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  1. https://masseyratings.com/cf/compare.htm ..... only 5 rankings so far but interesting . (eventually, about 100 rankings and polls) Ohio State - #3 ..... (Huskers not facing 2022 schedule) Wisconsin - #8 Michigan - #10 Iowa - #15 Penn St - #18 ..... (Huskers not facing 2022 schedule) Minnesota - #21 Michigan State - #22 ..... (Huskers not facing 2022 schedule) Purdue - #37 Huskers - #49 Maryland - #71 ..... (Huskers not facing 2022 schedule) Illinois - #76 Indiana - #78 NW - #82 Rutgers - #97 --------------------------------------------------- OU - #4 Ga Southern - #101 North Dakota - not listed (FCS) Overrated IMO: Wisconsin
  2. 31 days to go !! As of July 26th, Huskers ..... undefeated !!
  3. Nope, sellout streak continued .... (for some reason) But you're right, SF 6W-6L will be fired because mainly easy-peasy 2022 schedule. Last year, kinda tough .... Buckeyes & Spartans foes. 2022 .... now Rutgers & Hoosiers Hey, rehire Bo at HC job .... with whole bunch of Valium pills in Pelini's sideline games If NW beat NU, watch out.
  4. Athlon Sports ranks #53. Long way to reach Top25. Bowl..... what's that ? Athlon Sports .... Top 131 team ranking 53. Nebraska The 2022 season is a make-or-break year for coach Scott Frost in Lincoln. The Cornhuskers are 15-29 and have yet to earn a winning season or reach a bowl under his watch. Last year’s 3-9 record sparked major changes in hopes of a turnaround in ‘22, including the arrival of a new play-caller (Mark Whipple) on offense. Whipple is highly-regarded for his work in developing signal-callers, and that acumen will be tested right away with Texas transfer Casey Thompson (24 TDs last year) exiting spring as the frontrunner to replace Adrian Martinez under center. Omar Manning and Trey Palmer headline the weapons for Thompson in the receiving corps, while a backfield-by-committee approach is likely with Rahmir Johnson, Anthony Grant and Jaquez Yant in place. However, improvement on offense is unlikely without better play up front and fewer turnovers lost (18 last year). The defense has been a strength in each of the last two seasons and returns a strong linebacker unit anchored by Garrett Nelson and Luke Reimer. The rebuilding process up front was expedited by the transfer arrivals of Ochaun Mathis (TCU), Devin Drew (Texas Tech) and Stephon Wynn (Alabama). Coordinator Erik Chinander also has to rebuild a secondary that lost three starters, including All-Big Ten cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt. Special teams have also been a major issue in recent years, but the arrival of transfers Timmy Bleekrode (Furman) and Brian Buschini (Montana) could provide instant help. #2 -- Ohio State #6 -- Michigan #14 -- Michigan State #19 -- Wisconsin #25 -- Penn St #31 -- Purdue #32 -- Iowa #38 -- Minnesota I know fantasy preseason ratings but West division prediction: 1)Badgers, 2)Boilers, 3)Hawks, 4)Gophers, 5)Huskers, 6)Illini, 7)NW Well at least dead last in 2021 West.
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/21/politics/joe-biden-covid-19/index.html Buy aquarium cleaners ..... touted by Donald as a possible treatment for COVID-19.
  6. 2022 will be easy-peasy schedule compared to 2021. Replace from tOSU & MSU to Rutgers & Hoosiers. So far in 2022, Huskers are undefeated !!!
  7. Ancient and outdated electoral college. Actually in 2016 presidential race, Hillary won. Same thing as 2000, Al Gore won. Hillary: 65,853,514 popular votes (48.2%) Trump: 62,984,828 popular votes (46.1%) I voted Trump in 2016 ... not 2020!
  8. "T-minus 30 seconds" "10 seconds ignition" "Blast off ! " First four launches, failed. 2022 launch .... success !!
  9. But blame on Joe: Deep inflation and increase gas pump price .... only USA Global countries are zero inflation and no increase gasoline prices .... yeah right
  10. Disregard TV contract, Notre Dame is a perfect fit in B1G conference. South Bend (ND), Bloomington (Hoosiers), West Lafayette (Purdue) ..... same state, Indiana. And ND vs. Northwestern is less than 100 miles away. No need charter planes. Save fuel !! November 30 2024, already schedule, ND at USC ..... B1G team vs B1G team ?? BTW, Fighting Irish is my second favorite team.
  11. HMax forum was good except Hot Topics ..... you are right, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy". Actually worse Also, I few HMax members NEVER ventured outside Hot Topics.
  12. I was a member of both Huskerboard and HuskerMax forums. "Hot Topic" members under HMax, majority was a pro-trump ..... a few Proud Boys and/or Trump's cult . Just the opposite, lots of pro-biden or anti-trump members in Politics&Religious section (Huskerboard) Huskerboard posts (politics/religious)..... mostly friendly and fair arguments, both sides. HMax posts (Hot Topics), mostly replies, bitter and nasty posts including David Max inputs.
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/18/energy/gas-less-than-4-dollars-a-gallon/index.html
  14. 2016, I voted Trump (bad move) 2020 .... I voted Biden. Actually I voted any candidates like Alfred E. Neuman. Except Donald.
  15. Beside money, Purdue, Hoosiers and Notre Dame, same state. And very close location, Northwestern. Chicago-South Bend distance, less than 100 miles away. Explain ND joined ACC conference? (last year) BTW, Fighting Irish is my second favorite team.
  16. I'm still shocked UCLA & USC move. Notre Dame is okay, but west coast schools .... bizarre
  17. Pow-Wow B1G Media Days ..... 26 and 27th. Chicago??
  18. Twitter oath: "I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"
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