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  1. Regardless of outcome, which would you rather have? Which is better for recruiting and our program? A. The national media being positive towards Nebraska, still and expecting us to be good again? B. The national media being negative towards Nebraska, expecting we won't be any good? C. Nebraska being mostly irrelevant nationally. Losing more of whatever aura the program still has. At the same time being able to fly under the radar?
  2. BigPeterJ is referencing our recruiting classes compared to Wisconsin, Iowa, and the rest of our division. All the recruiting sites have us consistently bringing in better talent. Logically if we start retaining our talent and we do a decent job with development then we should have "more talent than anyone else in our division."
  3. I'm excited for Cam at Center but I am wondering why Josh Wegener isn't being mentioned with guys with experience at Center? Is he not with the team now? Husker.com Bio: Wegener joined Nebraska after a two-year career at Iowa Western Community College. Wegener was rated as the No. 1 junior college center by JCGridiron.com. He played in nine games on the offensive line for the Reivers in 2018 before suffering a foot injury. In his first year at Iowa Western in 2017, Wegener played in four games on the defensive line before suffering a torn ACL. Wegener played his prep ball for Algona High School in Iowa.
  4. RT 76 Jaimes, Brenden SR RG 71 Farniok, Matt RS SR C 58 Wegener, Josh SR/TR LG 70 Sichterman, Matt RS JR LT 54 Benhart, Bryce SO We just spent most of this season going through some major growing pains with the OLine finally starting to come together at the end of the season. It appears you feel it's in our best interest to start the process over again by completely changing things up at every position. Are you just hoping for a major mix up OR do you think Austin will actually make some major changes?
  5. The Line improved quite a bit by the end of this past season and everyone returns! Even better is all the good stuff we've heard about the Redshirt Freshmen. I am far from an OLine expert and don't know much about what goes on behind the scenes but here's my way too early projection of next years line up. Would love to hear your thoughts and see your projections. Returning Offensive Line Depth: LT: Jaimes, Bando LG: Hixon, Raridon C: Jurgens, Farniok RG: Wilson, Sichterman RT: Farniok, Benhart Potential 2020 Line: LT: 1. Senior, Jaimes 2. RS Junior, Bando LG: 1. RS Senior, Farniok 2. RS Junior, Hixson C: 1. RS Sophomore, Jurgens 2. RS Sophomore, Farniok RG: 1. RS Junior, Wilson 2. RS Junior, Sichterman RT: 1. RS Freshman, Benhart 2. RS Senior, Gaylord I'm hoping both of our Freshmen, Turner Corcoran and Alex Conn get the luxury of redshirting.
  6. I went back and watched each of his few returns last year. I saw him muff a return against Purdue and take off after that. The guy looks extremely fast. We don't have speed in our return game now. He is one of the fastest men in the B1G, why not try to give us a spark!!
  7. I have a hard time understanding why we have not had a kick return game this season! We have a Husker on scholarship who's highlights are mostly him looking like Devin Hester against Junior Colleges. Why is he not playing? How is our special teams coach not able to figure this out!!! Woodyard Highlights
  8. Frost took over a team that had losing seasons in 2 out of 3 seasons before he arrived. He didn't ruin the program. He is the PERFECT fit for our team. If we want to help our program we'll get off his back, show support, and be patient.
  9. I don't think we should prioritize redshirting Rahmir. RB is probably the best position as far as making a difference right out of high school. Unless the freshman RB is injured (Ronald Thompkins) or there are a stable of top backs already on the roster who are set to get the majority of carries, RBs should get on the field ASAP!
  10. You sir are 100% correct. First team to that punts or fumbles loses!
  11. #1. I learned that when we take shots deep from time to time, this offense can work really well. #2. I learned that we still are not fortunate enough to be extremely conservative on offense and score points.
  12. My take away is that we are not good enough to run the ball up the middle 70% of the time and score points. We stayed extremely conservative today on offense which put a lot of strain on our defense. We will lose them all if the playcalling is ever that conservative again.
  13. Just Matt Masker. We are going to need to get creative.
  14. I think you are in for a pleaseant surprise brother! Expectations will sky high after today’s game. THE BIG RED MACHINE IS BACK!!!
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