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  1. WEEK 6 -- all central time Huskers at Illinois(-3.5), 7:00pm Friday, FS1 telecast Rutgers at Wisconsin(-14), 11:00am, Peacock telecast Maryland at Ohio State(-20), 11:00am, Fox telecast FCS Howard at Northwestern(-??), 2:00pm, BTN telecast Purdue at Iowa(-2.5), 2:30pm, Peacock telecast Michigan(-19) at Minnesota, 6:30pm, NBC/Peacock telecast Hoosiers, Spartans and Nittany Lions are bye weeks
  2. Portal addition ..... we need one good QB with no turnover machine history. And a couple of OL's too.
  3. Most likely, one win or two .... NW and Purdoo victories. Luckily at home. 4W-8L. No bowl streak will continue ....
  4. Get rid of Portal Lists Like Prime Sanders ....
  5. Challenging task !!! Can't wait. Teams/Dates/Time announced later this year ?? I assume no division and at least one protect rival (annually). Like Huskers-Iowa rival. Myself, eliminate one non-conference opponent. Thus 10 B1G teams instead of 9 ...... i.e. cancel FCS N.Iowa. Or else NCAA gods will change from 12 regular schedule to 13 (unlikely) Before Ducks and Huskies.... (no longer exist) My proposed B1G FLEX MODEL SCHEDULE. (Added Ducks and Huskies) Now ALL B1G teams, 5 at home, 5 away
  6. True but win is a win. 5W-0L. Made #26 both Coaches poll & AP. Massey Composite, #23 ...... Huskers, #82. Last year bowl, Turtles beat N.Carolina St. Wolfpack ..... key Terps players, return including QB Tau
  7. The key thing, Huskers at Michigan State, November 4. And Terps .... more powerful than I initially thought. Probably Mike Locksley will award Coach of the Year.
  8. October and go 3-1. October and go 2-1. October 14 .... bye week.
  9. Honestly not likely. I'm afraid SEVEN consecutive years NO BOWL streak Right now, look at Massey Composite Ratings. ALL underdogs (gambling guy): Illini #75 Northwestern #77 Purdue #58 Michigan St #72 Terps #23 Badgers #24 Iowa #33 Huskers #82
  10. I think last West division race. 2024 ..... no more West division ???
  11. Remaining Husker schedule, all UNDERDOG. Even North by Northwest, Tucker's crew and Purdoo. Massey Composite: Purdue #57 MSU #70 NW #76 Huskers #81
  12. Probably wrong but ZERO wins against fat Bret Bielema (Wisky ==> Illini)
  13. Nebraska at Illinois(-3.5) as of noon Sunday. Battle of last place in West standings https://www.oddsshark.com/ncaaf/odds
  14. Plus $165 million North Expansion Project. Buyout $$ was/is pennies.
  15. Probably next weekend, we are an underdog .... Huskers @ Illinois (Friday night). Massey Composite: Nebraska #79, Illinois #60. Battle of last place ....
  16. I think demolish upper east deck (good) and replace with new Academics area
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