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  1. Frost took over a team that had losing seasons in 2 out of 3 seasons before he arrived. He didn't ruin the program. He is the PERFECT fit for our team. If we want to help our program we'll get off his back, show support, and be patient.
  2. I don't think we should prioritize redshirting Rahmir. RB is probably the best position as far as making a difference right out of high school. Unless the freshman RB is injured (Ronald Thompkins) or there are a stable of top backs already on the roster who are set to get the majority of carries, RBs should get on the field ASAP!
  3. You sir are 100% correct. First team to that punts or fumbles loses!
  4. #1. I learned that when we take shots deep from time to time, this offense can work really well. #2. I learned that we still are not fortunate enough to be extremely conservative on offense and score points.
  5. My take away is that we are not good enough to run the ball up the middle 70% of the time and score points. We stayed extremely conservative today on offense which put a lot of strain on our defense. We will lose them all if the playcalling is ever that conservative again.
  6. Just Matt Masker. We are going to need to get creative.
  7. I think you are in for a pleaseant surprise brother! Expectations will sky high after today’s game. THE BIG RED MACHINE IS BACK!!!
  8. USC also has a true freshman starting QB who just skipped his senior year of high school. He'd be in almost the exact same situation as he was in Nebraska. Only difference is he'd be running the west coast offense.
  9. Crazy to think that we only have one scholarship option at QB. With that being said, both of our walk on options seem to have the skill set for our spread style of offense. Both can run and throw but both need to get playing time or it could get ugly later this season. If you haven’t seen the other QB’s in action, click the links below: Andrew Bunch highlights Matt Masker highlights
  10. The 3-4 has nothing to do with last years issues. We played prevent defense all year long. It was like we were attempting to stop a Hail Mary at all times! This year we will attack. You will see linebackers blitzing, dline rushing, and DBs taking chances. Might give up points but there will be a night and day difference between what we saw in last years 3-4 prevent scheme vs this years at 3-4 attacking scheme.
  11. So much happening today. Did coaches go over the Official depth chart? Wonder what’s up.
  12. Can’t tell if you’re joking but the Army All-American game and the Under Armour game are two different events.
  13. Having an opinion is a sin brother! Why would we want to speculate during the off-season!? JK
  14. I think Smothers will do wonders under Frost. If Martinez or Gebbia is QB when he gets here, he’s athletic enough to pull a Bobby Newcombe, who played WR/WB/PR in ‘97 while backing up Frost and started QB in ‘98. I can see Smothers being an impact player and get on the field as a WR/RB also waiting to take over as QB. We we can use athletes like him in this system!!
  15. That’s a huge reason why our secondary couldn’t guard anything. When the scheme requires the DLine to eat blocks and play contain but does not have them rush the passer AND linebackers are hardly ever called to blitz, the secondary will struggle!! Diaco’s scheme was so strange. Initially I thought the first game was bad because Diaco didn’t want to show too much for future opponents. Then I realized he wasnt going to send anyone all season! 90% of the defensive play calls were DLine playing contain while everyone else would drop back in to soft coverage. CBs couldn’t play tight, aggressive coverage because the QB had all day to throw against our contain scheme. Our CBs have a lot of improving to do but Diaco’s scheme made them all look 5 times worse than they were. The secondary will look like a completely different unit next yr, especially with the incoming talent!
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