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  1. Will Jackson leaves the team

    it's all part of the game.......
  2. Frost’s QB Room

  3. When Will the Huskers Be Ranked?

    yeah, well, he couldn't even do that, so improvement would be a plus........realistic expectations should be a good goal to begin with......i have gotten drunk too many times over the past 15 years to keep drinking cool-aid, you can have my glass, friend.
  4. When Will the Huskers Be Ranked?

    being ranked is not that important to me, i want to see a competitive team get better each week.
  5. All Frost Does is Win Games

    bringing his whole staff from UCF was huge in keeping continuity and their growth together as coaches, although i believe they have some learning to do at this level too....be patient.
  6. the Eichorst-Riley era was a dark time at NU, MR showed me nothing, not sure how he ever coached in NFL.......time to move on.
  7. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    this team will be a work in progress......at least 4 loses....maybe one blow out......they will improve as the season progresses.
  8. Speedy Bell quietly makes presence known

    reported as ankle ding..........
  9. Post-Practice Presser - August 15

    i am concerned with the O line........
  10. Biggest Concerns?

    we all know Martinez is the more gifted runner......and sounds like, so far, TG processes plays quicker and more consistently..........i think it hurts M a bit since he has been out of football since his senior year...
  11. Frost’s QB Room

    i am sure he knows the expectations.
  12. Biggest Concerns?

  13. Frost’s QB Room

    if i am reading Frost correctly, he values a quick thinking qb over a pure speed guy..........he wants a guy who can make good decisions quickly.
  14. The Running Back Room

    the chances of all these running backs staying healthy the entire season are slim.........we will see them all in this offense.