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  1. Agree. I have come to appreciate Coach Fisher's recruiting. At first I was worried but he knows what he is looking for and does pretty good with projecting kids and development. His kids always seem to improve as the year goes along. I think he and Verduzco have an eye for talent and to what fits for the scheme. Fisher needs to keep making progress and I think he is.
  2. That's too bad. Such is life I guess. Still have a good group of freshmen DB coming in to add to a good DB room, so onward we go.
  3. Welcome Shawn! I like the length. Looks like he can play X or Z.
  4. Personally, I would think they already had their discussions with players and what their status is. At some point you have to be true to your word and show some loyalty. At some point if you keep upgrading your going to lose what you have. Greed, not knowing when to quit, can't have 13 players all expecting to play in the rotation. Some develop players are good for chemistry and provide depth. These players make positive contributions through other ways until they are ready. So I would stick with the we are full. Now if a player choses to leave on their own well then it's a different story...(not being facetious here)
  5. If Martinez gets hurt it could be McCaffrey. Heck it still might be McCaffrey depending upon how creative they choose to be
  6. Awesome. Welcome Mr Culp. Rutledge is gearing up the competition. Impressive work so far. Keep up the good work!
  7. Betts is a guy that can play the X WR position for us. That really helps out our offense. Now if we can get Manning qualified we are in good shape. Great news and congrats to Betts!
  8. Excellent! I love his rangey build and arm strength. Good athlete. As a matter of practicality I was okay with signing Leonard here but getting homegrown kids is always extra cool! I love it when homegrown kids play for the state. (Must be part of my small town upbringing) It's always good to get your Qb committed early too so this is a happy day.
  9. I like how they do it today. If a walkon becomes a starter or earns his way into the regular playing rotation then he earns a 'ship for that year or the next depending upon current numbers. If it's available for that season give it to them, if not plan it in for the next cycle. Don't want to make it too complicated. Hurts to lose Forbes but I think it also says how strong the OL is getting. Also speaks to the body type they are ultimately looking for.
  10. I personally would only take 1. They have 3 schollie Qb's on the roster and 2 walkons. I like the concept of 1 schollie qb per class with a goal of having 4 on the roster. To me Haarberg and Leonard are the same with similar build and speed. I seem them as guys who are more throw first but can run a little when needed to keep defenses honest. I say take the first one that accepts.
  11. Another article. https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/teams/baseball/five-seniors-to-take-advantage-of-ncaa-waiver-return-to-husker-baseball-for-2021-season/article_1229dd95-b324-5651-adfa-607931383809.html#3 I posted because I want bonus points for pointing out the ripple effect! My next prediction is the flux concept. Hold that thought I have to go to the can.
  12. Never considered doing it that way. Just seemed to me that it was slowing the play down but I guess there are different ways of doing things. Thanks for the info.
  13. Good blend of size, speed and power. One thing he will need to do in college is get rid of that little hop he does when the ball is snapped. First step is important as you move up levels.
  14. Sounds like Dawson may be one of the coaches in the box according to what they have done in the past as Chinander prefers being on the sideline. Offensively, I think I would like to see Lubick in the box. Frost can talk to the Offense on the field. I would like to see Mario on the sideline so he can see the QB's eye to eye.
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