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  1. Seems to be smoke about him being a late add to the class,
  2. WR Jaylin Noel - Iowa State HS_Coach_C,seaofred92,Snowbird,CMorSkers,Treand3,The Murphinator,Loebarth,bugeater17,runningblind,Ziebol,LumberJackSker,Young Grand Island Husker,Decked,obert1,husker_fan_from_sweden,Mavric
  3. S Jaraye Williams - Louisville HS_Coach_C,Mavric
  4. Funny how neither you nor anyone else mentioned this at the time.
  5. This is false, as is much of what you are claiming. Link (emphasis added)
  6. WR Joshua Burrell - Florida State HS_Coach_C,Young Grand Island Husker,Mavric,CMorSkers,runningblind
  7. That is literally what you just said. No twisting needed.
  8. Do OSU, PSU, MINN, MSU, MICH and NW do this a lot? Otherwise it's obviously not the answer.
  9. Word is that is still the main issue and the reason for him going back closer to home.
  10. ... yet they're both going to be in Lincoln.
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