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  2. Today's vote was as much strategic as it was ideological. If PPB wins, she goes to Congress and her Unicameral seat is replaced by The Human Thumb with some conservative stooge. It sends a message that Nebraska is not entirely Red, and that Blue voters can flex. But the margin in the Unicameral is razor thin. And if PPB goes to Washington and the Pale Orange Peel appoints a conservative stooge to her seat, abortion comes on the chopping block here in Nebraska in the next few weeks, if not days. A lot of people weighed this before voting today. So don't listen to any national pundit's "nEbRaSkA iS bLuE!!!!" or NeBrAsKa Is ReD!1!1" take after this special election. It was a tough vote. But at least I got to vote in a new month. Never voted in June that I can recall. And I got a sticker. Suck it, non-voters.
  3. That doesn’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. All that matters in MAGAland is that an R is on the record casting aspersions on her testimony. That is the only thing about 50% of our population is capable of taking away from all of this. Lie, lie and lie some more. The faithful lap it up.
  4. Also, Elmo is, in fact, Orange. https://www.schemecolor.com/elmo-sesame-street-colors.php
  5. Orange Man Bad could have easily reached the steering wheel in this vehicle.
  6. There’s not enough republicans questioning Trump to make that happen. Too many are like @Archy1221 who are still under the impression that the reason the establishment turned on her was because of political issues.
  7. It's pretty obvious, isn't it? When there's hugely bad news for Orange Man Bad, certain accounts are nary to be seen. You can set your watch to it.
  8. There doesn't appear to be a partition, but I have a hard time believing he could squeeze his fat a$$ up there. https://www.drivespark.com/four-wheelers/2017/inside-donald-trumps-new-cadillac-one-the-beast-020904.html
  9. And he will win the Norris again, likely multiple times, with a very good shot for repeats at the Conn Smythe and Cup. All hail Cale.
  10. Did they not literally play clips of her deposition corroborating the exact same story she was telling the committee today?
  11. The only reason I'm actually conscious of other guys being colorblind is because one of my bosses was. We had program review one day and he said "why are there so many red issues???" We had to tell him they were all green and closed. Then he said "Oh! I'm actually colorblind. Good work!" I think he use to recognize white text on red background as red issues, and someone did black text on a red background that time, so it threw him off. It's funny how people create their own work arounds like that.
  12. Today
  13. You are probably right. Too many cult members who will literally take up arms.
  14. I get this and can actually appreciate it and take it at face value. Yet, Mickey is ranked near the top even before he came to . Prior, he recruited well and prior he also developed well. So, ya, I'm waiting to anoint him as a recruiting god ... but ... you would think and hope that you have something there. For me, maybe I'm reading more into your statement, but we don't really have any data to either to go negative or to speak less of Mickey. By most all accounts, MJ is going to be a great WR coach for us ... and might even be our next Head Coach.
  15. Ugh. Whoops. At least Knapp has a good sense of humor. Also, the random GO BIG ORANGE chant in Memorial makes a lot more sense now.
  16. I stand corrected on Allen. That said, there were still numerous other programs interested in the others mentioned, and he managed to bring them here. We don't know what Kelly's thoughts were on Crawford, or current target Miller. Regardless, do you really think any of those 3 guys we landed end up here if MJ wasn't here? Or Janiran Bonner, who I forgot to mention? No chance. Another guy I failed to mention was Washington, the transfer WR from Texas. I'd say that's pretty darn impressive so far.
  17. Is that the new Vaccinate me Elmo doll?
  18. We missed a golden opportunity to say Trump had green hair...
  19. Yeah the general consensus seems to be that we're likely going to get DeSantis, who has been described as "Trump with brains." So I'm beginning to get curious just how bad things will get and how people will respond. Liberal democracy had a good run here.
  20. I was just perusing 538's elections blog tonight and found a couple redistricting blurbs. Compare this: ' To this: This just makes me want to give up on the issue of gerrymandering. Dems unilaterally disarming with what's objectively a fairer, more democratic process while Republicans go hard the other direction. I'm sure everyone is going to be thrilled with the results.
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