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  1. Just tried to keep my head down for awhile until people forgot about it...
  2. I guess "delay" could be a couple weeks or until spring but...
  3. Can't wait for him to get 1,000 questions that he doesn't have answers to ...
  4. TE Brock Bowers - Georgia HS_Coach_C,Mavric,runningblind,Snowbird
  5. CB Jason Marshall - Florida HS_Coach_C,Young Grand Island Husker,Mavric,runningblind
  6. I'm pretty sure he meant they can't afford to actually have a season once they lost all their money-making games. Which I think is what you are saying. As to the structure, it is kind of odd
  7. The catch at 0:09 by Wyatt Liewer is niiiiice!
  8. DE Derek Wilkins - California HS_Coach_C,CMorSkers,Young Grand Island Husker,runningblind,seaofred92,Treand3,SkerLover95,Mavric,bugeater17,SnowbirdThe Murphinator,Branno,Head Coach Scott Frost,LumberJackSker,Minnesota_husker,Decked,GSG,husker_fan_from_sweden,Ziebol,PattyG,AlaSker
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