:
  15. First experience at Camp Randall and there are Husker fans everywhere! I had expectations but they have been exceeded! GBR!!!