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  1. What do these guys have in common: Walter Payton RB, Gale Sayers RB, Emmitt Smith RB, Barry Sanders RB. They all are hall of fame Rex Burkhead's.
  2. I had heard from someone at the game that they showed Suh as halftime was starting. I'm not saying there weren't any boos, but I think some were mistaken for SUUHHHHH'S.
  3. Anyone expecting to blowout the majority of teams in the Big 10 is in for a major disappointment. Big 10 teams are content with getting 3 to 5 yards a play on the ground and running clock. It's a more physical style of play then what we were used to in the Big 12. Unless we are playing a team like Minnesota, most games are going to be pretty close in my opinion. Also, anyone pissed off watching this team score the last 28 points of the game in a come from behind victory needs to find another sport to watch. Some teams would roll over and give up after being down 21 with a quarter and a half left. This team showed it has heart and they believe in each other. Proud to be a Husker fan!!!!
  4. Haven't been sold on him until tonight. Had nothing to do with his play. Millen reminded me that he is only a redshirt sophomore and he has plenty of room to grow. Saw alot of that in the 2nd half. I'm going to stop criticizing and start cheering for these kids no matter what the outcome. They obviously care about the outcome more than any of us fans do. Some people on here need to learn that.
  5. I'm not trying to bag on Martinez because I never have, but being 10-12 while throwing the ball between 5-10 yards doesn't count. Defenses know he can't throw it accurately past 10 yards and that will hurt us all year.
  6. Martinez has had no protection.... Really! He stood there for five seconds until he threw it right to the Ohio State defender. Defense is bad, Quarterback is worse.
  7. How is it Michigan State blitzes 90 % of the time last week and has great success, and we don't blitz?
  8. I agree we may be in a good position to try Brion out next week. Watched the Ohio State game and Braxton isn't very proven yet either. I think we do a Carnes experiment to see how it goes. Can't be any worse then what we witnessed tonight.
  9. I'm curious as to where the "screaming and cursing" was. Did not see it tonight.
  10. Yea we got put in our place tonight. Everyone seemed to expect it before this game was played so I don't understand why the meltdown now. Obviously Bo and the team are saving everything for the Big Ten Championship (HEAVY< SARCASM). Lots of things to improve on, on both sides. This might be what we need, you never know....
  11. WOW! Giving up already? Two quarters left, and from what I've seen, we can beat this team. The defense needs to lock it down for sure and we need to get back to running the football more, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet.
  12. Wearing my BLACKSHIRT tonight. Live in Iowa, getting alot of smack talk from my buddies (Suckeye fans). Really looking forward to a great game by the team tonight. 15 minutes!!!!!
  13. I could be wrong, but didn't he call the game against Oklahoma where we picked off Landry Jones a billion times and won 10-3? I know the game was in prime time, but not sure if it was the main game or not.
  14. Thanks for looking that up. Sounds like it would be cheaper to go the student ticket route instead of trying to find them anywhere else. Looking to go to the Iowa game and I can only find tickets for 300 or more except for the students selling theirs.
  15. Do you have to have a student id to get in with a student ticket? I see a lot of students selling their tickets and didn't know what the policy was for getting into the game with them. Thanks.
  16. I learned what I have every gameday. It is college football and things happen every week that surprise you. Are we a good team? yes. Can we improve? yes. I guarantee if we blow out Washington next week every person who says we suck this week will say we are great. It's a season of comedy on here. 18 to 22 year old kids. Most people don't seem to get that when they bash on these kids. So much so, i wish we could line them up against these kids and see how much they talk after that. GO BIG RED! All day, everyday!
  17. Pretty sure I will miss the opening of the game for the 2nd week in a row. Last week I had to endure the meaningless 4th quarter of the Iowa game. This week it looks like it will be the Minnesota game because it has gone for over four hours. Good thing I'm not paying for it. GO BIG RED! I think we win pretty easily today.
  18. Camstache, but boy did Stafford make his announcement today.
  19. Lou just made his prediction for this years national champion, and for the 10th year in a row he selects Notre Dame. Why can't ESPN find someone, anyone, besides this guy to do the college football show?
  20. I've heard people in the state I live in, Iowa, tell me to watch out for Wisconsin because they like to put up lots of points against teams. As far as I've seen, they have against teams who don't exactly have the best defenses. If anything, I think the B1G, or however we are supposed to spell it, is in for a rude awakening as far as how good our defense is. Look at the offensive numbers of the Big 12 compared to the Big 10 last year. You can try to prove me wrong, but we are going from a better offensive conference to a worse one.
  21. There are problems with the game, but EA is coming out with a patch by the end of the month. The roster fix will be implemented automatically as long as we aren't past the first season. The game does get unpredictably hard sometimes, but good teams lose to bad teams in real college football every weekend. It's just a game. Nothing to get too worked up about.
  22. I just googled the tv schedules for Nebraska and it's telling me the first two games are on BTN. The Washington game is ABC and Wyoming is on VS.
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